Chapter 74 – After the Return (last part)

Chapter 74 – After the Return (last part)

Once the report about each village had concluded, it was now time for the discussion about the countermeasures to be taken from now on.

– Well then, we too, should consider a mutiny soon.

With Bona’s hoarse voice, the atmosphere of the meeting changed,
Even though they had been buoyantly thinking about the next development for the village, the mood was now filled with a tension that made one’s skin tingle.
After a short commotion, the mood immediately turned silent.
Without anyone uttering a single word, sounds of people gulping down their saliva reverberated noisily in a strange way.
As soon as Philip raised his hand, Bona urged him to speak with her eyes.

– T-That’s….You mean like becoming independent?
– We shall decide on that too. Cooperating with others and establishing a new representative is a possible option. It’s also fine for us to become a representative as well. Whichever it is, just separating from Nazioni will be, alone, good enough.
– If we do so, won’t they send their troops against us?

That’s the natural course of action – Bona nodded while saying this to Eiji. (?)
Eiji looked around him.
At least, nobody seemed to show a strong disagreement.
Ah, so everyone has reached the limit of their patience? – He thought.
The talk started with Eiji reporting about the growing dissatisfaction among several villages, such as Tal and Auman, against Nazioni’s rule.
With mostly no political measures, perhaps it couldn’t be helped that the people had grown dissatisfied from being exploited in the form of compulsory labor and taxes.
As for Eiji, he thought that it would probably be better to follow others in case a war occurs; nevertheless, it seemed that not everyone shared the same viewpoint.

– I agree with the tribal chief. I’m thankful to Nazioni for uniting the east and west side of the island, however, if they intend to misuse and brag about that forever, I too can’t remain silent.
– Me too, I’m of the same mind as wifey.

At Jane and Mike’s declaration, the other executives nodded as well.
Eiji observed Tanya’s face.
I wonder, what’s Tanya-san’s view on this?
After she looked at him worrisomely, she clinched her fist firmly.

Is that so? So even Tanya-san had the same thoughts?
That alone was probably the proof of people feeling strong injustice toward Nazioni’s policies.
Eiji too, thought that it’s better to avoid expressing any strong opposition from himself.

However, while it may be true, there was no way for them to cause any thoughtless uprising.
Provided that Nazioni dispatched their troops right now, they will be suppressed within a single moment.
They have to advance with their preparations meticulously.
If possible, Eiji wanted Nazioni to give up on sending their soldiers once they hear about the mutiny.

– Now, there don’t seem to be any opposing viewpoints, right? Then, any ideas regarding how we should move with the preparations in practice?
– Shouldn’t we make emergency stores for foodstuff and strengthen our defense-be?
– W-we also need weapons.
– For me, who has actually gathered the experience through trades, I think that, first. we need to reach an agreement with the surrounding villages. Even if we were to cause an uprise alone, Nazioni would probably gather up people from other villages in order to attack us. Since we are outnumbered, we have to consider cooperation first before making a move.
– Most of all, shouldn’t we keep the preparations a secret from Nazioni?

Opinions continued to appear one after another.
Even without Eiji butting in, they would probably realize what’s necessary.
It didn’t take much time for the talk to switch over to a detailed plan.

When one problem with the plan was settled, another one would arise.
First, the most crucial thing to do was not to let Nazioni learn of their plan.
In addition, they had to build fences for defense purpose in every house under the pretext of protecting them from beasts.
Next, it would be creating a bank at the river for flood prevention and restricting approach from the outside.
Then, making food reserves using trade and reaching an agreement with other villages.
It was decided that the deserted houses, which were previously intended for sick people, would be refurbished and used to store emergency food.
Not to mention, Franko won’t be observing them since there won’t be anyone living inside.
The plan wasn’t something to be carried out within a half or a single year.
Perhaps, it was necessary to consider it in a span of 5 to 10 years.
And then, it was also essential for them to continue the development of the village in the meantime.
Luckily, the problem of food shortage has been gradually improving thanks to the introduction of the four-field crop rotation and the erection of the barn.
It may be possible to put an end to deaths caused by malnutrition as well.

Once the plan had been decided, the discussion moved toward the final topic.

