Ch. 3 – The Offence and Defence of the 1st Fort, Again. (part3 END)

“You mean… we should try our best to recover as much as possible?”
“That’s what I mean. Like by sitting here or drinking water. With that much, you should be able to recover to some extent. Even your magic isn’t inexhaustible, right?”

(As one would expect, he can even deduce that?)

“Yes” – Ais, who nodded, looked around at the faces of the other witches in turn.
“There’s no way for all of us rest at once, so let’s take turns.”
“Then, Ais and Nonoeru should be firs-t, then us late-r.”
“In that case I’ll accept your offer. How about Naga-san?”
“Me? I…that’s right, should I also take a rest and so I can be prepared when the time comes?”
“There’s a building over there. You can lie down on a mattress inside.”

Taking along Naga and Nonoeru, Ais headed towards the house building. Meanwhile, Lela, Selena, and Kei split in order to tidy up after the battle and check the damage to the fort.

Raibaha, who was preparing his troop to climb the slope, noticed screams coming from above.
“What’s happened?” – As he looked up, he saw a small number of his allies tripping over themselves in an effort to escape.

Raibaha, who was a commander with lots of experience, quickly drew the conclusion that the vanguard unit had taken flight after being assaulted by the witches.
He didn’t know their methods, nor the reason why it had happened, but he did know that now was not the time to think about it.
“It’s probably an attack from the witches. Prepare for contact with the enemy! As soon as you have covered these men’s retreat, quickly withdraw down to headquarters!”

Raibaha’s troops stood there momentarily, then proceeded to shelter the defeated remnants. After which, they systematically retreated.

Following their withdrawal to headquarters, Raibaha questioned the defeated soldiers.

Upon that, he learned about Acclaim’s troops entering the uninhabited fort, being raided by the witches in their down time, and falling apart while being targeted at the moment of retreat.

(This way of fighting is unusual for the witches)

Raibaha was a bit concerned; nevertheless, what worried him more was the disappearance of Acclaim from amongst the fleeing soldiers.

“Speaking of which, what about Acclaim?”

Not one amongst the soldiers could answer him.

(That guy, could it be that he died in the battle?)

Thinking so, Raibaha looked up into the sky.

Rather than being praised by the general, he would likely be held responsible for this.

(Guess, nothing good comes from getting involved with witches)

Sighing, Raibaha spoke towards an adjutant.

“Oi, go back to Ein fort.”

Circling around the 3rd fort several times and confirming the absence of soldiers, Yuki decided to fly a little distance away from the plain. As this wasn’t the first time she patrolled this vicinity, she could visualize its topography inside her head. However, it was the first time for her to fly in daylight, as before she would do it during daybreak or in the evening, when it was difficult to be spotted.
Looking below, a reddish-brown wasteland unfolded before her. Once it was seen during daylight, the land’s topography would become much clearer.
This wasteland would continue to stretch on until the fertile lands of humans that wouldn’t be seen unless one went further. Because of that, there were no cities, not to mention villages, around. The reason why the human army advanced up to this place was due to witches inhabiting the black forest.
The humans wanted to take the land from the witches and drive them away from their surroundings.

The current king of Kasandora that borders near the territory of the Harrigan clan is Kasandora the III. His predecessors weren’t enthusiastic about setting their feet in the black forest.
Rather than that, they would be constantly involved in disputes with various other countries, therefore, one could say they had no spare time for planning any conquest.
However, recently, the situation had changed.

Following the conflict between the Old Church the New Church temporary settling down, the disputes among various countries and Kasandora came to an end as well.
The God’s children, newly dispatched to Kassandora from the Old Church, notionally understood as beings close to reverend fathers and pastors, were extremely vehement about the extermination of the witches and seemed to be trying to incite Kassandora III.

Yuki had learned that much from Harrigan’s explanations. Still, she was unable to comprehend the reason behind the Old Church’s zealousness for the extermination of witches or its desire to expel them.
The witches didn’t attack the human’s side nor cause them any problems, they were just leading a secluded life inside the black forest. Despite that, why are they being assaulted by humans? Why do they have to be chased away by humans? Not being able to understand at all, she became furious at this absurdity.

Yuki had known of Harrigan’s recent headache caused by the Kingdom’s army,  which made her detest those that troubled her beloved sister more and more.

(If only I had more power, I’d murder the entire human army.)

