Chapter 2 – The Battle of Witches And Humans (Part 1)

Chapter 2 – The Battle of Witches And Humans (Part 1)

Running into the village, Naga and Lela saw several witches gathering in an open space, inside the fortification and making the smoke signal. Harrigan was standing in the center with Ais, who was making the smoke. Despite Yuuki running before them, she was nowhere to be seen.

“Ane-sama , what’s the matt-er?”
“Lela? You guys are surely late.”
“That’s because we were deep inside the fores-t.”

Lela told the lie calmly.

Her urge of wanting to learn more about other worlds, was it perhaps a matter of highest priority, which she couldn’t tell Harrigan?
Naga was in admiration for her huge knowledge greed, nevertheless, at the same time he was dumbfounded about Lela putting her desire before her friends, even if it was a little.
Still, presently, Lela was the only one to know about him peeping. Whether she would expose him or not, it was only dependant on her. Naga could only feign not to know.

“A pigeon messenger was sent from the first fort. It seems that an army of human is closing in.”

Lela had a bit of a surprised face, nevertheless, her expression didn’t change.
Did you ask….. from where the army comes fro-m?

“Hmm, they are troops of the Kasandora Kingdom. According to the message their number isn’t more than 200.”
“That’s a large number for a reconnaissan-ce.”
“True, the problem lies there.”

Making a serious face, Harrigan continued speaking.

“Till now, they have check the terrain directly under the fort, face toward it by climbing the slope, and receive our attack only to run away. – This was the routine that they keep repeating. If they really have decided to deploy as many as 200 soldiers, it probably means that Kasandora kingdom is finally serious about capturing this fort. We too have to prepare.”

Rather than asking the nearby witches for an explanation, Naga should probably talk to them about it, which will let him grasp the situation by himself.

“Right now, the ones at the fort are Selena and De-e?”

As Lela looked around at her friends’s faces, Harrigan shook her head as in saying “good grief”

“Just a while ago Yuuki returned, but once I told her that Naga went to the forest, she said that she didn’t want to see him when he came back and escaped.”’

Using her elbow, Lela occasionally thrusted Naga’s side.

“That was quite lucky, wasn’t i-t?”
”It…seems so.”

Seeing both Naga and Lela exchanging a conversation between each other, Harrigan became concerned, nevertheless, she made up her mind thinking that it wasn’t the right time for that.

“My other daughters have probably seen the smoke signal and are coming back, but it’s not possible for me to call back the ones that are stuffed inside the others forts. I can’t exclude the possibility that human soldiers might reach the other places.”

Also, Harrigan added only to herself.

(I have to pay attention to the movements of the others witch clans as well.)

“For the time being, we can only depart with the people we have now. Please hasten yourself and prepare.”

Once Harrigan ordered, the four people that were in front of her run away from the open space like rabbits.
Even Ais, who launched the smoke signal said.

“I too, should prepare for the battle.”

Saying that, she left the space.

“I too will prepa-re.”

After Lela ran, only Naga and Harrigan were left.

Looking over the place where everyone had left, she sighed.

(Recently, the humans forces have become quite active. Can we push them back like we have done till now….? No, it’s not the right time for pondering over that. I too, have to make preparations.)

Seeing that Harrigan was about to leave to the residential building, Naga called her to halt.

“Hey, Harrigan.”

(Ah, that’s right. I completely forgot about this guy.)

Once she turned around, her sight met with Naga’s.

(Well then, what should I do? I can’t certainly bring him to the battle, so..)

Toward Harrigan, who had a thoughtful face, Naga said something unexpected.

“It seems that there’s going to be a battle. At any rate, won’t you take me with you?”

“No, but…”

“I told you already, but I want to return the favor of a night’s lodging and a meal. If you, who rescued me, are going to fight, then of course I’m going to help you.”

Despite saying so, there was no tension appearing on his face. At that point, Harrigan decided to give him a warning.

“It will be dangerous?”

“I’m used to fighting. I can’t recall much of detail, but there is no doubt I’ve experience of wars thanks to countless battles. That’s why, you don’t need to worry.”

“…….Is that so. Indeed, leaving you alone here will be much more insecure.”
“I’m thankful for having you worried about me, but…”

Harrigan shook her head as if she were saying “that’s not it.”

“Rather than worrying about you, I’m more worried whether you won’t assault
the children that are left here.”
“About that?! that’s what worries you?!”

Harrigan reciprocated with a stern expression at Naga, who shouted.

