Ochitekita volume 3 chapter 1 part 1

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The head of Sraymeyer household, Vita, lived in a fort inside the black forest.
Ais and Lela travelled there with the intention of visiting her.
The path which they both walked inside the forest was well maintained, and it wasn’t that hard to move on it.
The two of them wore their usual thin clothes.
Ais guessed that meeting Vita would be a difficult task by itself, however, as soon as they stepped into Sraymeyer’s territory, one of their members, Elysione, appeared.
Both of them were previously acquainted so, once Ais told her the reason that they’d come, Elysione promptly answered to their request as predicted. Still, there was one thing that took them by surprise.
“That’s because Mother said that you would be contacting us soon. Like that, she’s been waiting there.”

Or something like that?

Ais and Lela looked at each other’s face unconsciously.

“So she anticipated we would come talk to her because we had won the battle against Kasandora’s ar-my….?”

As Lela whispered, Ais nodded as if saying ‘I see’.

“Right now, Mother is at the 2nd fort. I was told to bring you there, were you to come. I’ll guide you, so you may follow me.”

Saying so, Elysione turned aside adroitly and walked into the dark forest.

Ais and Lela looked at each other’s face once more.

“Vita-san who’s known to be a sourpuss is being way too upfront. I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”
“Ais, I think it’s better not to….”

Elysione stopped and turned around, staring at Ais.

“I can hear you, Ais.”
“Yes? About what?”
“This girl…”

Elysione glared at her for a while, then finally sighed and loosened her expression.

“Well, I guess it’s fine. Even I can’t deny that aspect about Mother. Rather, I’d agree with you.”

Speaking her mind, Elysione looked around hurriedly.

“But don’t tell that to Mother.”

Ais cracked a smile and replied.

“Obviously, I won’t, Elysione. After all, I don’t want both of us to be killed.”
“…..Follow me.”

Turning around once more, she continued to walk. Ais and Lela followed her.


Elysione led them and reached one of Sraymeyer’s forts, Ais and Lela were then guided into Vita’s residence, the inside of which, made them look about curiously.
Even if it was the residence of a clan, it was a basic construction similar to a hut with erected pillars.
Elysione stood in the doorway and announced:

“Mother, I’ve brought with me Harrigan-dono’s messengers, just as you told me.”

As she called out loudly, a languid voice responded.

“Who are the messengers?”
“It’s Ais and Lela.”

“Fufun. To think that Harrigan would send those two, it seems like she’s serious this time. Fine, you may enter.”

Elysione opened the door and urged them both to enter.

“Forgive me for interrupting, Vita-san.”
“Excuse me for distur-bing you.”

Ais and Lela stepped inside the building.
What they saw was a spacious living room. The room had a transparent glass ceiling and wooden walls. It was no different from the residence of Ais and the rest.
The windows in the room were closed with wooden shutters.
From the inside, two candles were burning on candle stands, however, their flame was weak, making the room dimly lit.
Vita was laying on her side on a thick mattress on top of a raised step inside the room.
Besides her, there was one more witch who acted as her lap pillow.

“I apologize for neglecting to remain in contact, Vita-san.”

As they both bowed down in front of her, Vita suddenly sat up.

“Ahh, long time no see.”

Vita, who was wearing a cute outfit that matched her small body, beckoned Ais and Lela to come closer.

Once they did so, Vita directed her sight toward the witch
next to her.

“Dora, bring those two folding stools.”
“Yes, Mother.”

The girl who stood up wore a long dress with multiple notches.
She wasn’t as tall as Elysione, however, her body lines were refined and her curves looked much clearer than Elysione’s. Unlike her, Elysione wore a long, loose mantle, which made it harder to grasp her body lines.
The girl called Dora lined up the stools on the floor.

“Thank you very much.”
“Ais, you better sit gently.”
“Otherwise, the stool will break if you sit violently.”

*Snap* – Ais’ face became stiff.

“No no, I, there’s no way that I’m that heavy.”
“Is that so? Then I guess it’s fine.”

