Chapter 63 – The Tribal Chief of Mostori, Pierro (last part 2)

Chapter 63 – The Tribal Chief of Mostori, Pierro (last part 2)

Making a slightly cracked smile, Pierro instantly tried to reverse it back to a gentle one.
Nevertheless, as one would expect, he probably couldn’t mask his bewilderment.
At the time Pierro uttered some words, a minor trembling appeared in his voice.
Perhaps Eiji’s blunt refusal, alone, was a big shock.

– Just what is it that makes you discontent? I thought that my condition isn’t bad, but…
– I guess so. Certainly, I don’t hold any dissatisfaction toward the condition suggested by you.
– Then why?

Eiji was calm.
He understood Pierro’s feelings well.
Even though it was supposed to go well, why?
Was it perhaps due to Pierro being confident about his victory?
It wasn’t supposed to be like this.
Analyzing every movement slowly and carefully one by one, including the gestures, Eiji was trying to bring this time’s negotiation toward profits as much as possible.
Eiji stated clearly as he nodded slightly and deliberately.

– I wonder what about the conditions that weren’t proposed?
– The conditions that weren’t proposed?
– For instance, I need to know when and how many goods I have to supply you with. At how much we should set the selling price? Where do I have to do the wholesale? And how long will this contract last?…How about all these conditions? You didn’t mention them at all, right?
– That’s, I think those trivial things can be added after we make a contract.
– After we make a contract?

Once Eiji stared fixedly, Pierro nodded.
It looked like he quickly reorganized his feelings and his heart was no longer swaying.
As one would expect, people who can make their living with a single negotiation called trade are different.
However many unexpected things happened, Pierro seemed to be able to retain his serenity within a short amount of time.
As long as his opponent shows a brief moment of hesitation, he will probably continue to push that person.
Still, if the opponent retorts back upon recovering, it will be Eiji who will sustain the heavy blow in return.
He couldn’t make unreasonable requests nor throw out sugared words.

– I won’t be able to refuse once we clinch the deal, right? Shouldn’t such crucial matters be settled before we make an agreement?
– In other words, there’s no worth in trusting me?

The pressure around Pierro rose at once.
Accidentally, Eiji wanted to deny that.
The saliva inside his mouth gathered, nevertheless, if he makes a sound by gulping it down, he will reveal the change in his disposition.
Haa – breathing out a sigh, Eiji tilted his head a bit to the sides.

– You know, trust is something that has to be built.
– *annoyed*
– Providing this was to be suggested by Fernando who arrived here together with me, I’d probably acknowledge. But, I met Pierro-san just yesterday, correct? No matter how sincerely you try deal with me, it’s not like you can gain my trust within a single day. If I’m going to swallow your conditions, I’d most likely be acting rash.
– Hmm… I see.

Pierro nodded deeply and repetitively.
Was he able to understand? – after Eiji felt a momentary peace of mind, Pierro’s expression changed completely from a mild look into a sharp one.

– Well then, what would you do if you were told to make an agreement no matter what?
– Yes?

Eiji didn’t understand the meaning behind Pierro’s words.
Just why is there a need to accept an unfavorable agreement like this?

– That’s right, for example—what if I trust at you a condition saying that Mostori will severe the trade with Siena were you to refuse this contract?
– ……Are you for real?
– I’m the one who’s asking. So what would you do?
– You’re unreasonable!
– No problem with me. So what would you do?

Pierro smiled.
If there’s no trade with Mostori, the exchanging rate of items will rise at once in Siena.
Especially, one can consider it as being unable to acquire most goods from the eastern part of the island.
What should I do?
Yielding to this request will be a bad move; nonetheless, despite saying so, there seemed to be no apt move that will bring a turnaround.
But, why would Pierro, who should value trust, make such a demand….
Pondering that far, Eiji finally discovered a way to break down this situation.

– I’ll reply you once again, Pierro-san.
– What?
– It won’t agree to your condition.
– I see. Well then, it will mean ceasing our business with Siena.
– If you do so, Siena will oppose you back with all its power. We will report to other villages about Mostori forcing contracts. The relationship of mutual trust that you cherish, you probably won’t be able to gain any no matter what. Can you see that?
– I wonder if it’s really possible? Think about how many villages won’t be settled if the trade with our village is terminated.
– Even if it’s true, it will be fine if we cooperate with each other and create new outlets for selling.