“Suddenly falling from the sky, then groping and rubbing a person’s breasts. Don’t you think it is natural for me to be worried about my daughters by leaving you alone?”

Naga moaned and became stiff.

“N, no, that’s you see, how should I put it, after being thrown into an unknown world, wouldn’t you be confused, bewildered, or agitated? Don’t you think? Anyone would act unpredictably after ending in such a situation.”
“So while being confused you jumped straight onto my breasts and groped them?”


Harrigan looked at Naga, who had a cold sweat while becoming stiff, with her cold eyes.


He suddenly bowed down.

“How should I say, because your breasts were charming, I suddenly wanted to grope them.”


Harrigan spouted a light laugh unintentionally.

“That’s because they had a nice shape, a nice tone, and were big. They were a kind of charming breasts that you wouldn’t think that exist in this world. Having such splendid things in front of one’s eyes, if it’s any man, anyone would want to touch them, grope them, rub them. I mean, there’s no man that wouldn’t do it. That’s why….”
“Ah… I get it. It’s fine so be silent. Hearing you makes me feel embarrassed and unable to stand still.”

Despite her interrupting Naga, Harrigan, who was red faced, didn’t seem to be that much displeased.

“Setting that aside.”

After coughing once, Harrigan returned back to the topic.

“If you say you want to come, that’s probably fine.”

(Well, I don’t think you will become much of help, but…rather than saying so)

Harrigan narrowed her eyes and stared at Naga.

“Don’t become a burden.”

Naga threw out his chest and replied.

“You don’t have to tell me that.”
“Then, come with me.”


In front of Harrigan’s residence, Naga waited for her battle preparations to be done.
Of course, he was wearing the clothes that he had since he came here, however, despite wearing his own clothes, Naga couldn’t wipe the strange feeling of something missing..
(As expected, with my left waist being empty, it doesn’t feel right. I wonder if I can have my weapon back.)
While moving in front of the building without any calmness, the door opened and Harrigan went out.

“Sorry for making you wait.”
“No, I wasn’t waiting that… long!?”

Seeing Harrigan’s appearance, Naga couldn’t hide his surprisement.

She wasn’t wearing any armor or helmet. What she wore was a long ancient clothing, similar as the one before. In additiont, she was carrying on her back some kind of cloth toolbag but, besides it, Naga was unable to find out any changes.

Rather than that, if one was to take a closer look, it seemed that the long skirt she wore became thinner in comparison with before. Furthermore, the notches in her skirt’s hemp were much higher and reached her waist area. Her seductive bare legs, which peeked from the gaps between the notches, were no different, however, its area increased. The area around her neck was covered, but since the material that did so was thin, her bulged chest became much more emphasized, which gave out a nice feeling. It wasn’t the outfit of someone that is now about to go to battle at all, or at least it wasn’t possible for Naga’s common sense. With this, won’t she sustain a lethal injury if she becomes hit by a single stray arrow?

Not with surprisement, but rather with a dumbfounded face he run his sight through Harrigan’s body. Once he did so, she noticed his sight and directed at him a stern expression.

“Hm? You, even though we are about to set for a battle, you are still obstinately appreciating my chests? Ain’t you quite composed?”

“That’s wrong!”

Naga shook his head as if he’s saying, that’s not it.

“You too, despite we are going to a battle, how can you wear that outfit?”

Being told so, Harrigan looked down her body.

“Hm? Is there anything weird?”
“It does. Why won’t you wear an armor or anything like that? At this rate, you won’t be able to fight with swords. Far from that, won’t you die being shot with a bow?”
“…Ah, so it’s that?”

Harrigan finally understood what Naga wanted to say.

“I still haven’t talked to you about the magic in more detail.”
“Magic? Is is somewhat related with that thin outfit?”
“It does. Magic is in other words, our way of fighting.”

Making a dubious face, Naga cocked his head in puzzlement.

“In other words, we neither fight with swords with humans in the frontline nor we shot using bows. That’s because metal diminishes our magic power. It becomes a hindrance when using magic. That’s why we don’t wear metal-made armors and so does in case of metal-attributed weapons. As for clothing, we will only wear the thinnest one that doesn’t obstruct our magic power as much as possible.”

Naga still cocked his head with a curious face.

“In case we needed to make the most of our magic, being nude would be the best method, however, there’s no way for us to do so? Because, already wearing this thin outfit…..hey, you.”

Having a lewd look on his face, Naga hurriedly returned back to himself.