(As always, she’s one rude person)

Hiding this thought inside her heart, Ais carefully sat.

As soon as Lela did the same, Dora and Elysione secured their places on either side of Vita.
Vita, who sat cross-legged on the thick mattress, fixed her eyes on Ais.
It was a sharp look that didn’t suit her child-like face and her small body.

“Before I ask you about the purpose of your arrival…. answer me this one question, Ais. Is it true that there’s a man in your group?”

Being questioned by Vita, Ais smiled positively and replied.

“There’s a single man by our side, but I’m not sure whether it’s accurate to describe him as a human guy.”

Vita narrowed her eyes and directed them at Ais. A dangerous light was dwelling inside them.

“What? What do you mean by saying so? I don’t much like people that express themselves in riddles.”
“No, that’s not a riddle, Vita-san.”
“Then what?”
“Naga-san, he’s……”

As Ais was about to speak, Vita interrupted.

“What about the Dragon King?”

“It’s that person’s name.”
“Dragon King? Isn’t it quite a proud name?”

Ais continued to speak while ignoring Vita’s banter.

“In the end, is Naga-san a human guy or not? It’s still not clear for us…. This is what I mean.”

Vita slightly tilted her head.

“I don’t get it. If he’s not a human guy, then what are you saying he is?”
“Perhaps… he might be the Dragon King just like his name implies.”

Once Ais said so with a prim look, Vita opened widely her eyes.

“It could be as well…. that he’s a messenger sent by the Dragon King.”
“Are you, sane…?”

Ais suddenly smiled.

“It may be that I’m not. To think that we could even consider facing Kasandora’s army of 2000 with barely 20 people while hoping that we could win…”

That’s it! – Vita clapped her hands together.

“In other words, that man, named Naga, was the one who guided you through the previous battle?”
“Yes, I think it’s fine to have you think that way.”

Vita leaned slightly forward and said.

“Why is someone like him at your place? How did you repel Kasandora’s army that consisted of 2000 soldiers? Let me hear in detail.”
“Yes, that would be—-”


Ais briefly explained the whole story from when Naga appeared till the present to Vita.
Listening to her, Vita made a difficult face while folding up her arms, but,

“….And well, this is how it went.”
As soon as Vita finished listening to Ais’ explanation, she slightly groaned and looked fixedly at her.

“Talking about things like a man suddenly falling from the sky…. I know you’re not the type of girl who would joke or say things on a whim, but it’s a story that is hard for me to believe.”
“I guess so. Not even we would have thought about winning against an army consisting of 2000 soldiers.”

“Right? Even so, this style of fighting is strange for both humans and witches. But….hm?”

Vita, who tilted her head while folding up her arms, suddenly raised her head.

“And what’s the reason for you visiting our place on this occasion…?”
“Yes, that’s right. We came here as Naga-san’s messengers.”
“Hou hou, interesting. That Naga person, what does he want to convey to us?”
“Then, I shall pass on Naga-san’s words.”

After she coughed at once deliberately, Ais corrected her sitting posture.

“In order to create a new world where both the witches and the humans can live in peace and harmony with each other, won’t you join us in fighting together?’ In other words, joining together with Harrigan’s Clan.”



Vita became speechless.
That’s because the content of Naga’s words was far from rational.

(Not for defending the black forest nor driving away the human army, he wants me to join him in……creating a new world? That man, is he sane?)

“Do you think these are nonsensical words coming from a lunatic? Or perhaps just a random dream of a man who came from another dimension and possesses no knowledge regarding this world?”

At this question, Vita lifted up her head and gazed at Ais in front of her. As she did so, their eyes met.

“…..Well, is this a joke, a dream, or maybe a realistic idea? I want to meet this man.”

Ais’ expression broke out into a smile.

“Yes, we too thought about having you meet and discuss things with Naga-san.”
“What’s the date for that?”
“Since it’s best to do it as soon as possible, how about tomorrow?”
“I don’t mind. And the place will be?”
“We shall visit you here.”
“Is that so? Then, tomorrow… that’s right, how about at noon?”
“Fine, then we would be happy to.”
“Yeah, I’ll be waiting for you.”

