61T5HH7VAvLEnglish Title: The country of the fallen Dragon King and the Perishing Witches

Current Status:  8 volumes (light novels – ongoing), 4 volumes (manga – completed)

Author: Maisaka Kou

Artist: Youta

Tags: another world transportation, amnesic protagonist, action, fantasy, harem, romance, ecchi, strategy, wars, ancient times

In a world where witches are shunned and have been forced onto the brink of annihilation, a samurai with no memories is transported to the hideout of some of these witches. Having the name: “Dragon King” and a keen strategic mind, its up to him to help defend the witches from those that would seek them harm. (from bakaupdates).


7 Responses to Synopsis

  1. Raizu Stash says:

    This seems nice!
    I’ll looking forward for the update 😀


  2. stardrago says:

    Could we get a wikia site for this, you know for more details about the characters or terminology of the world the setting is in?


  3. randomperson says:

    the guy’s definitely Nobunaga.


  4. willtellr says:

    This one’s fun. Some chapters of the manga are also translated. The harem is real.


  5. Brian says:

    This is wayyy to similar to OreDorei.! Its better to translate that one instead


  6. Bailone says:

    what a great read thank you for the translation


  7. Jay says:

    Great job on todays chapter


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