– Eiji, it’s not like I don’t appreciate your way of thinking, but, since various things have turned out like this, can I have you be more understanding of the situation?

It was the problem regarding Eiji not making weapons.
Til now, he would normally refuse to make any.
However, this time, the lives of people he knew were at stake.

Depending on his decision, someone may lose their life.
It could be Mike, Bona, or even Tanya sitting next to him.
Eiji moved his eyes from side to side/around the room.
Every executive member, who was present, looked into his eyes.

Am I really forced to do so?
Eiji’s eyes were casted down toward his lap.
What’s more, he could feel Tanya’s hand now.
He once more asked himself.
Given that I refuse, won’t I have regret at the time someone dies?

I’ll do it. I’ve decided to do it. – He thought.
Were he to lose Tanya due to that, Eiji would probably resent himself and his decision for the rest of his life.
For a moment, Eiji kept silent; nevertheless, his power left his body at once.
When it comes to this, it can’t be helped.
It’s for the sake of protecting himself and his family.

– Understood. I shall make weapons.
– Fumu, so you’ve realized?

Together with Bona’s words, Eiji could feel a stream of relief flowing from somewhere inside the place.
Was everyone, this worried?
Eiji had already refused to make weapons once, back when they were exterminating the wolves.
Even those spears had now been remodeled into hoes.
Certainly, he was considering not acknowledge Bona’s words.
Nevertheless, there’s a difference between his surrounding from the time he first arrived here and the one from now in which his baby is about to be born.

– Despite saying so, Nazioni can, by no means, learn about you making weapons. About that, we shall discuss how to manage it successfully.
– Understood.

After this meeting, Eiji planned to make an appearance in his workshop.
In addition to Pietro being an inhabitant of Siena, his honesty during the infidelity riot was the actual proof that Eiji could place his faith in Pietro.
However, the remaining 5 were Nazioni’s people.
There is no doubt to consider, that they would relay the information once they learn of this village’s motif.

And when I thought the meeting was over, there was still one more thing to do?
*Exhale* – Eiji sighed.


As soon as Eiji arrived at the workplace, he noticed the usual sound coming from it.
He hasn’t experienced the sound of the working watermill for a while.
Once he passed through the door, he was greeted with energetic voices.

– I’m back, everyone. Have you been doing fine?
– Welcome back, Master.
– Howdy. Thanks for your hard work.
– A-h, it’s Eiji-saaan. Long time no see. Seems like you gained somewhat of a tan.

Oh, looks like Dante have become a bit more honest.
And Katharina is the same as usual?
On the other hand, Pietro seemed to have become more serious.
While watching the figures of his greeting disciples, Eiji urged them with his hand in order to resume the works.

There were a limited number of labors, which Eiji entrusted to them before his one-month absence.
Even Pietro was allowed to make only extraordinarily small things, such as arrowheads and fasteners.
The rest of the students were assigned to: cutting firewood, making charcoal, and mining iron ore. Therefore, they hadn’t had any opportunity to polish their smithing skills directly.

For that reason, it seemed that the sharpening job, which allowed one to touch even a single tool, was highly popular among them.
Everyone was desperate to polish their own skills.
They tried to respond to the given circumstances with all their power.

– Excellent, then today, shall we proceed with the hammering at once? Let’s decide on the turn of assistants. First will be Pietro.
– Yes! Please!

*Kin kon* – Pietro struck the blade.
As one would expect, when did he become this frank?
Eiji became anxious for a while.


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Editor’s note

Couldn’t find a place to put this in any of the chapters so I’ll just drop it here


Hachi and I believe her to be Fran, but since there are differences between the WN and LN versions, this scene may not happen in the WN.


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        What’s more important imho, and way harder (maybe impossible) to do with their lack of manpower and Nazioni’s agents around, would be setting up fortifications. They can’t rely on their alliance network being successfully established and holding under stress, so fortifications would really multiply their combat power in case they’re attacked.
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    Siena has already ironwork that close evolve into steelwork, improved woodwork, improved leathers, and now improved clothing, plus distilled alcohol for medicine purpose, if they managed to secure alliance for salts and horses with stirrup, as well of improved masonry, I would say the uprising has great chance to succeed.


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