How difficult is that idea? Despite simply imagining that, he wouldn’t withdraw.
Eiji had the feeling that he would be forced into an unpleasant situation after that, were he to make a single step back.
Pierro kept silent for a moment.
His stillness was probably one of the tricks in trade.
Waiting for his next words, Eiji’s stomach shrunk and squeezed while complaining about its aching.

– Fu….
– Fu?
– Fuhaha!

Pierro laughed in a strange manner.
It felt as if his coercion til now was suddenly replaced with a relaxing atmosphere.
Eiji felt like his field of vision expanded immediately.
Ah, guess I was feeling a bit nervous….
He lightly loosened his hardly clinched fist while opening and closing.
The negotiation will most likely advance favorably.
It seemed like Eiji was able to survive without repeating his previous mistake.

– Was there anything odd?
– No, I agree with what you said. Let’s add more conditions just like Eiji-san suggested at the beginning.
– Were you testing me?
– That’s right. I apologize for that.
– Please don’t do that ever again when you test someone.

As soon Eiji said so with a sigh mixed in his breath, Pierro shrugged with his shoulders.
Supposedly, Pierro didn’t have any ill intention.

– Do you know what peddlers treasure the most in their evaluation criteria?
– No.
– Humans. We neither care about the other party’s prosperity nor authority. What we usually hold dear isn’t what we see in front of our eyes but what we don’t notice. A truly excellent person knows how to stand up despite being caught in a dilemma. However successful somebody is, as long that person becomes depraved, he will certainly fall down.
– That’s why–
– Yes. That’s why I always have to test the party I’m negotiating with at least once, so as to check whether that party is worthy to place our trust in or not.
– tolerable for those who are being tested?
– It’s just as you say. Like this, I apologize.

Pierro bowed down.
It was a flawless and admirable apologize.
Despite Pierro saying that he was testing, what would’ve happened as a result, had Eiji swallowed his condition just like that?
Considering Pierro’s speech and conduct up til now, it was clear that he didn’t seem make any disadvantageous push on Eiji.
Just like peddlers, who valued trust, it felt as though he held a minimum of moderation.
However, the condition would have probably become severe from that moment of failure.

– Eiji-san, we believe you are the person with whom we would like to join forces.
– Here as well, I’m looking forward to working with you.

Finally, while shaking firmly their hands, Eiji could once more feel the conclusion of the breath-taking negotiation.

– So what about the conditions?
– That’s right. As expected, we would like to use your items at our own convenience for trading purposes. Saying so, we can only promise you that we will prioritize their sell to the east side.
– Well, I think it’s very proper? Understood.

In the end, it was decided that Siena will hold the rights for trade on the west side of the island, whereas, Mostori village, the east side.
With the conditions regarding the initially mentioned commissions remaining unchanged, Eiji too, understood that Mostori was serious about considering this island’s development.

– If the trade isn’t profitable for the buyer, the seller won’t gain as well, right?

Saying so, Pierro smiled.
It was a refreshing smile.

After that, they added further, detailed conditions, and concluded the agreement upon receiving the confirmation from Fernando as well.
The content of the contract was recorded with a black ink on a wood block printing.
Pierro who didn’t understand Japanese was curious about the letters, nevertheless, Eiji put his answer on hold.
That’s because he couldn’t predict what kind of influence will they make.

– Well then, shall we start make negotiations apart from trade?
– Apart from trade?
– Yes. For instance, how about the method of construction with bricks that Fernando-san was attentive about?

Fernando, who didn’t participate in the negotiation just as he promised, only responded this time.

– You’re going to tell us?!
– I don’t mind. I shall dispatch one person from my village. In exchange, I’d like you to provide him with a place to lodge and meals. Again, if it’s possible, I’d like you to find a woman that is ready for a marriage and can travel. That’s because the person I’m forwarding you is single.
– I see. Understood. I too, will take responsibility and find a partner for him.

Eiji thought that it was a skillful exchange of conditions.
Nonetheless, finding a companion was quite a difficult problem.
Especially, if it’s a village that has difficulties in welcoming outsiders. In that case, it’s quite impossible to find a partner that can fulfill the right conditions.
Inside their village, there were already many situations in which partners had been decided.
It might be a bit insufficient to compensate for the offered technology, but because the other party wished for it, Fernando nodded without any complaint.
Certainly there are people in Siena whom he knows by personality, and whom he can introduce.

Like this, the dealings concluded one after another. At the time, they could take a rest, Pierro asked as if remembering something.