“Speaking of which” – Vita lowered her face and gazed toward Lela who sat next to Ais.

“Haven’t you been quite silent for a while, Lela?”
“That’s because I’m not that good in dealing with conversations.”
“Kukuku, is that so? Then, will you answer me this one question? How do you see that guy named Naga? Does he look like the Dragon King to you?”
“Not sure whether or not he’s the Dragon King, bu-t, at least I believe he isn’t someone from this world.”
“Fumu. I want to give that person some thorough questioni…no, I remember you mentioned about him losing his memories.”
“Y-es. But once he regains them, we plan to question him thoroughly about the world he came fro-m.”

Kukuku – Vita laughed pleasantly.

“It would be nice to see that man regain his memory, Lela.”
“Excellent. Then, we will be waiting here for you tomorrow at noon, Ais.”
“We are looking forward to it.”

Soon after Ais bowed down, the interview concluded.

Leaving Vita’s place, Ais and Lela were on the way back to their fort.
Walking with their fast pace along a lane inside the thick forest, Ais called out to Lela.

“It went smoother than we had expected.”
“Tru-e. It seems that Vita-san took a liking to Naga-sa-n. What’s more, that woman is a witch who can understand the tru-th. Rather, among all the witches, she’s the one who possesses an eye to look towards the futu-re.”
“That’s right. She’s an ill-tempered, bigoted, and sarcastic person, but her ability to think and judge is pretty firm. In addition to that, the way she thinks is flexible.”
“Since we ain’t in the presence of that person, you can talk about what you want to your heart’s content, right Ai-s?”
“Of course you dummy. Isn’t it obvious to speak boldly about her when she isn’t around? Only complete fools would express what they think in front of the real person.”

Lela stared fixedly at Ais.

(It might be a sound argument, still…)

“But, I’m glad. I was worried about our encounter with Vita-san.”
“After all, we didn’t know what would have happene-d.”
“I worry that the talk between Vita-san and Naga-san won’t progress smoothly.”
“Why do you think s-o?”
“It feels like something is going to happen.”
“I se-e.”
“Providing Vita-san cooperates with us, we may be able to bring down Fort Ein.”

“I wonder about th-at. Won’t she get mad if Naga-san tells her about such a pipe drea-m?”
“Don’t fret. Surely, it should be okay.”
“You’re quite positive, aren’t yo-u?”

Fufu – At Lela’s retort, Ais laughed once she stopped walking and turned around.

“I have the feeling that something will happen. Look, til now, haven’t you felt at a loss, not knowing when things will start or end? But now, our vision is clear and our path has been revealed to us. Despite the other side looking dim, we can still see the future. This is how I feel.”

(It’s just as she says, bu-t….there’s no doubt about that small light of hope appearing for us, who were going down the path of destructio-n. Could it b-e….)

Lela recalled Naga’s words. About one victory being only the beginning of the next one, and about the war continuing from now on.
There may be a future of endless battles waiting ahead of the witches.
For the sake of the witches’ future, there might be those who will fight and fall.

(I wonder if everyone is aware of th-at)

Is what Lela felt a little anxious about.

When hope for the future is in sight, everyone will want to fight for it. Among the members of the Heindler Clan, who had been stagnant for a long time, a new, better life was born. Everyone’s faces were shining with newfound hope.

(This is certainly a sign of something good….I gue-ss. If this is a dream, then perhaps it would be nice for it to rema-in.)

Lela wanted to continue this dream, even if it was only for a short while.

(That’s because, I can sense a hope from watching this dre-am. For the time being, should I thank Naga-san for letting us see th-is drea-m?)

“Ara, isn’t it rare for Lela to be in good mood?”
“Eh? You think s-o?”
“That’s right. It’s not common to see you with such a happy face.”

Lela didn’t plan to change her expression, but Ais, who had sharp eyes, wouldn’t let that moment slip away. If she says so, then it’s certainly like that.

