Character List

This is a list of character descriptions for Ochitekita Naga to Majo no Kuni. This will be updated on an ongoing basis. Beware of Spoilers.


Naga (AKA: The Dragon King): The protagonist. He has lost his memories and was literally dropped into the middle of the witches’ problems. He is a warrior and kind of a pervert. Intelligent but silly, with a good grasp of tactics and swordsmanship. Wants to help the witches in their struggles.

Harrigan Halliway Haindora: The leader of the witches of the black forest. Uses her hair magic to fight. Controls giant puppets with her hair. Shrewd and beautiful, she cares deeply for her fellow witches. Naga dropped out of the sky into her bath and groped her, setting events into motion.

Yuki: A witch who absolutely despises men and wants to murder them as soon as she sees them. She has so far only slightly acknowledged Naga. She uses wind magic and rides on a magic board through the sky.

Lela: A small sized witch who uses talisman based magic.

Ais: A witch who uses body enhancement magic, giving her monstrous strength.

Nonoeru: A witch who looks to be 5 or 6 who uses water magic.

Selena: A witch who was stationed at the fort that was attacked.

Kei: A witch who was stationed at the fort that was attacked.

Dee: A witch of the black forest.

Cu: A witch of the black forest.

Rinne: A witch of the black forest. Sister of Rinna.

Rinna: A witch of the black forest. Sister of Rinne.

Eleonoza: A witch of the black forest..

Mimone: A witch of the black forest.

Kasandora the III: King of the Kasandora Kingdom in his late 30’s. Preparing an invasion of the witches’ lands.

Aiba: Cardinal of the Old Church and District Supervisor. In his late 20’s. Scheming and manipulative. Trying to stir Kasandora into conflict with the witches.