– What will be your request in the next village?
– Horses, I guess.
– If you need horses, there’s a village called Auman. You just need to go south from here. However, that village…
– Is there a problem?
– No, there are none.
– Then, what is it?
– Eiji-san, by the time you reach the village of Auman, you will probably encounter the biggest surprise of your trip.
– Will it be something nice or something bad? Just the thought of learning it sounds scary.
– Fufufu, you will understand only if you see it, that’s the fun of it. I too, was taken aback at that time, so there’s no joy in telling you.

That’s fine. There should be no malicious intention in what he says.
At Pierro’s smiling face, Eiji somehow remembered the feeling of bad premonition.

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41 Responses to Chapter 63 – The Tribal Chief of Mostori, Pierro (last part 2)

  1. Santachi says:

    Thank you very much for the chapter!


  2. 100 says:



  3. Narf says:

    “I shall dispatch one person from my village. In exchange, I’d like you to provide him with a place to lodge and meals. Again, if it’s possible, I’d like you to find a woman that is ready for a marriage and can travel. That’s because the person I’m forwarding you is single.”
    How the heck can you agree to such a crappy deal?! So as a village that is already woefully short of manpower, you gain a temporary worker teaching you something completely useless unless you have both the necessary resources and the manpower to utilize that new knowledge, provide lodging and food, and then lose a young, single woman who’s ready for a relationship. So in order to gain knowledge of something that’s useless right now, you lose resources and a permanent worker who is at the same time a young woman which is most likely able to reproduce and further increase your workforce. Just how stupid is that?! They’re worsening their biggest bottleneck for something they can’t even utilize now, and they didn’t even check if they can get the knowledge somewhere else for more favourable conditions. Eiji fails at trading 101.

    Liked by 1 person

    • ArKain says:

      Useless? They’re freeing up manpower left and right thanks to Eiji’s technologies. In addition to this, the village is expected to have a lot more people coming in the future given the amount of technological development and luxury they’re having (Nazioni ring a bell?). On top of that, they guy is going to stay there for a while actually building stuff, and a brick house is a lot better than a straw one. It doesn’t even have to be a house he’s building, you can send him to work on important facilities like another watermill. In the best case scenario, the guy stays there permanently.


      • Narf says:

        I’m quite sure his original village will want him back and will chose a loyal person accordingly, or else they wouldn’t have asked for a woman that’s ready to travel. Also, lack of manpower is still Siena’s #1 problem, even with Eijis advancements. In fact, it is the very reason progress has been so slow and a lot of things had to be postponed until manpower is freed up. If luxury and technologie were that huge an attraction to people, Mostori should be the bustiling city they so far tried and failed to create. If an already well developed village has problems attracting people, why the heck would Siena?

        Also, it’s stated nowhere that the temp worker will actually construct buildings for them. He’s coming over to teach how to make bricks, maybe he will make one demonstration, maybe it’ll even be Eiji’s new workshop, but I think it’s rather unlikely that Mostori will let him stay for long enough to reconstruct half the village as proper brick buildings. And even then he alone won’t be able to do crap unless he gets assigned a sizable workforce to assist him – which is exactly what Siena is lacking most, again.

        Eiji’s priority should be finding an overpopulated village and entice some of their people to join Siena. Get the workforce you need, implement the tech Eiji’s already sitting on and can’t use due to lack of said workforce, increase the village’s tech level and supply, thus increasing it’s effectiveness, attracting more workers and more traders, thus further increasing your wealth. Rinse, repeat. Get technologies you want when you actually have a use for them, and don’t make your bottlenecks even worse in the process.

        And if you want to be a trader, don’t just trade in the first place you find a product, but look around where you get the best conditions. If you can’t even do something this basic, you have no right to go anywhere near a trade negotiation.


      • Albedo's Ahoge says:

        Wrong, its a complete fail. Making brick houses is not rocket science… Eiji should easily be able to manage that just through discussion at Mostori.
        But losing a female (& her potential off-spring) is a HUGE blow for the village which is always short in manpower.


      • ArKain says:

        Sure, they get him back. We expect that to happen, just pointing out that in the best case scenario it doesn’t. The lack of manpower is dropping like a rock, remember the weaving mills? That freed up about the entire female population’s chores recently. Remember the barn? That freed up another quarter of their total chores. The village Mostori has trading goods, what they don’t have is innovative NEW technology that everyone will want to get in on.