“ W, what? “
“Just now, weren’t you thinking about indecent things?“

*shaking shaking*

Naga shook his head left and right with all of his power, nevertheless, Harrigan would direct at him a sight full of suspicion.

Trying to somehow return to the topic, Naga threw a question.

“Then, how do you intend to fight?“
“Well, you’ll understand it if you see it.“
“Is that so? Well then, I’ll allow myself to observe and learn slowly. Well leaving that aside, you aren’t going to say that you plan to attack with only the people that was on the open space, right?”
“I didn’t say so.”
“I think you’re right.”

Naga breathed a sigh of relief.

“Some of my daughters should come running from the forest.“

– Some!? Then, even if we joined together, wouldn’t we be less than 10 people!?

“I too, am thinking about wanting to have just a bit more of people.“

Naga had a mixed expression between amazed and miserable.

“Hey, a war is about number rather than quality. There are about 200 enemies right? And you intend to fight them with having just 10 people?“
“It can’t be helped. That’s because we only have this much of fighting power.“
“Till now it has been like that?“
“That’s right.“
“You have been quite able to repel the enemy’s offense. “
“That’s because you don’t know about our strength nor our method of fighting. ”
“You seem to be quite self-confident. “

Harrigan slightly smiled. Was it a smile of being proud, or was it a self-mockery? Naga couldn’t judge that.

“Despite that, presently we are holding back the humans’ invasion with all our strength. Because their number seems to have increased a little this time, according to our reconnaissance, there’s a chance that it might become a real combat. I feel a bit anxious about that. but well, if it’s just pushing them back, we can somehow manage. “

Naga held an expression that said that he still didn’t understand.

“Once you see it with your own eyes, you will know.“
“Ah, got that. I’ll watch carefully your gallant figure.”
“Well then, it’s fine for you to tag me along.“

Naga called out to Harrigan, who said that with an appearance full of confidence while turning her back.

“Speaking of which, Harrigan. The weapon which you took away from me, won’t you return it back to me?“
“Hm, is that so? That’s right. It will be bad to ho have tag along to a battlefield without any weapon. All right, wait there. I’ll bring it back to you right away.“

Harrigan went into the house and brought back Naga’s weapon in her hand, which was hidden inside her study room.

Receiving the sword from her hand, Naga put it in gladly on his waist belt.

“Ohh, this is it, this. As expected, without this guy I won’t be at peace of heart,“
“Fufun, you’re saying it as if it is part of your body.“

“Saying part of my body is an exaggeration, but somehow it feels insecure being unarmed. This sword…no…a sword?“

Naga cocked his head.

“That’s wrong. this is not a sword.“ (Naga)
“Ha? If it doesn’t, then what it should be?“
“This is….this is…this is, that, that’s right, I remembered! This is a katana!“
“KATANA? Is that the name of your weapon?“
“Name—? Did this weapon have a name—-?….That’s right, it should be fine if you consider it as a type of sword with that name.“

Harrigan smiled.

“I don’t quite get it, but let’s say I understood. Rather than that, you were able to recall its name, weren’t you?“
“Yeah, I recalled.“
“Do you remember anything else apart from that?“

Naga’s radiant face quickly turned into a depressed one.

“No…it’s still no good.“
“Well, you don’t have to be so discouraged. Even if it as just a single memory, won’t you be able to remember other things later?“
“….you’re right, but will I be able to wait patiently?“

Since then, excluding Harrigan, 10 young witches with appearances of being in their teens had gathered at the village’s plaza. Their appearance were completely inconsistent and none of them had an armor.
Everyone wore thin clothes similar to Harrigan’s with lots of exposed area. There were even those wearing less than her.
Will they be really fine with that outfit – Naga was surprised which wasn’t unjustifiable for him as their clothing was basically different from what he would intuitively know. he wasn’t not just be surprised but also felt the sense of danger. Once he looked with anxiety over the gathered witches, his sight met Yuuki’s.

As expected, when it comes to a sortie with everyone, she too, had to set out without being able to refuse seeing Naga.

Yuuki too, wore similar clothes to the one the other witches had, which was thin and had lots of skin exposure. Her body lines were visible. Once Naga took a glance at her appearance, it couldn’t be helped for him to refresh the memory of seeing her completely naked during the bathing time.

(That was…indeed pretty.)

Nevertheless, the girl looked towards him, which didn’t hide her feeling of disgust and hatred, and slightly moved her lips. He couldn’t hear what she said, however, thanks to Lela’s charm attached on the back of his neck, he was able to grasp it somehow in the back of his brain.