While floating in the air on her board, Yuki felt a burning impatience and irritation.
Even now, it was no different.
They had luckily made it in time, but had Naga and the rest been arrived later, the fort could’ve been burned together with Lela, Kei, and Selena stationed inside. Yuki bit her lips in frustration, but was still relieved that her comrades had been kept safe.

(But….this guy….)

Whenever she thought about how it was thanks to the oddly dressed man, named Naga, that they were able to repel the advancing enemy, she felt great displeasure.
The time when she had to make an emergency landing, and even the moment when she displayed her helplessness while being rescued by him, Yuki was bitter about both.

(He’s vulgar, stupid, and lecherous. Well, I’ll admit that he has good ideas, still, in the first place, he’s a man whose past and origin is unknown. Not to mention, he might be a spy sent by those humans and just pretending to have lost his memories.)

Harrigan, who was a sharp person, should also have considered this. Nevertheless, she had a policy of resolutely dealing with a risk upon acknowledging it. It could also be that she was feigning ignorance. Despite that, is it really fine to place such a risky bet? – Yuki felt uneasy.

(That guy, I have to properly keep an eye on him. But, I also have to prioritize monitoring the human army, still….)

Below her, there was a fort established by humans passing through a small mountain range. It was Ein fort. Unlike the witches’ fort, It was mostly defensive walls intended to repel attackers. The humans would always station as many as 300 soldiers inside of it in order to exercise their influence over a single zone in this vicinity.

The fort’s function was to observe the witches’ attitude and hold them back in case they decide to descend from the forest into the plain. And then, inform the nearby fort and the kingdom about their intentions by sending a messenger.

(Even though we haven’t done anything.)

At least, Harrigan had no plans of leaving the forest. Yuki also followed that policy. After all, what the witches desired for was to live peacefully inside the forest. Nothing more and nothing less.

Won’t the humans even tolerate that modest wish? If they won’t, there’s probably nothing that can stop their aggression. Rather, perhaps it will become more and more violent.

For Yuki, it was incomprehensible.
(Well, if even Ane-sama can’t come up with a solution, then it’s all the more reason for me not to. I’ll do everything in my power….. I guess. For the time being, let’s focus on the scouting, which I was entrusted with. I might be shot down with arrows if I fly too close to the fort, so I better be careful.)

As she passed through the mountain range, Yuki further increased her altitude.
The wind flow carrying her board was a bit unbalanced.
Paying attention to her wind control, she flew up while maintaining a higher altitude than usual.

If she flies to a higher altitude, the magic will run out faster, however?, it should still be fine as long the round-trip is a distance similar to that between theirs and the enemy’s fort.

Finally, the sight of the human’s fort jumped into Yuki’s view.
The closer she approached it, the higher the risk of running into the guarding soldiers. While paying more attention to that, Yuki continued to get closer to the fort. And then, as if doubting her eyes, she screamed without realizing.

“What’s, that?! What is this?!”

The inside of the fort was overflowing with people.

Near the fort there were several hundred tents.
Furthermore, lines of horses were drawing near the fort.

Yuki couldn’t be sure of the details because of the distance, but there was no doubt that around a thousand soldiers were present there. Furthermore, more troops continued to arrive.
Yuki felt an icy chill run through her body.
When it comes to this number of soldiers, only one idea can pass through one’s mind. That the military of the Kasandora Kingdom was seriously attempting the capture of the witches’ fort.
(This is serious. I need to report this to Hari-nee quickly!)

Having a pale face, she controlled the wind and changed the course of her board.
Because she didn’t encounter any soldiers so far, Yuki judged it was fine to fly at full speed. Once she lowered her height, she flew away as fast as she could.

Yuki returned back and reported her findings while yelling loudly. Since there were only 7 people inside, the loud yelling was probably unnecessary.

The seven of them, who sat in a circle on folding stools, held a conference for a countermeasure inside the fort’s housing.

Some of the witches leaned forward with a pallid faces.

“What should we do, Ais?”

Nonoeru asked.

“Assuming we are attacked by many thousands of enemy soldiers, not even Ane-sama’s dolls can…..”

Selena, who was at loss for words, made a face that showed she wanted to cry.

“Talking this and that, I think there’s no other option than to abandon this fort, but am I wrong?”

Saying so, Kei looked around at the faces of her comrades.

Not even Ais knew what to do. She turned towards Yuki, who sat next to her.

“Yuki, their forces were still in the middle of amassing….. right?”
“Yes that’s right. I think about a thousand soldiers were present at the time I saw them, still, their number is likely to increase.”
“Which means that they’re not going to attack us soon. As you might expect, we have to discuss and decide on this once Ane-sama arrives.”

