Humans are the Strongest Ch.1

Chapter 1: Summoned to a Different World


Has it already been about 3 years since I was recruited mid-career into a health foods company?

My body and mind are already reaching the limits of their fatigue.


My job at the Health Food Company is a door-to-door salesman.

Salesman or Businessman, this sort of job sounds pleasant, but the true nature of it is high-pressure high-stress salesmanship.


‘If you take 1 pill then you’ll be able to lose 1 kilo’ diet supplement.

‘If you drink this then your hair will become smooth and silky’ special drink.


My company advertises such suspicious sounding health foods and sells them to obtain profits.


‘At least this job is better than not having one.’

I always persuaded myself saying that, but gradually I got sick of lying to myself.


「Anywhere is fine…….just not here……Ooh I just wanna go to another world….」


I was curled up on my bed and soon my mind fell into a deep slumber.


Meanwhile in a world of swords and magic, Aterufia.


A man and a woman stand inside some ancient ruins.


「Amazing! Such a complete and perfectly preserved human holy relic was left here!」


The leader of the Elf tribe’s exploration team, Lia, opened her mouth in excitement.


「Is this a human’s hair? In any case, this discovery is something incredible that will leave my name in the history books!」


As Lia got covered in the dust from the ruins as she was engrossed by the strand of hair, a male subordinate started making a ruckus.


「Captain….that’s unfair! This holy relic or whatever….let me see it too!」


The beast man, Dex, wags his tail while begging her.

At first there were many subordinates, but as the exploration of the ruins continued, they left until only Dex was left.


「I don’t mind but…..make sure you treat it carefully please. This hair is something that would be treated preciously even in a kingdom’s treasury.」


The Human Tribe was something that had existed in the past in Aterufia.

In ancient times the extinct humans had overwhelming magical power that could overcome all other races.

The holy relic that they’d found this time fully showed the absolute power of the humans—.

Just holding that hair for a little bit had caused her finger to heat up from the magic power contained within.


「Hehehehehe. Kekekekekekekeke!」


The moment that Lia gave the beast man the holy relic, he began to let out a vulgar voice.


「…..what’s so funny?」

「Oh Cap’n~ Don’t ya think you should’a been more suspicious of other people? I am already…..sick and tired of following you around Cap’」


His normally honest and hardworking attitude had completely changed in a moment.


(Is he betraying me? What a stupid thing!)


Seeing her follower’s attitude change right before her eyes, Lia heaved a big sigh.

Certainly, if the holy relic she’d found was sold, you might be able to get enough money that even your 7th generation descendants could live comfortably.



that’s only if he can safely escape from here with the relic.


For Lia, who had won herself a reputation of being one of the strongest mages even in the royal capital, this Dex’s little rebellion wasn’t scary in the least.





Dex’s next action made Lia become absolutely speechless.


While she thought ‘what is he going to do’ Dex—–put the strand of hair right into his mouth.


「Mwahahahahahahahaha! Awesome! Power is flowing out of my body! This is…..this is the power of a human?」


Once the holy relic was placed into Dex’s body, his magic power rapidly and violently increased.


「….What in the world are you doing!? Do you know how precious that thing is!?」


Seeing the discovery of the era being lost right before her eyes, Lia cried out.


The Human tribe’s existence in Aterufia was something from more than 10,000 years ago.


Therefore, finding a part of a Human’s body is something rarely seen.

Furthermore, a piece with such magic contained within it was even rarer.


「Of course I know. I did it because I knew…..with this power I can become the king of the world!」


Dex’s body that had successfully taken in the holy relic was growing.

Finally, his body reached a height of 3 meters.


‘It’s too late to regret what has happened.’

Lia decided, and cast fire magic, which was her strong point.


「Flame Duet Burning Blade!」

「Haha! Useless! It’s useless!」


However, her full powered attack was brushed off lightly by Dex and erased.


(….Urgh!? Human’s….the holy relic’s power is…this powerful!?)


She couldn’t help but despair when she saw this.

‘If it’s like this then even this extremely powerful killing magic that is capable of killing a dragon means nothing to Dex who’s taken in the power of the Human race.’

Lia thought.

If there is this much power within a piece of hair…..then how much power would a living Human being have?

The moment after she thought that, Lia saw an even more unbelievable spectacle happen right before her eyes.



And the shadow of a person broke through the ceiling of the ruins and came flying down.


「Hm? I wonder….what is this place?」
A sleepy looking man who was rubbing his eyes, appeared in Lia’s sight


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