Yuuki, who said it as if about to spit it out, looked at Naga as if at a filthy object with her scorning eyes and turned away.

(I’m being quite hated, am I?)

Naga smiled wryly inside his heart.

(Well, in the first place. I was a person that was disdained, I…speaking of which, no…was that so? I’ve the feeling it was like that…)

Somehow feeling that his unpleasant memories were about to emerge, Naga moved his sight from Yuuki and thinked in another thing.

No only the young witches were present at the plaza but also children from the hidden village appeared in the fortification.

“Hey Harrigan, you aren’t really planning on bringing those small children right?”

Seeing Naga paying attention to 3 girls of about 10 years old, Harrigan shook her head as in saying “Of course not“.

“Those children are still too young to go to a war. I’ll have them staying here.“
“Hearing that, I feel relieved.“

Harrigan faced towards the 3 children.

“Stay here and watch over this place obediently. We will be back after 2 to 3 days. You know how to prepare meals, right? Once the other daughters come back, tell them to leave at least two people in this fortification. In case something happens, send us a pigeon, but pay attention when dealing with them at the dovecote. If you deem this place to be dangerous, run away as fast as you can to the village, got that?“

Harrigan told them. Was it because they were used to such a situation? The children nodded at Harrigan’s words without showing fear, hesitation or noise.
Ain’t they brave, or so – Naga thought while greatly admiring them.
Naga had the feeling like the memories of his country at war slightly resurfaced on his mind.
He remembered that over there battle was a daily occurrence, that death was sitting side by side everyday, and that the women and children, those who were viewed as weak, lived each day in fear.

( Naturally, the women here seem to be combatants, however, I’ve the feeling like the aspect of war here is different with the one I know from my world. Even if it’s true, how do they intend to fight in that outfit? )

With the memories of his own war experience being faint, Naga couldn’t recollect in detail about the fighting methods, nevertheless, it was hard for him to accept the scene before his eyes no matter what he would do. Such was his intuition, or rather, it couldn’t be helped for him to feel that it was not right. Naga had the feeling that it wasn’t different from his previous world, where he would feel aroused before the battle, despite him being accompanied by sense of discomfort and doubt, which took precedence over his other feelings.

Exaltation and resignation, obligation and expectation, fear and joy.

Such contrary feelings were shaking his soul.

On the other hand, he would feel himself calm.
He wasn’t fighting for the sake of a war, but rather, he was fighting to win.
Despite Naga being shook by his zealous soul, he stared at the witches, who were making preparations for the battle in the plaza, with his calm eyes.


“Everyone, are you all prepared? Let’s go!”
“Yes, Big sis.“ (everyone)

Together with Harrigan, Naga, Ais, Lela and Yuuki, went off to battle. Besides them, there were four other witches – Selena, Dee, Kay and Northa. In total there were 8 people.

(She said about 5, 6 people being in the forest, but, at this rate, won’t it become 12,13 people? Even if there are several people at the fort, at the end there’s only several people. How do they intend to fight the enemy of 200? What’s more, with that outfit. Perhaps it’s her usual way of doing things since Harrigan seemed to be much confident, nevertheless…no, wait a bit.)

Being trapped inside a big question, Naga unintentionally stopped his feet and called out to Harrigan’s back, who tried to run out from the fort.

“Hey, Harrigan. Don’t you guys have horses?”

Harrigan stopped and turned around as she answered curtly.

“We don’t.”

Not expecting this kind of answer from Harrigan, Naga felt dejected inside his heart and piled up his question.

“Why don’t you have horses?”
“It’s difficult to tame wild horses, and we don’t have spare time for that.”
“In that case, wouldn’t it be better to buy them?”
“Do you think humans, who are hostile against us, will sell us horses?”

Being asked back made Naga lost at words.

“Long time ago, there used to be wandering people who would help us by selling horses, nevertheless, now they rarely visit this place.First of all, riding a horse is hard, especially, in a forest like this. Considering the danger of falling off from the horse, it would be better to run using your own feet.”
“Is that so? It’s because it’s this kind of forest that I believe that traveling with a horse would be much faster.”
“Is it because you don’t want to run?”
”Uh, w-well, I won’t deny that aspect, but…”
“You are such a weakling.”
“No, in my world it was common to ride horses….probably.”
“Here it’s common to run using one’s own feet, so Give up.”
“Ah, is that so? Got that.”