Yuki, Nonoeru, Lela, and Kei could do nothing but nod silently.
Ais shifted her eyes towards Naga to her left.
She wanted for him to say something, wanted for him to say words which could reassure them.
“Naga-san, what do you think?”

Yuki, that sat to Ais’ right, puffed her cheeks in discontent, but nevertheless, Naga was a vital character, and he stared up into the sky and gave a reply.

“Hm, that’s right, I’m of the same opinion about them not attacking soon. As you would predict, it has to be decided upon Harrigan’s arrival.”
“….Is that so?”

Covering up her discouragement, Ais replied.

“More importantly, Ais. I’d like to take a glimpse inside the warehouse, but is that fine?”
“Y-Yes, that’s okay. Still, what are you looking for?”
“Nothing in particular, I just want to check if there’s anything that could become useful.”

(I wonder what he intends to do)

Before Ais could ask, Naga stood up quickly.

“Well then, I’ll go and see inside the warehouse. Is the door open? Or perhaps, you need a key?”

Lela lifted her right hand.

“In that case, I’ll guide yo-u.”

Being led by Lela, they left the room at a brisk pace.

“So good…. the unpleasant smell of a man is gone and it’s clean now…”
Being pleased, Yuki said such things, however, Ais was a bit dejected.

(To what extent are we going to be at our wits’ end from now on? How much danger will we be facing? I wonder if we can have him understand that. Perhaps….it’s unreasonable for an outsider to share our sense of danger.)

But, Ais had the feeling that Naga could figure out something. That’s because he gave out the aura of being able to find a breakthrough solution. Despite that, no tension was sensed from his words and conduct now.

“Speaking of which, Ais, what do you plan to do for the time being? I’m, thinking about setting out for scouting again.”
“I wonder about that. No… Ane-sama should be arriving soon, and we might be assigned to new duties by her instructions, so Yuki, too, should stay here. Just like Naga-san said, the chances for the human army to strike a second time are probably low for the time being.”

Each time Ais pronounced his name, Yuki’s face became displeased.

“Somehow, it feels like we can’t rely on what that guy says.”

Even though Yuki resisted, she acknowledged his explanations inside her heart.

(W-Well, still, that’s just common sense. It’s not like that guy possesses a discerning eye)

“By the way, Yuki. You’ve been constantly working by supporting the cart, scouting the human troops, and assaulting them. It’s better if you take a short rest. As soon as the day breaks, we will have you fly again.”
“I guess… so. Understood.”
“Even if the enemy isn’t going to charge for a second time, there’s still the fear that a small amount of them might draw near. By the time Lela comes back, we will put back the barrier[play on words], and then await for Ane-sama’s arrival. Nonoeru, Selena, you’ve been doing a good job, but I’d like for you to work once more.”

The three of them, whose faces were shaded with visible anxiety, nodded.

As there were no particularly notable things in the warehouse, Naga and Lela returned back shortly.

Without speaking to Naga, whose long face showed a feeling contrary to his expectation, Ais called out to Lela.

“Yes, Ai-s?”
“I was thinking about putting up the barrier again. Won’t you help us? Rather, your barriers are the most efficient ones among ours, so I should be asking you to let us assist.”

Without a moment of hesitation, Naga asked.

“Barrier… what’s that, Ais?”

“That’s right, if I were to put it simply, it’s something placed using the blood of the witches against any attempt of enemy search, or you could call it an anti-detection device against humans? More or less like that.”
“Ah, Harrigan was talking about it. I don’t quite understand it, but I get it.”
“Which one?”
“I have no idea about that thing called “barrier”(1), but I’ve heard of a barrier. I can somehow grasp your concept of barriers thanks to the similarity. So in the end, whenever you put that thing around, the enemy soldiers won’t be able to spot you, even if they get lost in the darkness and approach you, right?”
“Yes, you can consider it that way.”
“You’ve created some convenient things there, haven’t you? I’m jealous.”

At Naga, who honestly said that, Ais and the rest of the members made a suspicious face.