        How does he intend to teach people without actually doing things? Is he going to write a textbook? If he doesn’t stay that long, good luck asking the girl to come with you (remember, you DON’T own the villagers, they still get to make their own choice). Once again, Sienna is about to get a boat load of people being freed up, pretty sure he’s going to have some helpers for making important buildings.

        Considering there was a war recently, overpopulated villages don’t exist., oh yeah, and also have fun antagonizing the other villages by poaching their villagers (not to mention you don’t even know what those people are like by doing that, unless you’re telling him to spend a month in another village to grab 2-3 guys and repeat that?).

        As for trading, do you honestly believe there’s another village with brick houses out there? Or that they will be willing to send that guy to Sienna? Really? When you’re going on and on about how bad this deal is to lose a single woman from one of the most populated villages on the island?

        As for Albedo, losing a single village girl out of over 200 people is supposed to be a HUGE blow? In exchange for getting ties with a VERY influential village and new tech?


      • Albedo's Ahoge says:

        Making bricks is new tech for Eiji… lol, really?
        And yes, losing a female is a big blow… its a crappy deal. Junk tech for one female.


    • acefisher says:

      Fernando’s the one that did the negotiations for the bricks. Maybe the guy will choose to stay in the village though.


      • Narf says:

        I know, but since Eiji wanted to carry the command in the negotiations with Mostori, it’s also his responsibility if his temporary subordinate Fernando makes crappy deals. He should step in and stop him in such a case, but just like when Fernando behaved crappy in Tal (which sadly did not have consequences), he once again sat on the byline just watching.

        And as I said above, Mostori will have to get their worker back, or else they wouldn’t have set the condition of a female that “can travel”. I doubt they’ll chose somebody with a questionable loyalty to them.


      • M Drink says:

        Trading off females (and males was common in a lot of cultures) It serves several purposes biological and political. a Lot of cultures do have traditions of spouse trade including “laying in” periods which are actually fairly sophisticated methods to control disease. As a aside Japans culture has lots of negotiated marriages…. out of population of 250 their are probably (given Jane’s childbirth stats) about 8% looking for spouses IE 10 females assuming normal distributions. There are so many unknown I’ll toss this in as writers privilege.

        I like this story because how the influence of skills/technology/knowledge spreads out in ripples and changes society.
        For example Twill it’s a simple thing but it makes a tremendous difference in how fabrics behave. This author follows that.

        (sorry was corrupted by sociology degree.)


    • Anon says:

      It would be impractical to build brick houses for everyone in tal village as well and probably a pain in the ass since no one knows how many children they would have and expanding brick houses would be expensive compared to easily enlarging walls made of mud and dirt and wood.

      From what the mayor said, it took two whole generations to make this many brick houses as well.

      With that kind of time required , time would be better spent on making multiple 60 horsepower water mills like Eiji originally wanted, then waste time building brick houses that don’t really offer much benefit in the beginning.

      If asked to choose between a brick house and a water mill, I would obviously go for the water mill.

      A brick house ain’t gonna do your chores compared to a water mill like helping you grind or pound grains and animal hides.

      Eiji’s priorities are all way messed up.

      And funny how Eiji cares about roads so much when he didn’t even travel by road this time but by boat.

      Seeing how disgustingly hax his first time made boat is, is there any reason to waste time traveling by horse on a road compared to riding Eiji’s invincible boat?

      Roads can wait, Eiji. It is not like everyone owns a car in the village much less personal carriages.

      As for rain and muddy roads, what kind of person in the Middle Ages would want to work when it is raining?

      Did Eiji forget how in the modern world, winter break doesn’t exist for adults yet Eiji just enjoyed a winter break with the village where everyone just idled at home, playing Othello since you can’t really work in the winter?

      If it is raining hard, no one is gonna do farm work because it is obviously risky to do your job when everything is slippery, cold and wet. Your boss isn’t going to fire you because you want to stay home when it is raining in this world after all.

      For example, Philip isn’t gonna be chopping down huge trees when it is raining, Such an action would be reckless and too dangerous. Tree branches that become weighed down with water could break and injure Philip after all.

      Taking this all into consideration, I can’t believe Eiji naively believed he could have taken over his father’s blacksmithing business.

      He would have surely bankrupted his family business.


    • Anon says:

      How are bricks new tech when Eiji can make them himself.

      Introducing glass windows would be new tech but instead of glass tech, Eiji picked boring brick technology Eiji is already familiar with rather than glass technology that a blacksmith usually doesn’t come in contact with often since his job is making glass tools not glass objects back in Japan.