“What do you think about Naga-sa-n?”
“Eh? What are you asking all of a sudden? T-There’s no way for me to answer that straight away.”

Seeing how she flapped her hands with a blushing face, Lela again gazed fixedly at Ais.

“Uhm….that’s not what I mean. I wanted to ask whether you consider that person as the Dragon King or the messenger of the Dragon King, bu-t…..”

“Ahhh, t-that’s right. Umm……”

Ais, who stared a bit into space finally came back to herself and smiled.

“I don’t know.”
“I see.”
“But, isn’t it fine anyway?”
“I wonder if it’s really s-o.”
“That’s because whether or not that person is the Dragon King or the Dragon King’s messenger, the truth about him giving us a hope remains. Therefore, I have decided to follow that person.”
“I…..guess you’re righ-t.”

(Indeed, Ais is a strong girl.)

In this case, Lela didn’t mean Ais’ body, but her spirit.
The reason for that wasn’t merely because of Ais acting as a big sister or because of her terrific fighting strength resulting from the enhancement of her body, but her ability to brace everyone mentally. If Harrigan and Ais say they will follow Naga, then nobody among the members will oppose it.

(That’s right, even I…)

“Lela too is probably thinking that way?”

Since Ais said so while looking into her face, Lela unintentionally averted her eyes.
Lela who had difficulty with being honest then muttered:
“It’s just because I’m interested in that per-son.”

Is what she replied with.

“If that’s the case, we ought to at least follow Naga-san til he recovers his memory, right?”

Ais smiled sweetly and broadly.

“Let’s do our best.”
“Well then, let’s return back quickly and arrange an interview for Naga-san and Vita-san.”


Being accompanied by Harrigan and Ais, Naga rode his horse through the black forest toward the fort in which Vita was awaiting them.

Naga was thankful that, since they had extra time today, no one had asked him to run. Even though he was riding on a horse, Naga was reluctant to dash with all its might inside the dim forest and along an unclear path.
Apart from the 2 previously mentioned witches, Lela and one more witch, named Langeais, who was previously entrusted with the 2nd fort, tagged along with them.
The four of them went on foot. However, even their walking speed was rather fast, therefore, not having to deliberately slow his horse down was a great relief for him.

Langeais, whom he met for the first time, seemed to be older than Yuuki and Lela, but a bit younger than Ais.
She had black hair, which was rare for the witches, and a cute face. Furthermore she seemed to be an emotionless and unsociable witch. For some reason, she also gave the impression that she was a foreign person.

(Speaking of which, she seems a bit melancholic. I wonder if it’s because of her black hair.)

While thinking so, Naga recalled the time when he greeted her.

{Are you Naga? My name is Langeais. Please treat me well from now on.}

She answered simply, and no matter what, would show almost no reaction afterwards, even if Naga was to start talking to her.

“This girl, could it be that she dislikes me?”

Naga asked Ais secretly, she replied.

“I don’t think that’s the case. Langeais, has been always like that. It would be fine to say she doesn’t hold any interest toward others?”


Why did they invite such a witch to participate in the discussion with Vita? – Despite these thoughts, Naga believed that Harrigan had her own ideas about that. However, since he wasn’t in the position where he could inquire excessively about her household’s matters, Naga decided not to ask any further.

(Anyway, having an interview with the witch who controls the household of Sraymeyer is our top priority. I’d rather have Langeais take an interest and somehow cooperate with us, but…)

Before the interview started, Naga had Harrigan tell him various things about Vita.
While managing the horse reins, he asked Harrigan to once again describe Vita.


According to Harrigan…

“She’s a biased, gaudy, haughty, uncooperative, self-righteous, and spiteful person who acts according to her own whims. She’s also much older than me.”
“She has no good points at all?”

As Naga retorted, Harrigan nodded seriously.