No matter how deep is the forest, Naga thought it might take a moment or two to get out the forest while running along with the witches, nevertheless, he was greatly mistaken.


“At this rate, won’t it take us half a day till we get out the forest!?”

Since they went out of the fort at noon, it seemed as though they needed just a bit till they reach the end of the forest, nevertheless, the day was already turning to deep night. Harrigan made a break several times, despite that, Naga still gasped for breath.
Compared to him, Harrigan was composed without showing any tiredness nor sweating. The other witches were the same.

(For him to make this much noise over such trifle thing. Should I have perhaps made Ais carry him on her back from the beginning?)

While thinking so, Harrigan looked at him coldly.

“It’s thanks to this deep forest that humans cannot easily invade our territory.”
“It seems to be so…but you are really good walkers. Even my body should be quite trained, but…”

Bending forward and putting his hand on his laps, Naga was desperately catching his breath.

“Haahn! You’re just a weakling. Despite just saying that with that energic mouth of yours, in reality you are just a weak, gutless, frail and lazy big idiot.”

As if taking the opportunity, Yuuki abused Naga with as many jeers as she wanted to say.
In spite of her getting carried away and him wanting to retort her, Naga didn’t have the energy to retort back.
As expected, a horse was required. What’s more, if a half day is needed to reach the fort, then they probably won’t make it in time for a war. Because Naga thought so, he asked Harrigan.

“Hey, if it took this much time, wouldn’t the fort fall before you could even reach?”
“No, it wouldn’t happen. We have been especially careful whenever human soldiers would reach the fort. That’s why till now we haven’t had many problems. In the first place, even now, the human soldiers wouldn’t try too hard in taking down this fortification. They would approach whenever they saw an opportunity, nevertheless, once we attacked them, they would retreat so as not to sustain big damages.”
“Hmm, so it was like that?”
“Probably they were measuring our war potential. What’s more there’s a lot of craftsmanship implemented in the fort, which are based on magic, however, they didn’t seem to be used. That would be the proof that the enemy has so far been focusing on scouting the surrounding of the fort. Naturally, this time unlike before, I’m a little bit worried about their increase, but..”

Even if being told about the magic craftsmanship, Naga probably couldn’t understand.

Despite not having concrete memories, Naga knew about instances where the overwhelmed side that tried to protect a fort would repel the onslaught of the bigger army, as long they had enough time for preparations. It was something based on his experience. For example, by throwing lumber and stones on the enemy army, or pouring boiled water and oil. It would probably be similar to the magic craftsmanship.

“Well, I don’t quite get it, but I got it.”
“Again that? As always it suits you.”
“Please don’t say it that harshly.”

Naga refuted while straightening his lower back and clapping his hands together.

“That’s fine already. So there’s some distance left?”
“Yeah, even with your pace, it should take less than a moment to leave the forest. The fort is ahead of that.”
“….how much do you mean by saying ‘ahead of that’?”
“Don’t worry. It’s just in front of your eyes.”

Not being afraid of what others may think, Naga breathed a sigh of relief.

Seeing that, Harrigan smiled a bit.

(Indeed, he’s an honest guy. that part of him is likeable, still, to be out of breath after making this far, he won’t be able to live here. Guess, I’ve to train him a little bit more.)

The other witches, apart from Lela, had faces which didn’t seem to admire. Rather than that, perhaps they deliberately ignored that fact. Nevertheless, there was one, who would treat him as a fool, unlike Harrigan – that was Yuuki whose smiled appeared on her face.

“Well then, let’s go.”

Holding a torch, Harrigan took the lead and started running again. The other witches followed her with Naga, who was desperately trying to catch up, being the last. Next to him, Ais was holding a torch while running, so as to match his Naga’s pace.
While thinking that collapsing here would disgrace him forever, Naga forcefully cheered himself up and finished running the remaining distance. Just as Harrigan said, it didn’t take a moment till the thickly dense trees would lower their height, finally, making the forest end abruptly.


There was a precipitous cliff in front of the forest that ended, its angle was almost close to being perpendicular.
A small fort was built in the slightly opened area, between the cliff and the forest. Apart that single place, there was a cliff stretching immediately in front of the forest.

The terrain gave the impression of a chunk of land being cut off with a big nata, nevertheless, the front of the fortification was not consisting of only cliff but also a slope. It gave the impression as if a giant pressed a small mountain against the cliff, making half of the mountain sink and bury into the cliff. It was a steep slope, but not like the precipice that extended left and right. If people were to think about climbing it, they would probably be able to.