    • xandarth says:

      Eiji doesn’t want the brick-layer to make houses.

      If you remember earlier when Eiji built his first furnace, he was complaining about the amount of iron it could process and the fact that it couldn’t get hot enough to make steel.

      He hasn’t mentioned this to the people in this village, but after he has this brick-layer build him a puddling furnace and probably a bunch of kilns for both brick-making and pottery (remember he found clay in the river), he will massively increase the amount of iron (or perhaps steel) goods he can sell on the market as well as likely set up some of the women in his village with jobs making pottery. Pottery will allow easier transport of processed foodstuffs such as pickled vegetables and wine.

      He is looking at expanding the production base of the village – not making some higher quality housing – although if they get better quality housing out of the deal then that is also a plus.


      • Narf says:

        A few problems with your theory:
        1) It’s Fernando, not Eiji, that is being head over heels for bricks and makes this horrible deal. Eiji is just the idiot not stopping him.
        2) Eiji needs an entirely different type of brick for his furnaces than Fernando needs for building houses. It’s very unlikely that the mason they send out is familiar with constructing high-temp furnaces for ironworking, since Eiji’s the only one on the island doing it, apparently. And if Eiji has to be the one supervising everything anyway, there’s really no need for the mason to be there in the first place, he just needs some hands to carry out his orders. Which brings us back to worker shortage and this deal worsening it.
        3) Diverting workforce to create pottery would be an incredibly dumb decision. Their neighbouring Tal village has exactly this as their only real trade product, so they have easy access to as much pottery as they’d like without diverting already sparse workforce on a barely profitable good such as this, and can instead concentrate on their own specialties which are not in rivalry with their direct neighbours, are easier to transport and fetch better prices.

        So yeah, this deal really only aims at increasing their housing quality. Just like that silly cotton trade just aims at his sleeping comfort.


      • Anon says:

        But clay pottery sucks. There is a reason modern humans don’t depend on clay pottery for transporting food or goods anymore.

        Even Wooden Barrels or Iron Jars/Containers would be more sturdier and superior to Clay Pottery.

        Why make the women waste time making clay pottery when even the Tal Village head says making a living, producing clay pottery isn’t so great.


      • xandarth says:

        My guess there is simply based on the fact the MC is Japanese and they loved pickled foods (which are preserved) and because he is making sake.

        Sure, glass bottles are better and cans would be even better for transporting foodstuffs, but he is working his way up the tech-tree. Glass blowing (as opposed to making sheet glass) is quite a high level technology and would take time to develop, whereas having a large amount of pottery would allow them to quickly start preserving food on a large scale.

        Transporting alcohol in pottery isn’t the best either – but again coopering isn’t an available technology yet and making barrels and casks will involve a fair amount of work for both the carpenter and Eiji, so it’s a simple way for them to start exporting.


  4. goblinrou says:

    Pierro sure was crafty but Eiji got a good deal in the end.

    A surprise in a horse village? Will Eiji find Date Masamune from Segoku Basare in Auman? Don’t miss the next chapter of Seiun wo kakeru!


    • Brian says:

      Yeah I do admit that was pretty badass but I can’t help but worry about the future…he wrote in Japanese…that idiot lol

      Anyways. First its Cavemen days,Then this village has middle ages. The next village will probably be more advanced… Every territory has there own level of technology


      • Narf says:

        It’s neither cavemen, nor middle ages. It’s still all late bronze age/early iron age tech, just very, very large disparity in wealth and knowledge. The oldest bricks found until today are about 9500 years old. Standardized bricks being fabricated in vast amounts were already used in ancient Mesopotamia.


      • Anon says:

        Couldn’t someone claim Eiji was writing in a fake language in order to make a contract invalid?


      • Narf says:

        Was thinking so too, Anon. Why the heck would Pierro sign a document he can’t even read? Who would do such a thing? This entire arch is one huge disappointment, one weak point in the story after the other.


      • acefisher says:

        I think it’s more of a verbal agreement, it is a bronze age-esk era after all, and Eiji recorded it on a wood block for his own convenience, or maybe future reference.


      • Narf says:

        Maybe you’re right, Ace. But would they really need to flesh out a proper contract then, instead of just making a general declaration of intent, when they have not written it down? One party could just say that there was no such contract or that the contents were different like this, couldn’t they? As much as I’d love less bureaucracy, not having it in this case makes little sense to me.


      • acefisher says:

        Maybe the author is relying on the fact that giving someone your word used to mean something very significant, but honestly, it’s too soon to tell at this point.


