Chapter 1 – The man who fell in the bath house

Chapter 1 – The man who fell in the bath house


There was a group consisting solely of  women, who lived inside the ‘black forest’ that extended till the remote borders.

People called them ‘witches’. In other words, they were beings with different abilities.

From the perspective of humans that believed in the one absolute god, who ruled over the overwhelming majority of people, it was clear that witches who worshipped the protection of hundreds of divine beings were heretics. For that reason the witches were detested and feared. While feeling fear toward the witches, they held feelings of envy and jealousy against those who possessed special abilities, unlike them.

Certainly, not being compatible with each other, they continued to fight each for a long time.

Witches, who were once proud of numerous comrades, as well as holding the power capable to influence the world, were now declining in number. It seemed as though they were slowly walking along their path of destruction. While aware of their inferior position, they wouldn’t try looking for any fights. Nevertheless, were their territory to be invaded , they wouldn’t hesitate to fight, even if it meant for their household to decline.

Because the frequency in the resistance against witches lowered for a while, many of them could live peacefully in a place far away from the city. However, it was only temporary due to the conflict between fellow human countries that had increased.

Once the great war, which involved many countries and numerous lives concluded, their  eyes would return to the  witches. It was just the  natural course of action for the statesmen of the countries, which surrounded the land of witches, to consider the extermination of them.

The surrounding countries were now preparing for the extermination of witches.

While the church, under the pretext of sweeping witches from this world, supported the assault on them by each country, they schemed the plan of assassination the leader of witches by sending assassins.

Despite such actions taking places, the conflict between vassals and feudal lords for authority wouldn’t cease.

There were often times when the conflict would grow on a national scale, resulting in a new war.

While the conflict between fellow humans continued, they would still manage to steadily reduce the territory of the witches.

Despite the  witches having high combat abilities, it was next to impossible for them to battle against hundreds and thousands of deployed units. As a result, while killing a huge number of the enemy’s forces, they would end up carrying out a tactical retreat without gaining a victory.

In the end, the vicious cycle of hatred from humans continued together with losing territory and comrades..

Even now witches were followed by the chain of defeats.

It seemed as though, there was no peaceful place for them in this world.


There were several groups among witches.

If presently described, these groups were close to the concept of ‘a clan’ . Several of these clans gathered and formed a loose alliance, which was pointed out and referred by the humans as ‘the country of witches’.

There were no men among their clans, as it consisted only of women, who were born as witches with special abilities. Witches wouldn’t add anyone besides those they considered as witches. Therefore, it was also known as the country of women.

One of the witches, who was the leader of one of the clans, was Harrigan Halliway Haindora.

Her household built a residence deep inside the black forest.

Apart from Harrigan, there were several other clans of witches ,who settled inside the black forest, nevertheless, hers used to be an influential one.

That’s right, it ‘used to be’ influential.

Due to their topographical location, they would be the first to be on the frontline, resulting in the decline of her clan. And once it declined, it was inevitable for them to lose their authority as a result. Because of that, Harrigan deeply suffered that lost as the leader.

While worrying about the future of her family, she immersed herself inside the open air bath made from the welling hot spring, which was located in the hilly area, inside the forest.

The bath house was a simplistic wooden-made arbor-styled one built in the free area, which was cutting through the loosely sloping land made from the small hills.

In the center of the bath house, which was transparent from 3 sides, a long and narrow wooden-made bathtub was placed on the wooden floor. The hot water, which pumped from the gushing source nearby, filled the bathtub as usual.

Inside the bathtub filled with hot water, which gave out a little bit of sulphurous odour, laid Harrigan with her graceful limbs.

What attracted one’s attention from Harrigan’s body, which was nakedly submerged inside the tub, was her blueish-black long hair, her bulging chest, the tight waist and her big buttocks. Indeed, one could say it was the figure of a full-fledged woman. The sign of her femininity was also seen between her groins, which was thickly covered with black bush.

Harrigan, who remained submerged inside the bathtub, stretched her limbs, and let  out a small sigh, which she could care less whether it was heard or not.

How should we reach an agreement with humans? Or should we completely abandon that idea? Harrigan thought about it. Nevertheless, however much she would ponder about that, there was no sign for the future prospects, nor any hope for a better future…

Should she just wait calmly for their slow annihilation?

Or should they die magnificently in an all-or-nothing war?

There seemed to be only these two choices.

Raising her head, Harrigan shifted her sight toward the other side.

On the one side of the bath house, there was a small undressing room, nevertheless, the three remaining were transparent with no walls, despite there being beams. Because of that, Harrigan was able to look out over the surrounding.

Looking down from the hill, there was a thickly green virgin forest, which was receiving the dazzling sunray of the early summer, extending beneath one’s eyes. On the other side, where the virgin forest, also called by people – the black forest, ended, there was a stretched land inhabited by humans. The land ruled by humans was wide and in comparison with the one of witches, it had a larger population. In addition to that, the land governed by witches was gradually reducing together with their population.

(Whether we fight or not, is it extinction that await us? Or perhaps fate? If so, then fighting magnificently and vanishing in the same way should be a brief entertainment…no.)

Harrigan looked at the young witch next to her.

(Fighting recklessly will only result in the death of my daughters. It would still be better for me alone, but taking along these daughters, there’s no way for that.)

– Yuuki.