“Umu, she doesn’t possess any.”
“You’re not denying this?”
“That’s because I’m not very fond of Vita, you see?”
“She seems like a person that’s hard to please. Doesn’t it seem like it’ll be very difficult to convince her….?”
“Well, I wonder about that.”
“What do you mean?”
“Since she’s an eccentric person, maybe she will get along with an oddball like you.”
“Please stop that. I don’t think I’m that strange.”
“I’d say that being able to calmly respond to being called an oddball is what’s strange about you.”
“*hmmm*…is that so?”
“Judging from Ais’ talk with her, it appears that Vita has taken an interest in you, so you shouldn’t be driven away. The rest will be down to luck.”
“….I guess so. Speaking of which, what type of ability does Vita possess?”
“If I were to describe that woman’s magic with few words, perhaps that would be weight control….?”
“Weight control?”

For instance….- Harrigan gave an example to Naga who seemed confused and doubtful.

“If you mention her age or something similar like that, you will most likely worsen her mood.”
“Oi, it’s indeed an unpleasant example. By the way, I’m not that thick headed.”
“That’s why it was just an illustration. Listen to me before you talk back.”
“Before you realize it, your weight will double or triple, and you won’t be able to move your body.”
“Is that true?”
“It is. Back when I was small, I’d abuse and make the children of Sraymeyer’s household cry or something along those lines. With that ability of hers, she would hold me down by sealing off my movements and slap my ass…. ah….”

Naga grinned.

“Weren’t you quite a naughty kid back then?”

Harrigan’s hair rose into the air and took the form of a big mallet.

“Don’t you think it’s in both of our best interests to forget what I said just now?”
“G, Got it. I’ll forget about it thoroughly. I heard nothing in the first place.”
“Then, it’s fine.”

Once Harrigan’s hair relaxed, Naga exhaled a sigh of relief.

“Besides, I’m more interest in that weight control, you see. Will it work on anyone? Or on multiple enemies? Can it be applied everywhere?”
“Information about how strong one’s magic is, or its range and conditions of use, are all undisclosed, especially for those from other families. Therefore, I too, am not knowledgeable about her magic.”
“I see. So it’s about weight? Weight… weight, indeed.”


Naga made such a statement, however, at that time, he had a hunch it could be used in different ways. A detailed plan didn’t cross his mind, but Naga had the feeling it could be applied for another purpose.

(This is another reason that I have to be careful about bringing her to our side.)

As he was deep in thought, they had neared their destination before he realized it.

“Naga, we’ve arrived. The fort of Sraymeyer’s clan lies in front of us.”

As soon as Naga lifted his head, he understood the forest in front of him had ended.

(Well then, I wonder what kind of woman this witch Vita is.)

Naga trembled with excitement, feeling that this interview will influence their future.


“I see, so you’re the man who holds the name of the Dragon King in jest? Indeed, you seem to look odd.”

Immediately after facing each other inside the residential building of the fort, Vita uttered those words without letting them finish their greetings.
The girl, named Vita, sat on a folding stool on a raised step. Naga and the rest who were in front of her on the lower floor were given a row of folding stools.

(You as well. Should I say you are strange, or perhaps strange-looking? Are you supposed to be older than Harrigan with that childish body?)

Despite thinking so, Naga felt it was better not to touch that topic and instead asked.

“Do I really look that odd?”

He held himself back from being insulting, however the witches to the sides of Vita became agitated.

“You, how dare you speak to Mother with that tone!”
“Did that lowly human just say something that was supposed to ridicule Mother?”

After that, Vita quickly lifted up her hand and held back her daughters.

“Stop yapping so noisily. Are you both dogs? Be silent.”
“M, My apologies, Mother.”
“Well then, shall we introduce ourselves?”

As Vita stood and spoke, Naga got up from his stool.
She threw her chest out as if projecting her flat chest.

“My name is Vita Solskjaer Sraymeyer. I’m the head of Sraymeyer’s household”
“I’m…. ah, I’m currently called Naga.”
“What’s with that ‘currently’?”
“Forgive me. I think you’ve already heard about me, but I’ve lost my memories from before I fell into this world. The only thing I remember is my own name.”
“And that would the one….. called Naga?”

Fufun – As she laughed through her nose and sat, Naga and the rest reseated themselves as well.