“Jealous…. you mean, of this power?”
“That’s because it’s convenient, isn’t it? Or perhaps, there’s some sort of a risky condition in exchange for putting up the barrier?”
“No, regarding that, we only apply a bit of our blood, energy, and mana. Apart from that, there’s no danger whatsoever.”
“Then, is that not a handy thing?”
“Doesn’t it give you the creeps? Or maybe….. frightens you? After all, we hold abilities that are considered abnormal by humans.”
“Don’t say weird things. People who have powers are much more useful than ordinary ones. Being able to run faster than normal people or having inhuman strength are probably convenient things. Having powers doesn’t make you any different. In the end, you’re just people who can use them.”
*sigh of astonishment*

Ais was taken aback.

(It’s the first time for someone to react like this. I mean, seeing us like normal people. How can he think of us that way? As one might expect, is it because he isn’t someone from this world? I wonder…)

Not minding Ais’ puzzlement, Naga continued to speak.

“If someone who holds power hits another, he will become a threat. If someone who has swordsmanship hit another with a sword, he will become a threat. And if someone who’s stupid leads an army, he will become a threat as well. Whatever ability you hold, it doesn’t matter.
A person will become of use or a threat to others depending on how he manages his power. That’s why, just because yours are extraordinary abilities, I won’t think of it as scary or repulsive. What’s more, you rescued someone like me, whose origin was doubtful.”

Ais’ eyes, which were gazing at Naga, became somewhat moistened. She was a bit moved by his words.
Lela, too, watched him with a face filled with admiration. Nonoeru, Selena, and Kei had strange, yet amazed, expressions as well.
Naga suddenly felt uncomfortable.

(What, what’s wrong with those guys’ reaction? Even though I said something obvious, they got this emotional?)

Naga still couldn’t grasp what the outside of this world looked like. The inhabitants of this world would consider his eccentric way of thinking as peculiar and unique.
Should the humans call themselves and the witches as separate beings? Assuming they do, the witches would be considered as evil beings that try to invade the humans’ territory. For them, the witches weren’t “just peculiar beings with unique abilities”. The witches were, after all, witches, and could only be perceived as “the nemesis of humans”.

Continuing to fight with the humans ruled by that common sense and being chased away by them, for Ais and the rest, Naga’s words were a fresh, strange, and pleasant experience.

“More importantly, Ais. It’s probably better to set up that barrier as fast as possible. After all, it requires a certain amount of time, right? There’s no telling when the enemy’s scouting troop will come.”

Being urged by Naga, Ais came back to her senses.

“Ah…. that’s right.”

She replied with a radiant smile appearing on her face.

“Let’s hasten ourselves in placing the barrier and wait for Nee-sama’s arrival.”

Naga looked around the room.

“How about Yuki?”
“That girl, she’s resting in a separate room because she had constantly been working today.”
“Then that means that she’s not going to help with setting up the barrier, right? If that’s the case, is it fine for me to tag along?”
“That’s because I’ve never seen it before. I want to see it with my own eyes. I thought about restraining myself were that girl to be present, but… if she isn’t coming… then…”

(What’s more, he’s unexpectedly a kind person, isn’t he?)

Once Ais murmured inside her heart, she smiled and faced toward Lela and the rest.

“Everyone, are you okay with Naga-san watching?”

(E-h? Doesn’t it feel like Ais’ smile is a bit different from the usua-l?)
While feeling a little confused, Lela nodded in affirmation.

“I don’t mind, bu-t…”
Nonoeru, Selena, and Kei, also nodded.

“Well then, shall we go? Selena and Kei will remain here and stand watch. If Yuki wakes up only to find nobody around, it will be troublesome. The same applies for Nee-sama’s arrival. Now that Yuki is taking a rest, can I have you watch from the side of the cliff?”
Selena, who appeared to be the youngest among them, replied while stiffening up.
“Yes, Ais. I’ll do the care-taking.”

As for Kei,
“Yeah, got it. If anything happens, we will immediately give a smoke signal.”
She answered lazily.

Like that, Naga departed with the rest to the outside of the fort, so as to place a barrier.

After about half an hour, Ais and the rest had finished placing the barrier and returned to the fort.
There, Harrigan and several other girls were waiting.

Even though the room was said to be the biggest among the rest in the house building, it’s wooden floor and walls weren’t even furnished with decorations. However, all of the members could gather inside.
Having already heard from Selena and Kei, who were taking care of the place, Harrigan also received a detailed report from Ais and agreed with Naga’s opinion of not having to be vigilant about the enemy’s next onslaught.
Furthermore, Lela and the rest had just mentioned about putting up a barrier. Even if the enemy’s scouts get lost in the darkness after the end of the day and planned to approach the fort in secret, they would almost certainly be detected.
With that, Harrigan assembled all the members in order to discuss the plan going forward.
Not just Selena and Kei, but also Naga, Ais, Yuki, and Nonoeru hadn’t eaten anything since the morning. Because of that, Harrigan ordered them to bring the emergency food from the storehouse, and they tried to talk while lightly eating.

