Chapter 68 – The Saw and The Plane

Chapter 68 – The Saw and The Plane

A short while passed after the horse racing had concluded. Dylan returned back to his home with a slightly exhausted face.
His wife, Chiara, who entered together with him, brought them a dinner consisting of bread and cheese.

– Oh my, as one would expect, starting a feast is pleasant, however, tidying up is quite troublesome.
– Guess, there’s no way to leave it as it is, right? If you ask us, we will help you.[1]
– Don’t be silly. There’s no way for us to let guests help.

It seemed that Dylan distributed the bet’s shares after taking care of the horses.
It was a bet placed by the whole village.
Despite each share being small, the distributed amount was probably quite sizable when put together.
snap snap – next to Dylan who was snapping his neck, Chiara lined up the meal.

– I’m back.
– Welcome back, Fran. Take your place quickly.
– Oh. Today, we’re having a feast, right? Bon appetit.
– Hey, wait til everyone’s ready.
– O-Oh. Sorry.

Fran, who had returned home, faced toward the meal and reached out her hand as fast as she could.
Did she reflect on her action after being scolded? Fran dropped her shoulders dejectedly.
Dylan lowered his head toward Eiji and Fernando.

– I apologize. I’ve tried to teach her manners for a while but it doesn’t appear to be working.
– No, isn’t your daughter adorable?
– She does nothing but exorbitant things, you see. The villagers won’t mind since they’re already used to it, but as expected, it’s inexcusable toward guests.
– Please don’t worry about it.

At the time the cooking was fully set, the meal began.
Fran, who was gobbling down the food one after another, seemed to be very pleased, making even the viewers become enjoyed.
Certainly, parents who have a child must be feeling like this. – Eiji thought.
Chiara, who watched over Fran with her gentle eyes, opened her mouth.

– Eiji-san, Fernando-san, could both of you please tell us more about yourself?
– About us?
– Yes. It’s rare for people from so far away to visit us, you see.
– That’s right. It’s the first time for someone to arrive from Siena.

After Eiji explained about him being a blacksmith, and about his wife soon giving the birth to his child, both Dylan and Chiara became astonished.

– She was still single at that age? That’s was pretty late.
– She had some circumstances.
– Well, truly, a human’s life is really full of surprises.
– Yes, truly…

There was no way for Eiji to tell them about him living here for a bit more than a year since his arrival on this island.
He was evasive in his speech, but fortunately, the couple didn’t inquire for more details.
As they continued to talk, Eiji became a little bit worried about the situation in his village.
More than a week has passed since Eiji and Fernando departed.
And on their return trip, it will probably take more time as they go back upstream.
The wind will turn into a favorable one, so it ought to be considerably fine once they spread out the sails, however, the headwind will only appear in certain locations.
From there, going upstream will have to be relied on animals’ power, and perhaps, they can’t wish for a desirable speed.

Not to mention, Tanya-san is still pregnant. It would be nice if she didn’t overwork herself – Eiji was concerned.
Perhaps, it should be fine since there’s Jane and Pietro taking care of her, still…

– Whatever the case may be, hopefully a healthy child will be born safely.
– Truly, the first delivery is always difficult, isn’t it?

At the words of Chiara, who seemed to be experienced, Eiji nodded.
That’s right, Jane also mentioned about the first delivery being tough.
What’s more, there was a worry about puerperal fever.
Because the conception of hygiene was different here, perhaps, it was necessary to thoroughly enforce sterilization.
There was no way to deliver a child in a place which had a livestock hut built jointly.
Eiji asked various things regarding childbirth.

– Boiling hot water continuously and properly, and being prepared for a long delivery. What’s more, a husband can’t lose his presence of mind. Back then, I could rest at peace thanks to Dylan sticking firmly to those points.
– Stop that. I couldn’t do anything, so I just remained silent.
– Despite that, it was fine. After all, giving birth is a woman’s job. What I hate the most is when a husband oddly butts in, or becomes flustered.
– Fernando-san, how it was in your case?
– Oh my, it was quite embarrassing. I was unable to collect myself, you see.

Apparently, Fernando was thrown out of his house after becoming a nuisance during his wife’s childbirth.
Unfortunately, Eiji couldn’t learn much from others’ experiences.
Still, it will probably become another experience for him.
Listening to the examples of one’s failure and success, Eiji thought that it would at least help him prepare mentally.