“Then, Naga, it appears that the Heindler Household has gained victory over 2000 soldiers from Kasandora’s army thanks to your strategy, but is that true?”
“Saying that it was thanks to my strategy isn’t quite correct.”
“Hou? Then how did you win against their forces?”
“That’s because Harrigan and the rest followed my plan, you see.”

(Is he trying to emphasize his own achievement? Is he a confident person? Or perhaps just a self-conceited fool?)

is what Vita thought, however, she wouldn’t reveal that.

“Harrigan, aren’t you blessed with excellent daughters?”

What Vita uttered seemed to be sarcastic words toward Harrigan, but nevertheless, Harrigan couldn’t tell if they were sarcastic or not from her tone. The girls who sat next to Vita’s side made a dissatisfied expression.

“Then, Dragon King, what’s your business with us? I hope you didn’t come just to boast about your victory. What kind of talk do you wish to have with us?”
“Well, it’s true that I want to boast about myself some, but let’s leave that aside.”

Naga fixed his gaze on Vita as she came to grips with the man in front of her.

Vita noticed a strong will burned in his eyes. No element of anxiety, fear, or hesitation could be felt from them.

(This guy, despite being a human, doesn’t fear witches? What’s more, he’s surrounded by this many. No matter how well he’s acquainted with Harrigan and the rest, for him to be this bold….. Could this guy really be from another world…?)

Ignoring her unrestrained and possibly rather rude gaze, Naga spoke powerfully.

“So you said you’re Vita, right? The head of Sraymeyer’s household.”
“Won’t you join together with us in making a new world where both the witches and humans can coexist, Vita-san?”

Fufun – Vita again laughed under her nose.

“I heard about it from Ais, who requested an audience with me the other day, but it’s quite an ambitious ideal of yours. No, rather than saying ‘ambitious’, shouldn’t I say ‘reckless’? It would be magnificent for such a world to exist, still, isn’t it just an impractical theory you came up with while sitting around? Just how on earth do you plan to carry out such a grand plan? Do you think it’ll happen once you’ve won a single war? If so, you’re just a simpleton.”

Listening to Vita’s tirade, Naga became both astonished and pleased at the same time. That’s because he once again understood the reason why people said Vita had an eye for predicting the future.

“That’s right, it’s just like you say. My aim isn’t just a half-hearted plan that will finish with a few victories, and I know that.”

At Naga’s reply, Vita became surprised.
(Is he trying to come up with an explanation after hearing what I just said?!)

“Then, what type of plan did you come up with for realizing this ideal of yours?”
“First, we are going to establish a country of witches in which I’m going to implement my ideals.”

Vita started to say something as she moved her lips; nevertheless, she made up her mind and didn’t say anything, then urged Naga to continue speaking while folding her hands.

“Once we establish the country and gain a proper populace, the extent of its territory will continue to increase. Obviously, this won’t be simple. We will have to fight many great battles. However, that’s a trivial matter as long as we are victorious. The real problem lies in increasing the population and the size of the territory. The witches will be the ones to control the populace, and our success will depend on whether or not they can govern them skillfully.”

(As long as we are victorious…. he says?)

Vita stared at Naga dumbfounded.

(The way he’s talking, it feels as though victory is something natural for him. Is this guy sane?)

Because even Vita looked surprised and bewildered, the other witches looked at Naga with ridicule, or to be more accurate – scornful eyes, rather than being amazed.
The only ones who thought what Naga said were obvious or reasonable, were the witches from Harrigan’s party.

(No, in the first place it’s strange for people to think that what he’s saying is obvious or easily achievable… Could it be that Harrigan and the rest were swept up in his grand ambition? Or maybe, they are all suffering from a fever?)

“Still, there’s no other option than to try and see how it will work. After all, it’s a plan of trial and error. However, since the witches have no experience governing a structure as big as a country, we will need human advisors at all costs, I think. As soon as we gain control over a human country, we should employ its officials and perhaps—-”
“No no, wait a moment.”

Unable to endure, Vita interrupted.