Following Harrigan, the witches sat in a circle on the folding stools, with a small, folded table placed in front of them. There were wooden plates with dried bread and dried meat lined up on it.
The complete list of attendance consisted of:
Ais, Yuki, and Nonoeru, who had carried the wooden doll.
Lela, Selena, and Kei, who had been stationed at the fort.
Dee, Cu, the Rinne and Rinna sisters, Eleonoza, and Mimone, who had been brought by Harrigan.

Adding Harrigan and Naga, there was a total number of 14 people present.

Naga looked out over the girls who were sitting in a circle

Naga didn’t know whether or not there could be some other witches dispatched inside the fort, however, even if he was to add that, there would probably be, at most, 20 people. With that number, they were going to fight the human army. What’s more, all the members were young witches.
Naga, once again, felt astonishment, admiration, and sympathy.
The witches, who fearlessly stood against the imminent and strong enemy, were held in high regards by him.
It wasn’t just because of them giving him a hand. He felt sympathy toward their way of life and how they appeared, he felt that he would like to become their strength.
Naga wouldn’t admire those who were stingy and only lived for the sake of survival, he would give them no respect at all.
Not giving up despite how powerful the enemy is, and not refusing to fight. Those were his principles and position, or one could say, his way of living.
For the sake of Harrigan and the rest, who wouldn’t give up no matter how hard a fight was nor how much they were chased away, Naga decided to display the utmost of his ability.
Before the start of discussion, Harrigan faced toward Naga, who sat next to her.

“What, why are you so formal?”

Lifting herself off of the folding stool, she kneeled down on one knee before Naga. Yuki, who was next to her, frowned angrily with a displeased face.

“However much I say it, the words can’t express my thanks for what you did, but at least let me convey my gratitude.”

At that moment, Harrigan stated these words and bowed down deeply.

“I’m thankful to you for saving my daughters.”
“I didn’t do anything big. Actually, the ones who made a great effort were Lela Yuki, Ais, Nonoeru, Kei, and Selena. Before paying me gratitude, you should probably praise them first.”

“Eh?” – Yuki’s expression shifted suddenly.

Raising her face, Harrigan gazed at Naga in front of her eyes and continued to speak.
“Those girls are persons related to these matters. It’s only natural for them to fight for themselves. However, it’s different in your case. You arrived from a different world, in other words, you’re an outsider. There’s no reason for you to fight for us. For you, who is in such a position, to lend us your wisdom and to rescue us from distress, isn’t expressing our gratitude an obvious thing?”

“Ah that’s why, it’s…. right, that’s my thanks for having you rescue me. I probably mentioned it before, didn’t I? About me certainly repaying your favor for a night’s lodging and a meal. This would be equivalent to repaying that favor. Even if you consider yourself to be saved by me, there’s no need for you to say thanks. It should be fine as long you accept it as something natural.”

Yuki suddenly stood up.
“That’s right. Repaying one’s received favor is an obvious thing. Still, you’re far from repaying it! That’s why, work for us from now on.”
“Oi, Yuki, what are you…..”

Harrigan glared at Yuki as if trying to scold her, but, despite Yuki slightly averting her eyes from Naga, Harrigan couldn’t sense any malicious intentions coming from her. She swallowed her words of reprimand.

“I-If you do so, we won’t abandon you, instead, we are going to raise you properly. Also, about the time when you saved me…. th-thank you.”

Yuki said this and quickly sat back down and faced in another direction. Somehow, her cheeks seemed to be flushed. Was it due to the embarrassment caused by expressing her gratitude to a man? Or perhaps……
Be that as it may, Harrigan was surprised and greatly pleased. That’s because Yuki, who used to detest men, tried to acknowledge Naga’s presence.

(Somehow, it feels like a wind of change has come. I can’t tell whether or not it will blow in the right direction, but at least, there’s a sign of something starting to shift. If it goes well, we may be even able to change this desperate situation.)

Harrigan’s heart fluttered silently at such expectation.

“Oh, that’s right.”

Being thanked, Naga gave a broad smile.

“Indeed, I can’t completely repay your debt at once. Therefore, I’ll be repaying it diligently from now on. Are you fine with that, Yuki?”
Yuki replied while desperately avoiding eye contact with him.