The witches’ fort was built in a place which made it possible for them to control the base of the slope.

Naga thought that the impression of the thickly dense forest would turn into one of the lowlands, however, contrary to that, it was a highland, which made him surprised.

Once he looked around the surrounding of the fort, the figures of two witches appeared on the other side. Because there was a small gap in the wooden fence, which surrounded the fort, one could peek inside. The two young witches that appeared took off the big bar from the gate and opened it. Compared to the size of this fort, it was a big gate that was improper for it.

With Harrigan at the lead, the other witches entered inside the fort. Naga too, followed them as he set foot on the fort.

Once he entered inside, the fort was much smaller that what he anticipated. It was 1, 2 sizes smaller than the fortification number 3. Inside the fort, there were only simplistic, wooden-made buildings, similar to a residence and storehouse. If one were to say what was noticeable for the fort, it would be the inside of the wooden fence and the highly constructed watchtower, which looked down at the cliff.

And then, there were just 3 people packed inside this fort.

It was small number of people, which could be hardly called reinforcement, but, once they entered, Ais put the bar back on the gate.

Harrigan introduced the witches of the first fort to Naga.

The two of them were sisters – Linne and Linna, who had identical looks. As expected, they were lightly dressed just like the other witches, which didn’t make them seem to be the ones who should be packed inside the fort, on the frontline. They weren’t surprised at the arrival of Naga, Harrigan and the others, as they should have received the homing pigeon containing the beforehand report, nevertheless, they had the appearance of being immensely curious about first time seeing a man, not to mention coming from another world.

“What’s the state of the human army?”

After being asked by Harrigan, one of the sisters replied. Despite being just introduced to, Naga couldn’t tell who was Linne and who was Linna.

“It seems that a troop which was sent ahead is gathered at the bottom of the slope. Once dawn arrives, they will probably climb it. Right now, Cu is looking over from top.”
“There’s still some time till dawn. Shall we climb the watchtower as well? Lela and Linna, come with me.”

Because Harrigan said so, Naga asked her.

“Is it fine for me to climb as well?”
“I don’t mind. Follow me”

Harrigan faced toward him and nodded.

“Ais and others go take that out. After you do it, go rest in your rooms. And once it’s dawn, we’ll mobilize.”

Leaving that message, Harrigan moved toward the ladder to climb the watchtower.

As soon as he noticed, there was no sign of Yuuki. Perhaps after entering the fort, she moved straight to the place where Naga wouldn’t see her, like the residence building or inside the warehouse. Harrigan, who as well seemed to notice, didn’t say anything in particular and placed her hands on the ladder. Following her, Rinne and Lela continued, with Naga being the last to climb, but..

Once he looked up, a scene which would be hardly described in words, unfolded in front of his eyes. Be it long or short, everyone was wearing skirts. And then if you add a perpendicular ladder, it was completely visible. the area from their buttocks to the waist cloth.

Seeing that superb view, Naga’s eyes lit up.

(The girls here, besides from having quite open clothes, they’re energetic to the extent of being scary. Well, if they’re fine with that, I somehow can’t say anything, but….)

Without restraints nor mercy, Naga shifted his sight up while climbing the perpendicularly furnished ladder.

Though Naga looked up directly, no one said anything. Was it because they weren’t aware of his sight? or because their attention was focused on the human’s assaulting troop? Whichever reason it was, for Naga it was an unexpected luck.

Once he stood on the platform of the watching tower, Harrigan was in front of him while standing in front of the constructed handrail and looking down below her eyes.

‘Despite it being so dark that nothing can be seen, could it be that the witches are able to see in the dark?’, or so Naga suspected.

The name of the witch standing next to Harrigan and pointing below was probably Cu. The girl, whose whole body was coiled with fine leather belts, had a quite stimulating appearance. The belts covered her vital parts, or perhaps, one could say there was nothing else to cover besides her vital parts. Despite that, her appearance was way too stimulating for Naga, who came from another world. As soon as he opened widely his eyes and directed them at Cu, she turned around, as if noticing his glance, making both of their sight meet each other.

Once he looked at her while panicking and trying to avert his eyes, Cu bowed down toward him with a serious expression on her face.


Raising his hand collectedly, Naga too bowed back to her.


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    Hey I want to thank you for the translation loving this story.

    Just a point of interest surprisement is not a word in English. Amazement can be used in every place surprisement appears. Amazement is thE feeling of great surprise or wonder.


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