Epilogue 2

Raibach, who was in charge of commanding his troop and entrusted with the protection of the camp, became horrified when he learned of General Geobalk’s defeat at the hands of the witches.
According to what he had heard, the invasion army completely lost one of its battalions.

(Suffering a defeat like that, I guess the general won’t be able to continue his plans.)

That fact strengthened Raibach’s belief that the witches couldn’t be dealt with using ordinary methods.
At the same time, he consoled himself regarding the loss of his own troops, which was due to their opponent being stronger, rather than them being weak.
It was decided upon Geobalk’s order that they would all retreat back to Fort Ein. Therefore, the army provisions carried by Raibach’s troop didn’t come in handy.

For Raibach, it was simply a waste of his time, however, he didn’t plan to utter a single complaint.
That’s because he could feel at ease as long he didn’t have to involve himself with the witches.
Rather, it was a joyous feeling for Raibach, whose fear of the witches had penetrated into his bones. Due to the unforeseen casualties, the Kasandora Kingdom’s forces had to retreat.


The army withdrew to the capital, leaving 300 soldiers at Fort Ein.
One could say that they left those soldiers due to an unprecedented fear of the witches.
Geobalk feared that the witches would advance beyond the Schweiz river to take advantage of their victory.
After the army licked their wounds from their defeat, Geobalk tendered his retirement from the front lines to his majesty the king.
There was no other option for him than to take the responsibility for this loss.
There was no doubt that the king would feel bitter about this loss, regardless of whether or not he punished this veteran general who had helped him in the past.
With his honor being trampled upon in front of Cardinal Aiba, Kasandora could probably be no longer sure of his position as the king.
Soon after Geobalk retired, the king appointed the son of his deceased brother, in other words, his nephew, as the next general.
His nephew was still young and had little experience in leading an army. Nevertheless, he was already past his twenties and was also familiar with military affairs.
The man had no experience with wars, as he was primarily a financial official, but nonetheless, he showed signs of being talented in practical military affairs.
There should also be staff officers under the command of the previous general who could have been promoted, however, due to the offenses they suffered when they were defeated, many decided to retire together with Geobalk.
With that, the king’s nephew, Guiscard, who was inexperienced with wars as a leader, would take up the position of the new General.

One of Guiscard’s subordinate came to Raibach, who had returned to the capital.
Just as he was called, Raibach was dealing with the documents regarding his troop together with a few of his subordinates inside a room reserved for him.

“Oi, Raibach.”
“Ah, if it isn’t the battalion commander, Maglev.”

Once he confirmed it was the newly appointed battalion commander, Maglev, Raibach hurriedly put down the documents and stood up.

His subordinates stood up hurriedly as well.

“Is there anything you need from me?”

Standing at the doorway, Maglev nodded composedly.

“General Guiscard would like to have an appointment with you.”
“You mean General-dono?!”
“That’s right. Please show yourself without further ado.”
“Ha?! You’re telling me to meet General Guiscard in person?”

Raibach, who answered as if paying respect, tilted his head inside his heart.

(What? To think that I’d be called soon after the general took his office…. Wha, could it be that I’m going to be discharged? I wonder if they will move me to an office.)

Raiba turned towards his subordinates, who couldn’t hide their immense curiosity on their faces.

“Well then, I’m going to meet General Guiscard. I’ll leave the rest to you.”
“Have a good day, Captain.”

He made the comment as he followed Maglev through a corridor.
Raibach was poor at both numbers and writing.
Good grief – muttering that inside his heart, Raibach sighed.
Provided he was moved to an office, his hopes and wishes for a successful career would be like a dream come true.

(Well, guess it can’t be helped? Perhaps, it’s because of the fact that I’ve been working under the command of General Geobalk. Still, judging from General Guiscard’s view, it may be that I’m just an eyesore. But even so, I don’t understand why he would call someone like me, who was demoted from a company captain to a supply troop captain. After all, things like this should be clear in my documents. What does he plan to do, that young master?)

Filled with doubts, by the time Raibach reached the new general’s office, he saw someone unexpected.


“Oh my, so you’re Raibach-kun?”

The new general, who was much younger than him, displayed a smile toward Raibach.
Standing behind Maglev, there was a new adjutant waiting for his command.
It was a tall man with a sharp look.
The new general, whose body was wrapped in a new, richly decorated suit, had a pleasant facial expression, which emphasized his charming features.

(Did you use to perform as an actor in a group of itinerant dancers, or what?)

Without thinking ahead, Raibach retorted inside.

However, he wasn’t foolish enough to let the new general learn about his thoughts.
For now, Raibach decided to salute with feigned ignorance.

“Yes, I’m Captain Raibach from the supply troop. I’ve come on your request.”
“Ah, that’s right.”
“Yes? So, what kind of business do you need from me?”
“That’s why, my dear Captain, I’m releasing you from your duty.”

(Eh? As one would expect, am I going to become an office worker? Or is he perhaps going to discharge me for good…?)

Raibach feared this to be true, but Guiscard said something else entirely.

“I will reinstate you back to your previous position as a company captain.”
“Eh? Yes? I’m….. going to become a company captain again?”
“That’s right. Is there anything you’re discontent with?”
“No no, not at all. Still, it came as bit of a surprise to me.”
“I value your experience. After all, you’ve worked your way up til now thanks to your battles against the witches. There’s probably nobody who wouldn’t want to capitalise on that, right?”

(Oi oi, this young master, isn’t he quite understanding?)

Inside Raibach, some respect and acknowledgement grew towards the new general.

“Well then, will you take up your duty at once, Captain Raibach?”
“Yes. What type of task will I be assigned to me this time?”
“Yes. What kind of surveillance do you mean?”
“Of Schweiz River, obviously.”

(So it was about that?!)

Upon learning about the content of his given duty, Raiha felt the urge to cry and fuss, but nevertheless, kept a straight face.

(In the end, he just wants me to observe the river so as to prevent the witches from crossing it over?)

As if backing up what he had guessed, Guiscard continued to speak.

“You and your company will camp near the left side of the riverbank and watch for any movements coming from the witches. If they happen to appear, please send a fast horse to Fort Ein while hindering the witches from crossing. Do that at all costs and with all your might and determination. This shall be your mission as the company captain. Is that clear?”

(This damn youngster, you say you value my experience? VALUE MY ASS! In the end, aren’t you just making me disposable?!!!)

Raibach’s high esteem for Guiscard suddenly dropped.

“As for more detail, please ask Riyaga here.”

The new general pointed to the tall man behind him.

“Well then, if it’s fine for you to go.”

At Guiscard, who waved his hand once their business concluded, Raibach bowed down.

“Yes, I’ll excuse myself.”
“Captain Raibach, please come this way.”

Being accompanied by the adjutant with a sharp look, named Riyaga, they both left the general’s office.

(What on earth, wasn’t the most dangerous job forced on me here?! At this rate, being a supply troop captain is many times better! Good grief, truly, nothing good comes from getting involved with the witches.)

Following Rigaya’s back while walking down the barrack’s corridor, Raibach exhaled a big sigh inside.
Because of Guiscard, he was able to return to his position as a company captain.
However, Raibach, who was abandoned by his God, wouldn’t anticipate for this change to greatly change his life.


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