Chapter 83 – The Sudden Visit and the Suspicion of Bigamy

Chapter 83 – The Sudden Visit and the Suspicion of Bigamy

Eiji’s departure was decided to take place at noon of the next day.
Once he returned back from Bona’s residence, Eiji told the whole story involving him and Franko to Tanya.
She listened to the story while remaining silent, but, one couldn’t guess what kind of emotions were written on her face.
Eiji felt unpleasant since he had been constantly on the move, however, Tanya nodded and sighed with relief.

– It can’t be helped, right? What’s more, it doesn’t seem like we can refuse.
– Guess so. On top of that, it’s not an unreasonable request, and there’s a time limit for it. I’m sorry for causing you additional troubles, Tanya-san, but, please don’t work too hard, okay?
– I’ll be fine. Eiji-san too, you should be a bit more careful when dealing in critical situations, okay? You never know what can happen as a result of various things, so….
– Uhh… I’ll reflect on that.

Back then, it was, indeed, a dangerous situation.
Eiji managed to cut through the plight that involved him and Franko, but there was no guarantee it would go well another time.
Perhaps, it was necessary for them to be prepared on a regular basis.

As soon as Eiji groaned, a sound of knocking was heard from the door’s direction.
It was already near evening.
Usually, they wouldn’t receive any guest at such time.
Because of that, both Eiji and Tanya had a hard time determining who it was.

– I wonder who it is.
– Well, but could it some important matter?

Trying to raise her body, Tanya was held back by Eiji with his hand.
He stood up and moved to the door, but confirmed who it was before opening.

– Yes, who is there?
– It’s me, Eiji-san.

Eiji recognized the person by their voice. It was Katharina.
However, unlike her usual self, she didn’t give off her gentle mood.
If one was to describe it, her tone of voice felt tense and it didn’t sound like her.
Just what has happened? – While thinking about it suspiciously, Eiji opened the door.

– I apologize for interrupting you at this late a time.
– Katharina-san, is something the matter?
– Actually, there’s something I wanted to convey Eiji-san and Tanya-san no matter what.
– I wonder what could it be?

For now, please come inside – He urged Katharina to step in.
Soon after she entered in with a stern expression, Eiji closed the door and firmly placed a latch on it.
Assuming it was a serious matter, it would be troublesome to have anyone eavesdrop on it.
Offering Katharina a chair, the three of them sat in a circle around the table.
Well then, just what kind of business does she have?
There was most likely no doubt about Franko being involved, since Katharina suddenly popped up at this time.

– Tomorrow, Eiji-san is heading toward Nazioni, right?
– Yes. Not just me, but also Katharina-san, Dante, and the others, should be along with me as well.
– I declined that offer. I believe it’s better for me to stay here.
– Why is that? Don’t you have your family over there?
– There’s my father, but… I don’t think there should be any problems.
– Why? Wouldn’t he be pleased to see you after a whole year?
– I think he would be more glad to learn about me not returning.

Katharina’s expression became tenser and tenser.
Shortly thereafter, tears began to build up in a つ’s shape on the corners of her eyelids.
Just like a busted dam, the tears fell down one after another as Katharina sobbed convulsively without any sound.

Eiji and Tanya looked at each other.
Certainly, it wasn’t a simple case. Just what had happened?
Even if it was done quickly, they wanted to ask on that matter, but Katharina seemed to be unable to hold a conversation.

– Let’s wait til she calms down, Eiji-san.
– That seems to be a good option.

Bringing some hot water to Katharina, who was shuddering, they both waited for her to drink and settle down.
During that time, Tanya was gently stroking Katharina’s back.
A while had passed.
Did she finally begin to calm down? Katharina slowly lifted up her head.

– I’m sorry, I’ve settled down.
– That’s most important. Then, what has happened? Somehow, it looks like you have had an unpleasant experience.
– Please wait a bit.

Trying to calm down completely in front of them, Katharina took many deep breaths.
After that, once she raised up her face, she began to speak with a desperate expression.