“I-it’s not like it’s not alright”

(Heh? So that girl also has a cute side.)

Thinking so, Naga turned around to Harrigan.

“That’s why I’m telling you Harrigan, you don’t have to bow down like that in front of me.”

Naga reached out his hand toward Harrigan who was kneeling down on one knee.

“Hey, please stand up.”

Gently taking her hand, Naga pulled her up from the floor.

“Furthermore, there’s no need to call me by “dono”. It’s fine to call me “Naga” just like you always do.”

After he released her hand, Harrigan replied with a smile on her face.

“Then, shall I allow myself to do so?”

It was neither a sarcastic nor a self-mocking smile. Right now, she was displaying a gentle smile, which she had never shown before.

Standing up, Harrigan reseated herself on the folded stool.

“Well, Harrigan, there’s one proposal coming from me who wishes to repay my debt, but will you hear it?”
“Of course. Ask? however much you want.”
“Ah, no. Before that, first, I’d like to confirm this place’s topography.”
Naga looked at Yuki.

“W-What? You still have something you want to say?”

“Rather than wanting to say, I’d like to check something, but, you can see the terrain of the enemy’s fort from the above, can’t you?”
“T-That’s right, I can. What about it?”
“Are you able to draw a map?”
“Eh?  A map?”
“Yeah, a simple one that will allow me to broadly grasp the land’s shape and the distance should do.”
“I….I will try to draw it.”

Once she nodded with a vague expression, Naga requested Lela to bring her a paper and a pen.
Unfortunately, because there was no spare paper inside the fort, she came and brought a parchment instead.
Recalling her own memory, Yuki drew with the pen on the parchment.
And shortly after that, she finished a simple drawing of a map.

“Heh? Ain’t you quite skillful there?”
“O-Of course!”
“I see. So there’s a wasteland between the mountains and the river….? It seems like we can do something with this.”

Naga, who nodded, leant his body forward and pointed out at the map.

“Yuki, the enemy’s fort, how long do you think will it take for the enemy’s force to march the distance between Ein fort and this cliff?”

“Ah…. ehm….”

Yuki desperately began to estimate the distance it took to fly there.

“Probably one day if they’re running fast on their feet. I wonder if they wouldn’t reach it by evening were they to set out in the early morning. And if they walk slowly, perhaps they would reach the next day, but…”

(Hm? It feels like she’s not awfully confident in her answer)

As soon as he looked at her with astonishment surfacing on his face, Yuki’s face was dyed red and it seemed as if steam was about to explode out the top of her head.

“I-I-I-Is there anything you want to say? If so, say it without that grin on your face. It gives me a bad feeling!”
“I’m not, I’m not.”

Waving his hands, Naga turned his face to Harrigan.

“As for me, I don’t really understand this world’s power structure or the overall perspective of the territory under your control. That’s why, I’d like to confirm some things.”

Naga, who said these words, looked around at all present. At the sharp glint in his eye, several witches straightened up without realizing.

“Letting the humans snatch away this fort will be bad, right?”
Harrigan nodded with a grave seriousness.


“Yes. If we are pushed away from this place, we won’t be able to prevent the soldiers of the Kasandora Kingdom from penetrating the black forest. It will mean the same as us being unable to remain inside of it.”
“Is that so? In that case, so as to protect this place, let’s go out and defeat them.”

(H-how blunt!?)

Not just Harrigan, but also the witches all around stared at Naga in astonishment.

Finally breaking the silence, Harrigan gasped.

“Going out and defeat them, is what you say? Are you serious about that?”
“I am. In order to protect the inside, you have to win outside. I think it’s quite an obvious thing.”
“You…. surely have a plan, right?”

Naga responded definitively and calmly to Harrigan, whose face was filled with confusion, doubt, and hope.

“Obviously I have a plan. If you leave the leadership to me, I can and will defeat the army of Kasandora so thoroughly that they won’t want to approach this place ever again. How about that?”
“Leave the leadership to you…..?”
“That’s right.”

Naga replied seeming neither flustered nor boastful.
Harrigan shot a glimpse at Yuki.
Even though she would usually raise an objection or express her disapproval in  loud and abusive words, it appeared that she was at a loss at Naga’s impudent suggestion.

“Would you mind if we make the decision after…..we hear you plan?”
“Yes, I don’t mind.”
“Well then, let’s hear it.”


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