– By the way, Eiji, might your place be selling scythes and hoes?
– That’s right. I can guarantee their sharpness although there are instances where I have to repair them properly, but…
– How about plows?
– I don’t have them with me right now, you see. It was too big for me to carry for my first business talk.
– I guess it would be so…You know, there are lots of horses in my village, so it will be helpful if we have many plows.
– Understood, I shall bring you some the next time.
– Is that so? I’m saved!
– After that–
– How about woodsmen and carpenters in your villager?

Eiji intercepted Dylan’s words as he spoke ahead of him.
Dylan caught his breath and opened his eyes widely in astonishment.
Being guessed right, a smile surfaced on Dylan’s face without him realizing.

-……How do you know that?
– There isn’t even a scarce amount of trees around this village?
– I guess so.
– Back when we were sailing the boat on the river, I noticed quite lot of trees missing from the forest. Not to mention, when you have to travel from here to there on a horse that takes a little less than an hour, it’s quite the distance, isn’t it? What’s more, this place gives out the feeling of having just a single tree.
– Oh my, you’ve observed well. Then, the thing about carpenters?
– Even though this environment is few in wood, is it possible for there to be longhouses made solely from wood logs?
– I see, well done.  We too, had a carpenter before, however, once he died from an illness without leaving a successor, it has been problematic for us.

Perhaps, that wasn’t just the case. – Eiji thought.
On this island where the technology standard is low due to carpentry tools falling behind, cutting out nicely a single plank or a single beam is already a complicated task in itself.

Probably, scraping a single plank beautifully with neither a plane nor saw is quite a challenge.
Driving in lynchpins into a log, cutting it in relative sizes, and expecting the texture of the wood to be a straight cross-section, just how much futility must a carpenter go through?
– That’s right, actually, we have a single carpenter here, but… there’s no way for him to make a house building request this swiftly, you see.
– A-Ah. It would be nice if I could proficiently carve desks, chairs, and fences.
– In that case, I’ll make you carpentry tools. Let’s try it out in practice tomorrow.
– Can a novice like me do that?
– It will be fine. You probably won’t be able to create splendid items, but I think you should progress well in making a fence. Fernando-san, I’d like for you to show them how it looks in practice tomorrow.
– *Nod* leave it to me.

The suggestion went smoothly together with Fernando’s nod.
The only thing remaining would be to demonstrate and have them learn about the true value of saws and planes.
No matter how it will turn out, these tools will probably become worthy as they have been never used before.
Eiji looked forward to tomorrow’s negotiations.


The next morning. After finishing their breakfast, Eiji and Fernando went together with Dylan to the front of his house.
Fran too, tagged along til the entrance.

– Well then, Fran will be going out for a bit.
– Where to?
– For a little morning run with Gyusu. We are running til the slope. Eiji-san, want to join us as well?
– I still have a business with your father, so I’ll restrain myself.
– Is that so? Tell Fran whenever you feel like wanting to run.

Fran left. It seemed that in front of them, horses were allowed to run free inside a fence.
Eiji checked his piled up luggage,
This time, the majority of the items were left on the boat.
However, Eiji was lucky to have the saw packed.

– Well then, as for cutting trees, can I have you bring me to a place with good wood?
– This way. Come with me.

The place to which Dylan took them was a deserted house.
Despite that, it looked like the house was itself repaired with only occupants missing.
There was no way for the wood itself become a waste.
As long its surface is carved, it will probably still be utilizable.

– Then, please watch carefully. This is the saw that I’m going to introduce you.
– Fumu. It has a jagged surface.
– Ah, it’s dangerous, so please don’t touch it.
– U-Understood.
– Then, Fernando-san, please show them!
– Why are you putting on airs?

Despite making a wry smile, Fernando placed the saw on the log and moved it forward and back.
First, he did it slowly so as to show how it works.
Once the edge of the blade reached the equilibrium, the saw will move swiftly and rhythmically after that.
Small wood chips flew away as the sound from the blade continued reverberating.

– Ooohh! the log is being cut straightly, isn’t it?!
– Fernando too, was surprised at first, when he saw this.
– Of course. How pleasant will the work become after you learn of such an item?
– Speaking of which, Fernando-san isn’t the one who came up with this.
– The one who thought of and made it is this hard-to-understand blacksmith. I can only use it skillfully, you see…, just as you can see, the log split in half.
– Amazing….Then, this plane is?
– After using the saw, the cross-section of the split wood will be still considerably rough. Well, Fernando-san.
– Therefore, making the surface neat and smooth is the job of the plane.

