Chapter 65 – The Girl and the Horse

Chapter 65 – The Girl and the Horse

Unlike her appearance, the girl, whose name was Fran, didn’t look composed.
You could say she was straightforward in her feelings? Rather than that, if one was to say it bluntly, her childish speech and conduct was what stood out.

– Daddy, let’s take Eiji and Fer with us.
– I think we should wait., They  probably still have lots of arrangements to make. Eiji-san, Fernando-san, I’m the tribal chief of the village of Auman, Dylan. And this is my wife, Chiara. I’d like to invite you to my village, but what will you do?
– Please do so.

Dylan seemed to be a broadminded person who doesn’t mince matters.
There were signs of roughness on his expression; nevertheless, it didn’t mean he was a vulgar person.
It seemed that there were many people who were mindful about other people’s behaviour with a considerate heart that was rather hospitable.

– By the way, Dylan-san, what did you mean by saying it was just as your daughter told you?
– Fran? Well, let’s talk about that once we arrive at my home.

Dylan put a smile on his face which looked like he was implying something.
If possible, Eiji wanted Dylan to tell him straightly without putting on air; however, Eiji couldn’t demand more besides the answer he received.
Once Eiji and Fernando were about to carry some of their disembarked loads, Fran stopped them.

– As for transportation, it’s fine to wait a bit. More importantly, your luggage is huge, isn’t it? What’s inside them?
– Even though you knew we were boarding on the boat, you can’t tell about these?
– Uhmu?, I can’t!

Fran smiled.
It was a smile free of any maliciousness.
Was she trying to deceive them? Lie to them? Perhaps, she wasn’t thinking so at all.
Despite thinking so, seeing her smile, it was hard for Eiji to believe in either Fran or her parents, Dylan and Chiara.
The cargo on the boat was basically stored in wooden boxes.
They were devised so that the stakes would be fixed in the corners of their wooden lids, and in order to maintain the balance of the cargo placed on top of them.
It was the result of implementing Eiji’s way of using transportation containers.

– Well then, how long do we have to wait?
– Uhmu, he’s coming soon.
– Coming?
– That’s right. Ah, here he is. Gyusu! This way.

Jumping up and down, Fran waved broadly with her hands.
Soon, Eiji too understood that there was something heading in their direction.
It was a horse.
However, this was—

– Enormous! Fernando-san, were horses always this big?
– Don’t be stupid. It’s the first time for me to see a giant horse like this one.
– Gyusu is big. Isn’t it, Daddy?
– Yeah.

As the sounds of galloping were generated, Eiji understood there were several horses approaching them.
The horses were unusually fast. What’s more, the size of the horse running in front was undoubtedly standing out.
The first time Eiji saw horses from a close range was back when he met the peddler, Jean. In comparison with this one, Jean’s horses were one or two sizes smaller.
Still, even if his horses were to be ponies, one couldn’t blame them for being smaller.
That’s because it’s clear that the horse which have just arrived is abnormally big.

The galloping sounds of the horses were like the profound sounds coming from one’s stomach.
Eiji could somewhat understand the reason why the earth is said to be trembling whenever horses and humans go to the battlefield.
The horses slowed down, then stopped as soon as they reached close enough.
*Snort* – The giant horse breathed out with its nostrils.
It was a deep black horse.
The lie of its hair had a gloss, and its eyes were cool-looking, which made it give off the feeling of being intelligent.
The horse wasn’t just big, it was refined as well.

– Thank youuu Gyusu.
– So this horse’s name is Gyusu?
– That’s right. Gyusu is the greatest among all the horses, the boss. And then, he’s my first father.
– Father?
– Speaking of which! Eiji, have you ever mounted a horse?
– No, I guess not even once.
– Excellent. Then, mount one!

Once Fran was thought by Eiji to say so, she placed her hands near the horse’s flank and leapt with her body.
Her stretching was so light that it didn’t resemble that of a normal human. As Fran did so, she mounted Gyusu and sat on the saddle on his back.
Gyusu’s back was of the same height as Eiji’s head.
Being able to mount the horse without using any equipment? nor her feet, it didn’t seem to be possible with human skills.
Perhaps, nobody in this village could perform the same feat as hers.
At Fran’s instruction, a chestnut haired horse that was tagging along with Gyusu appeared before Eiji.
Seeing that this one was of normal size, Eiji breathed out a small sigh of relief.
However, as expected, it didn’t seem like he would be able to jump on a horse without using his feet, even if he had no equipment on him.
At least, there should be some support.