    • acefisher says:

      I know it’s impossible for this story, but imagine if it was a village of centaurs.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Albedo's Ahoge says:

    Thank you for the chapter~

    Thought Eiji was managing negotiations much better this time until the loss of the female…


    • Anon says:

      Most villagers already get engagement trails when they are young too like Eiji’s apprentice.

      Hopefully, Fernando doesn’t force or abuse his position as an executive to make a woman marry a stranger only because Fernando wants to know about some stupid bricks.

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  6. Anon says:

    First time sailing on a small boat and Eiji wants to put horses on the boat now while traveling to the ocean in the end? The author really wants you to suspend disbelief over how a boat made by a first timer only based on Eiji’s vague instructions can handle horses riding on it plus ocean currents and weather.

    What will Eiji do when the horses possibly get seasick? Too much plot armor is going on.


    • Albedo's Ahoge says:

      Hehe… just hope there are no elephants in one of the following villages~


    • Narf says:

      I agree. Horses on a large prototype boat, that is riding on a fast, uncharted river, with heavy cargo that can still somehow be successfully managed by two complete novices to this. 3 much plot armor 5 me. I know there’s a certain suspension of disbelief needed for any fictional story, and I’m normally able to grant a whole lot of it. But the author is overstressing things in this arch, as he keeps violating even basic logic.


      • Anon says:

        If author wanted to make Eiji so hax, he should have not stressed so hard that Eiji was just an ordinary blacksmith.

        If Eiji was a Civil engineer or Former Army Corps Engineer, I could actually believe Eiji knows how to construct all sorts of things like bridges and tunnels but face it, Eiji was just a blacksmith of a local blacksmith business in Japan and I bet the only orders his family ever got were just kitchen knives or scissors, really simple stuff.

        I doubt someone ever ordered armor or swords from Eiji’s family when like Eiji said, they weren’t swordsmiths anymore.

        You also don’t expect me to believe a modern Japanese customer would order something like a kitchen sink from Eiji’s family when they can just buy a sink online or the Japan version of Home Depot.

        Having industrial robots design from a large company factory making kitchen sinks would make more sense compared to making a kitchen sink by hand.

        Taking this all into consideration, how does a normal blacksmith like Eiji suddenly know how to make boats and all sorts of things, even though such knowledge should belong only to other professions and his family blacksmith business would never allow Eiji to obtain such knowledge in the first place?

        Eiji is just too hax for a normal blacksmith.


      • acefisher says:

        He probably obtained his minimal knowledge about boats while he was earning his degree. Fernando and Thomas are the ones who, given the bare minimum amount of information, were able to create a functional boat.


      • Narf says:

        Maybe Eiji is actually Shieldbro after he ascended to godhood who’s toying with both the islanders and us while watching and having a giggle?

        But yeah, even for somebody who’s studied Engineering, the author is overstressing Eiji’s capabilities quite a bit.


  7. Anon says:

    A single woman for just a bricklayer? What a bad deal.

    Eiji should have asked about the Glassmaker to come to Siena.

    Glass technology should be way more important and valuable than bricks that even Eiji can create by himself. However, working with glass is much different from working with metal so a glass expert would be more welcomed by Eiji than a bricklayer.

    Once again, Eiji makes a stupid decision.


    • xandarth says:

      lol – do you even remember that Eiji can’t make the quality of steel he wants because his home-made furnace can’t get hot enough before melting due to the quality of bricks he can make? From memory he is just making wrought iron at the moment.

      It’s obvious that the villagers think that brick-layer is going to be building houses – when in fact he will be making puddling furnaces and all the other buildings Eiji needs for high volume steel construction.

      Larger quantities of high grade steel has more uses than glass in the short term.


  8. Anon says:

    The village elder and Fernando didn’t really believe Eiji’s blacksmith ability yet which is why Eiji’s workshop wasn’t really the ideal workshop he wanted and Eiji later says the water mill next to his workshop isn’t the powerful water mill he wanted to originally make because none of the villagers really believed in the benefits of a watermill.

    Eiji stopped thinking of bricks afterwards because he became too busy to think of building another workplace.

    Given enough time, Eiji would have acquired the required materials necessary for high quality bricks.

    At that point in time, EIji didn’t even really befriend Philip yet.


  9. ZaX says:

    I immediately thought, its a trap. Thanks for the chapter


  10. kusanagi24 says:

    Thanks for the chapter!! 🙂


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