Character List

This is the list of characters and locations that have appeared in Seiun wo Kakeru. Because this will be updated periodically, please do note that there may be some spoilers for those who haven’t read up to the most recent translated chapter.


Eiji– Our amnesiac protagonist. He is the blacksmith of the village. His creations vastly improve the quality of life for all the villagers. He has a special place in his heart for Tanya, his wife. the god of his workshop is kanayamabikoamenomahitotsunomikoto.

Tanya– The poster girl for this series. She is the one who has taken care of Eiji since he arrived in the village. Having lost her husband to a war before they could confirm their marriage, she has lived her life since as a widow, alone and overworked. She has married Eiji. There is mutual love between the two of them. She is the granddaughter of Bona.

Mike– An influential and successful hunter of Siena Village. He isn’t too welcoming of those who he considers outsiders. Married to Jane.

Jane– A strong, yet cute woman. She is good at looking after others. She is a manager of the women of the village. Married to Mike. She has birthed seven children, of which, only three have survived.

Bona– She is the tribe chief of Siena Village. She is in her fifties, yet, due to exposure and diet, she appears to be in her seventies. All around, an amazing person. She is Tanya’s grandmother.

Philip– The lumberjack of the village. Even though he may appear to be of lower intelligence, he is quite knowledgeable in his area of expertise, he merely prefers to speak very little. A two meter tall, muscular man, he is a kind person.

Fernando– The main carpenter of the village. Because he is quite the eloquent negotiator, he is usually the person in charge of trading with the neighboring villages. His friends call him Fer. He was one of the 10 men from Siena village that fought in the previous war.

Thomas– Fernando’s subordinate.

John– a farmer.

Bernard/Bernardo– a farmer.

Giorgio– a farmer.

Pietro– Eiji’s disciple in blacksmithing. He’s about 13 years old. Views Eiji in the highest reguard. Thinks bras are made out of iron.

Jean– A peddler. Views his job as tying the distance between villages.

Girolamo– The tribal chief of Tal village. He has 5 children, ranging in age from 25 to not even 10, which is quite the large number for his village. Is concerned for the future of his village.

Franko– A tax collector. Only his employers like him because he is quite efficient at what he does. He often laments that he cannot see his family often because of his work.

Adele– Frernando’s wife, and a cool beauty. She is the second most beautiful woman in the village. She is not from the village originally. She is quite kind and refined. Her mannerisms are a result of her training as a shrine maiden. As such, she leads any festival that occurs in the village. Underneath her kind behavior, however, she is quite like her husband.

Eve– Philip’s wife. Standing at only 140cm in height, she’s the loli in this story. Despite her small stature, she is a full-fledged adult, having three children currently. She and Philip are quite the loving couple.

Sarah– The daughter of Bernard. She is Pietro’s fiancee by arranged marriage. She and Pietro get along, even though Pietro is a little embarrassed whenever they interact. She understands the power of upturned eyes.

Gerodi– Mike’s Siberian husky, hunting dog he affectionately calls ‘Gero’. His name means ‘Hero’.

Dante– The son of Nazoni’s ruler and his concubine. He’s never known his father’s love because his mother died from puerperal fever soon after his birth. Due to his personality, he’s always getting into fights. He is currently in Seina village as one of the five people Franko has brought to try to learn ironsmithing from Eiji. His family’s forte is strength, and he is no exception. His height is such that most men only come up to his shoulders, at best.

Katharina– Another one of the four people brought to Seina by Franko and the only woman of the five. Before coming to Seina, she was a wool dyer. She came because she wanted to learn from the guy who made the amazing soap that made her job much easier. Because she is quite the capable worker, Eiji has high hopes for her. She’s also known to say misleading phrases.

Pierro– The tribal chief of Mostori. He, his father, and his grandfather all share the name Pierro, so as to avoid confusion, people sometimes refer to him as Pierro the third.

Fran– A wild child that lives in Auman. She is the adopted daughter of the village chief, Dylan. She was discovered in the wilderness when she was around five years old. In the wilderness, she lived with the horses as her family and other animals as her friends. Because of this, she seems to be able to talk with animals, and understand them.

Dylan– The village chief of Auman. He’s a caring family man.

Chiara– Dylan’s wife.

Gyusu– Fran’s horse dad. He’s the one who has known, and taken care of her, the longest. He is an enormous horse. He is also the boss of all the horses in Auman.

Edo– The tribal chief of Marina.

Rau– A young man who helps make salt in Marina.



The story takes place on a currently unnamed island. The island has around 30 villages and about 6000 residents total.

Seina village– The village where the story begins. It is a peaceful village with a population of around 250 people. The village is able to produce just enough food to pay its tax and for all of its villagers to survive the winter and have a small surplus. The quality of life is starting to improve since Eiji arrived.

Tal village– With a dwindling population due to low birth rates and a short lifespan, poor public sanitation, and a low amount of medicine, it is a village that is getting near extinction. The village has an abnormally high tax, which includes forced labor 2 days a week. This village is known for its earthenware goods, which are also heavily taxed. With the introduction of iron pots and kitchen knives, the burden on the village has been reduced.

Nazioni– It has a population of a little over 400. Not only is it the largest city on the island, it is also the location where the noble lives. It is a prosperous city that has more than 2 blacksmiths. Because of this, they have overwhelming military power. The city cannot produce enough food to sustain its residents. It must bring the crops in.

Mostori– The village of merchants. Jean, the peddler, is from here. This village is famous for its rows of completely brick houses.

Auman– The village famous for it’s horses. The also have horse races and gambling associated with the races.

Marina– The village at the end of the river that flows through Seina village. Because it is a coastal village, their primary product is salt. They also sell fish, to a lesser extent.

Eiji’s Current Creations and Improvements

Senbakoki– A tool made for separating wheat seeds from the stalk.

Introduction of Fertilizer

Shichirin– a clay furnace used to make charcoal

Wheelbarrow– a three wheeled, man-powered pushcart

Saw, Plane, and File– carpentry tools

High Temperature Furnace– a furnace capable of smelting iron

Iron-based Tools– Tools made out of iron instead of their usual materials such as bronze

Five Miniature Tools– five small tools that were made to display the ability of the blacksmith, Eiji and his apprentice, Pietro. For some strange reason, thee items irritate unmarried people.

Reversi– (a.k.a. Othello) Introduced by Eiji to the village to increase the nearly devoid number of entertainments available to the villagers.

Iron Spears– Spears made for the specific purpose of subjugating a pack of wolves. After the subjugation, Eiji plans to repurpose them so that they can never be used to harm people.

Still– an alcohol distillery

Animal Shed– A building to house all the privately owned livestock in one place, so as to improve everyone’s living conditions and allow for selective breeding.

Water Wheel– used to power simple machines that allow for a variety of jobs to be completed vastly quicker and easier.

Trading Boat– A boat that is capable of transporting large amounts of goods along the river that flows through Seina.


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