“What’s the matter?”
“Rather than saying ‘What’s the matter?’, shouldn’t you be saying ‘What should we do?’……..”

Vita closed her eyes rubbed her forehead with in circular motion using her thumb.

“Sorry for cutting you off, but there are few things I want to ask. Would you mind if I do so, Dragon King?”
“Fine. Ask me however much you want.”

Opening her eyes wide, she gazed at Naga and leaned in a bit.

“You talk about establishing a country of witches, but how do you plan to do so?”
“That’s easy. Just announcing that we have ‘established’ one is plenty.”
“It’s not like there’s a special requirement to make one. I think it’s fine to advance towards the human lands and declare that the witches have banded together to make a new world.”
“…..How will I benefit from that?”
“For the time being, there won’t be any benefit.”
“No benefit, you say…”

Vita made a miserable face.

“I think being able to continue to live in the future is a good enough reason.”
“Still, if we declare our intention to establish a new country, the humans will most likely become more cautious.”
“Well, it might be so. However, that too is a trivial matter.”
“T-Trivial matter….”

(Just what’s going on inside this guy’s head?)

As one would expect, Vita was troubled and confused and was unable to consider his thoughts as logical.

“Anyway, it’s inevitable that we will need to capture the humans’ forts one by one. Even if we don’t announce our intentions to form a new country after we attack, they will still become more alert and cautious.”
“That may be true…. nonetheless…”
“What’s more, if you increase your territory and your dominion, rather than being cautious, every human country will probably band together against us.”
“And if we continue to win?”

“It can’t be said for certain that we can continue to win, but assuming we strive to win with everyone’s strength, we’ll probably be able to cut our way through sooner or later.”

(Is he a realist with high calculating skills, or an idealist who’s unaware of the current state? Perhaps, he’s just a foolish optimist? The more I listen to him, the less I can understand.)

“What’s the matter? Isn’t that grimace spoiling your lovely face?”
“Mu…. looks like you’ve got quite a discerning eye there.”

(That guy, as I expected, he has a few screws loose, doesn’t he?)

Once Vita stared at her witches, who whispered things like that to each other, the place immediately turned silent.

“Do you have any other questions, Vita-san?”
“A, ah, right.”

Pulling herself together, Vita again faced Naga.

“It’s about increasing the territory and the number of people inside the established country. Once the declaration is made, do you plan to inhabit the forest by bringing the humans? Or perhaps, by taking them as prisoners of wars?”
“Let’s see, let’s see.”

Naga tilted his head from side to side in contemplation.

“Even if we are to make a country here inside the forest, it won’t be possible for us to expand it. Isn’t there a habitable place for the humans in the steep mountain district behind us?”
“You’ve got a point. Then, where would you suggest we make it?”
“I wonder if we should choose an area on the border of the Kasandora Kingdom.”

As one would expect, not even Vita could avoid being taken aback. The girls who sat next to her also had speechless and stunned faces.

“Why are you that surprised? After all, we are supposed to create a new world for both sides. Unless we go to the human world and defeat them there, the goal will be far from reach. First, we need to get ahold of an area along the border, form it into a country, raise the population, and establish a good administration.”
“G….Good administration, you say?”
“Right. After we do so, we will create publicity by telling the humans to spread a rumor about this country being a place where both humans and the witches can live in harmony.”
“Will that change anything?”
“In the future, it will be easier for us to gain control over other countries when conquering them. Even if they are occupied by our witch country, there’s no reason for their citizens to be slaughtered or enslaved. Rather, if we have everyone think that they can live more peacefully than before, capturing a castle will be an easy thing. There might even be cities that will open their gates for us. Not to mention, it will be easier for us to rule as an occupying power. Aren’t there nothing but benefits?”

Vita’s body was flooded with astonishment and felt numb.

(T-This guy, could it be that he’s an absurd realist while being a ridiculous idealist at the same time?)