A piece of lumber will shine beautifully with a gloss once the plane is applied on it by an expert.
The surface will become smooth, and its texture will feel like it had been smoothed by a file.
It would be ideal to use the file for numerous and different purposes; nevertheless, there’s no problem in displaying it for just a single purpose.
Watching the surface being adjusted, Dylan became at a loss for words.

– How…….How……!
– Dylan-san?
– It’s magnificent, Eiji! You, Become my son! If it’s now, I’ll make Fran into your bride!
– Ehhh!?

Just what on earth is this pops saying?
Was it due to Dylan being deeply moved? – He hugged the body of Eiji who was stunned and flustered.
Dylan was a robust person, which didn’t make it seem he would be easily shaken off.
Eiji turned his gaze toward Fernando for help, however, Fernando waved with his hand in front of his face while making a disgusted expression.
Indeed, the thought of helping someone that is being hugged by a man makes one shiver, nonetheless, being a victim is more unbearable.

Damn, he abandoned me. I’ll remember this!

– Is Fran no good? But, Chiara is my wife, you know. I can’t hand her to you.
– Now now, Dylan-san. He’s already married. Won’t it be better for you to hold the tools?
– Oh…? Oh, that’s right. If you say so, let’s do as you say.

Dylan, who had calmed down, suddenly loosened his strength.
Escaping from the spot in a hurry, Eiji looked at Fernando who saved him with his words.

– Sorry, it was hard to save you directly.
– No, I was rescued.

What’s more, what he was doing would also become an advertisement for their trades.
Considering that Fernando did his best to produce a fine work, perhaps, it should be fine like this.
The only thing remaining would be for Eiji to do his fine job similarly.
Handing the finished wooden plank to Dylan, they made him witness its cross-section in practice.
A picture is worth a thousand words.
Dylan stared fixedly at the wooden plank that was previously a log while touching and making a groan.

– You do it like this, you see. Once you become used to sawing the lumber straightly and easily, you will be able to suppress the loss of wood considerably.
– Isn’t this method hard?
– As long you don’t panic or rely too much on your strength, it should be alright.

The biggest concern may be the possibility of bending or breaking the saw.
Whichever it is, it was an accident that could be prevented by using the tools carefully.
Putting aside the wooden plank, Dylan raised both of his hands.
It was as if he was trying to say ‘I give up’.

– I planned this from the beginning, but, I’ll prepare top-grade horses for you.
– Please treat me well.

This negotiation as well, was Eiji’s side’s success, is what he believed.


– Oi, for some reason, isn’t there a rattling sound on the boat?
– It may be because the cargo has loosened. Fernando-san, did you fix it properly?
– Of course. Well, go check it anyway. It will be troublesome if they fall into the river.
– I guess so.

It was noon.
As soon as the negotiation was concluded, Eiji and his comrade rode back to the river and embarked on the boat.
Currently, they were sailing downstream.

The horses presented by Dylan were swift ones which also took part in the racing.
One of them was called Yan, another one, Yun.
Both of them had chestnut coats; nevertheless, only Yan had a white head.
The two horses embarked the boat after following obediently.

Walking on the deck, Eiji headed toward the stern.
The rattling sound stopped at once, however, there was some sort of a strange presence.
Eiji touched a single luggage so as to check whether it wasn’t loosened.
This one seems to be fine. Perhaps, the ones deeper inside? – he thought.

– How is it?
– The one I’ve just check now looks fine.
– How about the rest?
– I’m checking.

Passing through the gaps between the cargo, Eiji thrusted his head into.
And then, The sight of the cargo’s inside, which was obstructed til now, appeared.

—A girl was lying upside down while sleeping.

– Eh?

Thinking ‘who it could be?’, the identity of the person became clear to Eiji after a short while.
The person with the body lying upside down faced up as she turned over while sleeping.
It is…..Fran, isn’t it?
Just why is she sleeping in such place?

Once Eiji managed to pass completely through the gaps with a trouble, he observed Fran at his feet.
It seemed that the rattling sound was due to the cargo hitting each other.
Was it because she tossed and turned many times? Her healthy belly became completely exposed together with her lovely-shaped navel.
Her girly puffs as well, peeked through, which was much sensational for Eiji.

– What’s the matter?
– No, Fernando-san, won’t you come here?
– I’m steering the boat, so it’s impossible.
– I guess so. Fran has been sleeping here.
– Could it be, that you kidnapped her?
– No way!

This is problematic….
What should I do?

In front of Eiji who was confused at the sudden turn of event, Fran warped her mouth joyfully as she mumbled in her sleep.

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Translator and reference notes:

[1]: Not 100% sure about this one.


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