Humans are the Strongest Ch.5

Chapter 5: Indirect Kiss


After that, the sun was setting as Lia and I cleaned up the inside of the house.


By the time we’d finished cleaning it was time for dinner.

I say that, but in this kind of situation I can’t afford to say such a luxurious thing.


Lia recommended that I get some dried meat out of the food storage, I then proceeded to have a simple dinner.


「Aren’t you going to have dinner?」


I called out to Lia who was admirably standing watch at the cave’s entrance.


「…..there’s only so much food in storage. Please wait and I’ll find an opportunity to go hunting very soon alright?」



As expected that’s what it was.

It’s already night and suddenly she says 「I’m going hunting」 or something like that, I think that our food situation is not very good.


Of course this kind of action is dangerous so I’m going to put a stop to it as quick as I can.


「Let’s change the question. If you skip dinner won’t you be hungry?」

「You need not worry yourself. I believe that I can go around 3 days without eating and I won’t die. And one way or another, all there is to eat are those scraps of dried meat you have…..for me to eat them would be…..」

「Then here. Eat this.」


Then I held out the dried meat that I hadn’t yet finished for dinner.


It was the right idea not to finish it all off.

I had thought that it would be possible that Lia would go without eating dinner for my sake.


「I-I can’t possibly receive such a thing! Even under these circumstances I’m ashamed to only be able to offer you such a crude meal……」

「No no. If Lia is hungry and enemies attack then won’t it be even more troublesome?」


After a couple times trying to convince Lia, finally she reluctantly assented.

Then, right before my eyes, Lia took a bite out of the dried meat.

—–Then…something strange happened.




All of a sudden Lia let out some kind of weirdly sexy voice.


「Hey! Are you ok?!」


For some unknown reason Lia’s body started to shine and glow in the night.


「Amazing…! This is the Human race’s. No…..Master’s power!」


Seems like there was nothing for me to worry about.

Now that I looked carefully the flushed cheeks that I’d taken for 「Pain」 was instead an 「it feels so good」 expression.


「Thank you very much. Thanks to Master my magic power was able to rapidly evolve.」

「……Thanks to me?」

「Most likely the food that Master gave me had some of your saliva on it. The saliva that Master has given me is the most delicious meal I’ve ever eaten up until now.」



I see.

So in essence, by depending on our indirect kiss Lia was able to power up or something I guess?


I suppose that since one strand of hair allows them to power up, then the saliva of a living Human would have an immediate effect.


「It appears that my earlier hunger has been lessened significantly! Now I don’t even need to eat any dinner!」



It looks like in this world anything goes when you’re talking about the power of Humans.


I have lots of things I’d like to say in response to this, but Lia’s stomach has been settled so I decided that everything turned out pretty alright.


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  2. Foguinho says:

    Thanks for the chapter…. it’s the first time that a indirect kiss talk made me inconfortable also i wonder what will happen when she “ingest” other “body fluids” with her “mouth”.

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  3. tsuichirin says:

    if humans really have that much power then why can’t I shoot fire ball out of my finger!?

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  4. Kelvin says:

    damn just an indirect kiss give such power, what will happen for “other fluids”???? AND if mc have many kids omg an army so powerful that he wont even need to hide

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    • Owl says:

      …. you don’t read harem stories very often do you?

      He’s hiding from the “army”

      Or at least the yandare portion of it.



  5. Habib Haji says:

    Thanks for doing this chapter XD

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  6. 3xMoreAnonymous says:

    Semen into her sacred region would either level her catatonic from sheer pleasure overload and unable to handle all that power figuratively and literally flowing into her, or temporarily grant her the power to rival gods, including reshaping the land with ease.

    Too bad there’s not even a R-15 tag (as far as I can tell); I don’t think we’ll ever get to see that happen.


  7. such a “screw it” reaction

    thanks for the chapter


  8. Dark Jackel says:

    A new meaning for the phrase: “drunk on power”.

    Thanks~! 😃

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  9. kenchan223 says:

    How the fuck is that possible?! Cuz he’s a Human [God] duh..

    Will there be snu snu?

    Also, I can imagine mc having lots of kids with god like power..


  10. Sternav says:

    Thanks for the chapter update!! ❤ Hmmm… ^_^


  11. Reaper Phoenix says:

    Thanks 4 the chapter!

    Now am I the only one wishing that this is an R-18 novel?

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  12. AlekAlcalá says:

    How to make an Elf do ahegao with a bite by Salaryman Tha Human

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  13. evil says:

    Thanks for the chapter,


  14. Getting off on the MCs salvia? Mysterious Girlfriend X anyone


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  17. udin-san says:

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  18. Angel says:

    IoI just by that she can power up!! ahahaha 😀 so amusing, i wonder what will happen if he got love liquid from a man 😀

    thx for the chapter


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