“To be more accurate….What I mean to say is it’s hard for me to complain about this and that since I’m not yet too knowledgeable about how the governing structure works in this world. But, assuming it’s natural to impose lighter taxes on citizens, perhaps we should start to work on abolishment of checking stations, stopping the collection of tolls, arranging main roads and extending their width, or suspending bridges over rivers.”

(There’s no doubt. This guy can keep his feet on the ground, even while looking into the distant future. He’s a fearsome realist. At least, there should be nobody in this world who can come up with such reasoning. Even those small, influential feudal lords should, at least, be able to figure out that paving roads and erecting bridges will make it easier for them to attack, but at the same time leaves them open to invasion.)

As she suddenly lifted up her face, her eyes met with those of Harrigan.

(What do you think? Isn’t he an interesting fellow?)

Vita felt as if Harrigan’s eyes were telling her so.

(Fun, he’s indeed a compelling man. However, just because he’s compelling, it doesn’t mean I’ll expose my daughters to danger.)

Both Harrigan and Vita exchanged glances.

“By the way, Dragon King, it appears you plan to take over the Kasandora Kingdom and establish a country there, but, how do you plan to do so? There are just 20-30 people in Harrigan’s household, and the same goes for my family. Provided we temporarily lent you a hand, you’d be able to mobilize at most 40-50 people, right? How do you intend to gain control over the Kingdom?”

“Regarding that, we are going to do it using straightforward methods. In other words, by capturing castles one by one. In this world, castles and cities seem to bear the same meaning. If I were to say if it will be fast, it will be fast. Will it be difficult? It will be difficult. Well, still, it depends on how quick we progress.”
“That’s easy for you to say. There are more than a thousand guards and probably many thousands of other citizens who can arm themselves to protect each city. How are the 50 people we have supposed to capture it?”
“Perhaps it would be impossible under normal circumstances, but, if it’s us, especially you, then it should be feasible. That’s because you’re witches who possess special abilities.”
“Then, then how?”
“Since it’s difficult for us to bring down a city all of sudden, I think we should first practice on Fort Ein.”

“Saying that this and that is simple. Whenever I hear your talking, I get the feeling there’s nothing that you think is impossible.”
“It was supposed to be sarcastic!”

Vita retorted, then pulled herself together and continued to speak.

“Indeed, rather than bringing down a city, it might be easier for us to capture a fort. Still, with 40-50 of us, I think the task is next to impossible.”
“I’m aware it won’t be easy, but I don’t consider it to be that hard.”

Despite having just recovered from her surprise, Vita couldn’t help but to feel increasingly astonished.

“Not hard?! You sure are confident.”
“However, there’s a ‘but’. In order to do so, I need your cooperation.”
“Hohou? So are you saying it’s only doable with our power?”

As Vita questioned without replying to him, Naga gave a seemingly unrelated question.

“Vita-san, it’s true that you can control weight using your magic, correct?”
“Ah? Ahh, so you heard about it from Harrigan? True, you can consider it that way.”
“That ability of yours, won’t you show it to me? While we are at it, how about you try it out on me?”
“Oi, Naga, don’t do anything reckless.”

As Harrigan tried to stop him,

“Silence, you titty monster.”
“I-I’m not a titty monster, you flat, little girl.”

(Uwaa, it’s started~)

Ais and Lela made a sour face.

(I was wondering if it would be fine, since Ane-sama has been quite obedient today, but…)
(Well, I guess she has been enduring pretty we-ll)

Good grief – The witches next to Vita shook their head and sighed in agreement.

“Isn’t your overweight chest the reason you stagger when walking?”
“Even if you were to be unable to control weight, your body seems small and light enough to float, doesn’t it? That’s because your lack of chest makes your body light.”
“Harrigan, you rascal, it appears you’ve become quite big-mouthed toward me. Even though I used to be in charge of changing your diapers whenever you would piss your pants.”

As soon as Naga directed his sight toward Harrigan, whose face turned red, she snapped and pointed at Vita.

“That was back when I was still a baby!”
“Don’t you understand? This is the difference between you and me.”


The room swayed and its construction groaned.


Before Naga realized it, he was lying on the floor.


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