New website announcement; Seiun wo kakeru ch. 89 &90

Hello Minna 😀

First of all, I’d like to apologize for not updating anything (from my side) during this whole week. Had to face lots of ups and downs – dealing with a proxy seller company that attempted to scam me, asking for a refund from a hosting company that made me wait a week to register my domain while offering me a control panel with bullsh*t interface and useless management tools, and then, searching for the right hosting company with no hidden cost (real pain in ass).

While we are talking about hosting, I’m pleased to tell you I’ve just finished customizing a new website, the name of which is

New chapters will be updated there from now on, but I’ll keep this site to redirect you and because it doesn’t cost me anything. Hope, you will enjoy its slightly improved look 😀

Oh, and here you have 2 new Seiun – ch. 89 & 90



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Ochi Vol 4 Chapter 5

So yeah, it’s finally here guys, chapter 5 which concludes this volume 4 of Ochi. You can read it HERE. Again, apologies for the huge delay. Hopefully, things will improve from now on.

Also, we’re still looking for English proficient editors. If you’re one and wants to help us, you’re welcome to contact me:

Credits: Me/Ace/Dual

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If anyone is not receiving updates and notifications about posts and pages, please go to
Hachidori Translations and Subscribe or Follow to receive updates and notifications on new chapters and content!

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Migrating subscribers from koreyori

Hi minna. Just to let you know, I’ll allow myself to migrate all subscribers from this page to, since I figured out how to add the bluish button on non-wordpress website. Thanks for your attention. 😀

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Ochitekita V3 C4 (part 1)

More plot, more Ecchi. Here’s V3 C4 p1 of Ochita 😀

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Humans are the Strongest Race Chapter 6

You know the drill……..It’s me Weslykan once more….

In the future there may be a way to get me to do extra chapters for the week….but not yet.

This is the Final Chapter  for this week and next week when I go on vacation.

Enjoy it 😀 Here’s Chapter 6

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Humans are the Strongest Race Chapter 5

Counting down to my vacation….. this chapter I did everything so if you see anything that doesn’t look right please say so and I’ll check!

Also if you like this story take a look at Light Novels Translations where I just started translating My House is a Magic Power Spot.

Without further ado, Here’s Chapter 5!

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