– What’s wrong, Eiji? Won’t you mount the horse?
– No, after all it’s my first time, you see.

While being reluctant Eiji decided to use his luggage as the support.
As soon as he stood on the support, he clasped the horse’s neck to his chest.
Its fur was warm, and Eiji could feel the blood running through the horse’s veins.
Feeling the elasticity of its unusually tempered muscles, Eiji mounted onto the horse’s back fearfully.
The saddle made from leather was soft in comparison to a stool. Despite that, it had a hardness which gave one the feeling of uneasiness whenever that person would think about motions and impacts coming from a horse.
Fernando as well, fastened some luggage to his horse, which was free of ballast, before mounting on it.
Although Eiji felt regretful for not doing the same task before mounting his horse, he wasn’t too keen on dismounting it and helping with packing the cargo.

– Eiji, if you are too frightened, the horse will be scared as well.
– W-What should I do?
– It can’t be helped if you’re not used to it, so how about being confident?
– U-Understood.

Just as being told by Fran, Eiji braced himself.
Please treat me well – Eiji called out to the horse while gently brushing its beautiful chestnut mane.
It felt as though the horse wanted to say that it understood.

With each step made by the horse, the place which should be designed for sitting meandered delicately. It was a first sensation like this for Eiji.
His view was positioned high and Eiji was able to look across the landscape from his seat until far away.
Starting with Fran, Dylan and Chiara were probably also familiar with horse riding.
The horses were made to walk safely; nevertheless, Fernando and Eiji, who were still cautious, could only operate their horses at a walking speed.
Even though Eiji was told to be more confident, it didn’t work that well. Nonetheless, was it due to the horse being clever? It would walk slowly without taking light of Eiji.

– Indeed, it’s amazing. That’s my first time riding a horse, but judging from the rumors, I’d thought it would be much harder to do this.
– Were they normal horses, you would have been shaken off by now. Our horses and Gyusu, which we brought, are special.
– *sigh of astonishment* Certainly, that black horse is incredible.
– Yeah. Whatever herd of horses it is, as long there’s Gyusu, he will always become a leader. And before we even notice, the wild horses would turn obedient. Our village grew large during these past 10 years thanks to Gyusu and Fran.

Saying so, Dylan praised Gyusu.
Gyusu, who was praised, turned around his neck from time to time as he stared fixedly at Eiji and Fernando.
His deep colored eyes felt as if they were measuring while trying to protect them from any injury.

– Argh! As expected, we’re moving way too slow!

Fran jumped down from Gyusu’s back.
Let’s compete! – Fran raised up her voice as she sunk her body and assumed the posture of a crouching start.

– Gyusu, it’s a contest.

As soon as she said, she ran with her full speed.
Fast. Was it because there was futility in her movements? Rather, her motion looked sluggish.
However, her body kept advancing forward, making her appearance grow hazy.
Eiji thought about Fran’s amazing leap a while ago, still, without a doubt, her physical ability was miraculous.
Back when they were exterminating wolves, he had a feeling that Philip’s movements were incomparably different from those of a normal human, even so, it appeared that a part of islanders had far better physical ability than people from modern times known by Eiji.

Being left a little bit behind, Gyusu speeded up.
After the earth rose up momentarily, he shot off.
*burst* – together with a heavy sound, the sight of Gyusu’s body became blurry just like in a photo.
The horse caught up within a blink of an eye, and then, surpassed.

– You idiooot! If you become serious like that, there’s no way I can catch you up! Gyusu, you idiot!

Fran’s complaint was heard under the blue sky.
Gyusu loosened his running pace, as if being troubled, and stopped slowly.
Fran stood next to him after managing to catch him up.

– Gyusu, compete with me one more time! Let’s go, bam!

Fran broke into a run again.
Her motion was quick just like the wind, or perhaps, just like an arrow.
Once the horse shook with its neck listlessly, it started to run with the same pace as Fran.
Finally, Gyusu slowly began to lose.

Perhaps, he was letting her have the credit.
The distance between them became gradually wider with Fran leading in front.
However, she wasn’t content with that.

– Don’t be so obvious when you go easy on me, Gyusu!

At her words, Gyusu shook with his head worrisomely and gazed at Eiji who was far away.
Since you’re the guest, don’t you have any advice? – His eyes were directed at Eiji as if trying to ask him that.
I’ll be troubled, even if you look at me like that. – Eiji thought.


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