I am opening recruitment for anyone who is willing to make a contribution and can match the minimal criteria below for a given position.

People who have the experience or hobby that involves Japanese stuff, such as anime, manga, games, or novels, are especially welcomed. You can get in touch with me by leaving a message on this page or through the email: If you don’t fulfill the criteria but are ambitious enough to help in any way, feel free to tell me and I’ll get back to you.

As many of you have noticed, there currently only me (aka. Hachi, the translator) and Ace (editor) working concurrently on 2 projects – Sein wo Kakeru and Ochitekita. The reason why I’ve decided to do them simultaneously is to avoid the monotony of doing the same project which results in me missing the right motivation. However, due to the lack of manpower, it’s not always possible for me to deliver fresh updates on time. Not to mention, life is sometimes pulling my leg which doesn’t make it better.

Minimum requirements for each position:


  • Must be proficient in English or have English as one’s mother tounge.
  • Must pass a short test by editing a sample.

Translation Checkers and Translators:

  • Must be proficient or at least decent in English.
  • Possesses decent or good knowledge in Japanese.
  • Must pass a short editing test.

Projects and Recruitment Status (Updated 2/18/16):

Seiun Wo Kakeru:

Translator/TLC – Hachi

Editor – Ace

Still needs Translators/Translator Checkers/Editors

Ochitekita Naga:

Translator/TLC – Hachi

Translator – Skythewood

Editor – Weslykan

Assistant Editor – Geodude

Inactive Translator/editor – Dark/Zexth/Isaac

Still needs Translators/Translator Checkers/Editors


8 Responses to Recruitment

  1. Zexth says:

    Yes we need help. A Translator / translation checker would be the most helpful for Hachi. Second most helpful would be an editor with a lot of free time and English as their native language.


  2. skythewood says:

    Can I help with the Naga translation? I can’t read Japanese, only Chinese though. Will be grateful if my translation is amended according to the RAW if you accept my application.

    Darkdhaos has been helping me for the longest time, so I would like to repay the favor.

    I currently have a blog, but will prefer to keep the project entirely in this place.

    Thank you for your time.


    • hachidori108 says:

      Itt would be an honor for me if you can. Be it Japanese or Chinese version, you can translate from any as long its coherent with the original’s story. I’m soon finished translating vol.1 and vol.2 is 30% done. We can do one volume in turns (e.g me vol. 2, and you vol.3), but I’ll contact you for more detail once I’m done (within several days).


  3. Yamato says:

    Currently l am still learning japanese so that .. i may not be confide at it… For English , l can help out .. but l dont have experience

    Anyway l have read naga and personally it is a good novel .. thk u and your members for picking this


  4. Geodude says:

    Hello, I have been reading series here for a while, and wondered if you still needed an editor?
    So, I’m fluent in engilsh… from USA
    BS in geology, 29 yrs old


  5. nik13porto17 says:

    There’s a typo at the editor requirement section.
    “…have English as one’s mother tounge.”
    “Tounge” should be “Tongue”.


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