– The reason why Eiji-san was called this time by Nazioni isn’t because he wants you to provide his people with explanations on your new tools. It’s to make Eiji-san a member of his clan out of convenience.
– What do you mean by clan? Tanya-san, can you understand?
– Considering it under normal circumstances, it probably means marrying someone from the other household. However, if I’m not wrong, all of Nazioni’s children should be males.
– Yes, it’s just as Tanya-san says. That’s why, Nazioni is trying to adopt a new daughter-in-law……And that, would be me.
– Katharina-san?

At Eiji’s question, Katharina nodded.
And then, she took a deep sigh.

– I was told by Franko-san that for the sake of peace on this island, for your sake, and then, for the sake of Eiji-san’s future as well, it’s better for me to become Nazioni’s adopted child.
– Ummm, can you please wait for a moment?

Intercepting their talk, Eiji contemplated for a while.
In order to enter into the clan, Nazioni would have to hold an engagement for Eiji.
In other words, does it mean he and Katharina-san will have to marry each other?

– P, Please wait a moment. As you can see, I’m already, married, and Tanya-san is my wife. Isn’t that plan unreasonable?
– No, bigamy isn’t particularly banned. Even Nazioni has two wives presently.
– Speaking of which, the tribal chief of Mostori also had three wives, right…?

Still, he wondered how he should consider that matter.
Katharina was another beauty besides Tanya.
With her cheerful attitude, there was no doubt their cohabitation would be enjoyable.
Despite that, it’s not like Eiji himself wished for the marriage, as he thought his life with Tanya was enough already.

– Eiji-san……..Will you accept me?
– H, Hm…..

As if being troubled, Katharina looked at him with her upturned eyes.
Somehow, her timid expression made him want to protect her.
With Katharina’s eyes becoming teary, Eiji had the feeling he would break her heart, were he to refuse.

However, should I accept two wives?
What kind of response would Tanya-san give?
Just recalling his previous dispute with Tanya was scary enough for him to imagine.
To begin with, this talk came as a result of Nazioni’s suggestion.
That’s why, Eiji couldn’t give a prompt reply.

– Eiji-san, you don’t have to worry that much.
– T, Tanya-san, what do you mean?
– Look, your face has become stiff. Relax, relax.
– Ahaha…Tanya-san, sorry for that.

Surprisingly, Tanya didn’t get angry during… this time’s conversation.
Far from that, she was kindly worried about Eiji, who was trembling with fear.
Just what was the meaning of that?
Tanya had probably sensed he would consider her attitude as strange.
She looked at Eiji’s face while smiling.

– There’s no need to apologize. After all, Eiji-san hasn’t been fooling around this time, right? You don’t hold any responsibility for that, you see. As one would expect, there’s no way I could become angry and jealous at somebody like Katharina. Therefore, even if it’s decided that Eiji-san is going to marry this time, I won’t get mad.

What’s more, following that preface, Tanya’s eyes shone with an ominous light.
Her expression changed completely, as veins started to appear on her face.

– The one I’m truly angry at isn’t Katharina-san but Nazioni and his people who schemed this, you know?
– *Eek!*
– *Eeeek!* E, Eiji-san….. Tanya-san looks scary.

Katharina and Eiji held on each other’s shoulders as they both trembled with fear. The appearance of Tanya-san getting angry… was frightening indeed.
Tanya, who appeared to be boiling with rage, whacked the table several times, placed her palms on it, and howled:

– I… have been enduring all this time. I’ve always believed I should endure and save face, regardless of whatever unreasonable challenges Eiji-san would be forced into. But….! I can no longer last like this. If, of all things, someone tries to interfere with a woman’s happiness, I shall fight him with all my might! So you’re saying it’s some ruler named Nazioni? I was finally able to obtain the happiness given to a woman after falling behind for more than twenty years, and yet someone is trying to hinder it. I won’t forgive them, even if my opponent is to be a goddess!

A person that should, by no means, be enraged, had been infuriated.
As Eiji continued to tremble, Katharina too, probably held the same feeling.
Looking at Katharina, Tanya called out to her with a strained-like voice.
Surely, Tanya’s face was no different from that of a woman driven mad by jealousy.

– Katharina-san, congratulations. Even if things turn out just like the ruler says, I’ll truly, with no restraints, give you my blessing. I think there will be hard times awaiting us, but let’s flourish together, okay?

By the time she became a bit sullen, Eiji noticed those weren’t her real thoughts. Nevertheless, he couldn’t help that being the case.


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