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Ochi Vol 4 Chapter 5

So yeah, it’s finally here guys, chapter 5 which concludes this volume 4 of Ochi. You can read it HERE. Again, apologies for the huge delay. Hopefully, things will improve from now on. Also, we’re still looking for English proficient … Continue reading

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Migrating subscribers from koreyori

Hi minna. Just to let you know, I’ll allow myself to migrate all subscribers from this page to, since I figured out how to add the bluish button on non-wordpress website. Thanks for your attention. 😀

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Ochitekita V3 C4 (part 1)

More plot, more Ecchi. Here’s V3 C4 p1 of Ochita 😀

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New website announcement; Seiun wo kakeru ch. 89 &90

Hello Minna 😀 First of all, I’d like to apologize for not updating anything (from my side) during this whole week. Had to face lots of ups and downs – dealing with a proxy seller company that attempted to scam … Continue reading

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Seiun wo kakeru ch. 87 & 88

Added ch. 87 & ch. 88 of Seiun. Thanks for your patience and hopes you enjoy. (*´_ゝ`) Credits: Me/Ace

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I made this post just to let you know I haven’t abandoned you yet.Unfortunately, I had some formalities left to take care of and was, as a result, forced to postpone translating. However, things should go well from now on … Continue reading

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Ochitekita – Vol 3 ch 2 part 2 (END)

Updated Ch.2 part 2 of Ochitekita which is the last part of this chapter. Hope you enjoy! (´ω`*) Also, apologies for neglecting Seiun, but in the past 2 weeks I had barely any time for translating, and well, I just … Continue reading

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