The girl, whose Harrigan voice reached, raised her head.

– What’s the matter, Harrigan-nee?

Despit the girl calling her by ‘Sis’, they were not actual sisters. Following their customs, the young witches would call Harrigan, who was their leader, such as Ane-sama, Aneue, Nee. On the other hand, Harrigan would call the young witches, and at the same time the members of this household, as her daughters’ very often.

Harrigan beckoned the witch.

– Come, enter together with me.

The wooden-made bathtub was big, so even if both of them entered, it wouldn’t be that tight.

– Is it fine? It seemed like you were immersed in your thoughts, so won’t I become a bother?

– That’s fine, that’s fine. Come

-Well then, sorry for my rudeness.

The girl stood up, taking off her clothes and becoming nude.

Her pair of chest hills were neither small nor big, they were of the beautiful size and shape, suitable at her age. The tips of her breasts were of cute pink color, her shoulders width was narrow, her bottom’s overhang was a bit moderate, her groins area’s shade was dim. In contrast to Harrigan, she had more girlish figure.

What caught the attention was her long shining hair tied up into two ponytails. This too, was contrasting to Harrigan’s bluish black hair.

The girl named Yuuki stepped in with her leg without any restraint and sat in the corner.

– Don’t just sit there in the corner. Hey, come here.

Raising her upper body, Harrigan stretched out her right arm and reached Yuuki’s only to pull her toward herself. She followed straight away without showing any resistance

Making her sit inside the area of Harrigan’s stretched legs, Harrigan wrapped Yuuki’s two chest hills with both of her palms.

– Ha…Harri-nee….

So as to check their softness, Harrigan moved her palms while kneading.

– No…sto…. ahn.

(I want to give these daughters a future. I want them to have hope. This is as well the part of my duty, me who is the head of this family. But, just what can I do…?)

While contemplating about that, she gently moved both of her palms.

Nevertheless, however hard she pondered, there was no idea, which would break in the deadlock, crossing her mind.

– Ha…Harri-nee…I can’t take it anymore… aah..

Hm? Returning back to herself, Harrigan stopped her palms.

(Oops, being immersed in my thoughts, I began squeezing them too seriously.)

Having a red face, Yuuki, who felt her body had lost its strength, entrusted her back on Harrigan’s chest.

(Fumu. But, what should I do? I don’t want to sacrifice this cute daughters of mine, but…despite saying so, without fighting we will be eventually driven away from this place. Once this happens, we will go further into the depth of the forest, ending in the world of only humans. Wouldn’t that be the same as falling into ruin?)

Feeling Yuuki’s body on her chest, she looked up into the space with her thoughtful face.

Suddenly, the bath house shook.

The space distorted in a swaying manner.

-W, what’s happening!?

Harrigan, who took back her face, looked at the sky through the transparent side of the building.

Before one could notice, the sky was covered with dark clouds.

(What’s going on!? Just a while ago, it was a clear blue sky expanding!)

Harrigan could sense that something unusual was happening. Nevertheless, she couldn’t tell what it was.

Suddenly the raindrops began to hit the roof of the bath house.

The falling rain, changed at once into a heavy rainfall, Thunders together with lightings were running through the sky, which was dim, like at the time of dusk.

– What’s this heavy downpour!? Doesn’t it feel as though the bottom of the heaven fell out? Just what an earth… don’t tell me that this could be the sign of the water dragon manifesting?

Seeing the eerie sight, Harrigan’s body began to shake tremble as well. She could understand that Yuuki was shaking as well from her back.

Immediately after that, a voice was heard from somewhere.


Even though there were only Yuuki and Harrigan, someone else’s voice was heard. Rather than hearing the voice, Harrigan wondered whether it was something echoing inside her mind. And then, it was the voice of a man. Saying that, it was none other that a human man in the vicinity.

(Impossible, this shouldn’t be even possible.)

Searching for the source of the voice, Harrigan run with her eyes in all the directions, however, she couldn’t find the figure nor feel its presence.

I was probably just seeing things – Harrigan nodded as if convincing herself.

So as not to let any stray people nor the spies enter the village and the fortification, or rather, the residing territory of the witches, a barrier was put around the village. Here as well, it should be not possible for any common person to break through the barrier and pass into their territory. In addition to that, by covering their presence it shouldn’t let anyone approach this close, not even one chance on ten thousand, but on a million chances.

However, there was a voice. certainly it was heard. It was neither mishearing nor one’s imagination.

They couldn’t understand the meaning of the words, nevertheless, it was a powerful and high voice,which reached their ears.

– There’s a m-man, a man. (trembled voice.)

As the proof, Yuuki, the man-hater, lost her composure. Her sensitivity toward men is greater than anyone’s.

– Where, where is the man? (trembled)

Standing up while being completely naked, she looked on her left and right, and again at her right, moving her body and neck hurriedly.

– Calm down Yuuki.

Despite Harrigan calling out to her, Yuuki turned around her eyes and revolved with her body.

(Good grief, as expected, Yuuki’s hate for men is endless.)

Looking up at the confused Yuuki, who was in front of her eyes, she smiled wryly.

– Still, the voice before, just what on earth was….

Taking off the smile on her face Harrigan looked over one more time as if searching for something.

Suddenly a man descended from the sky.

Such way of saying wasn’t exact. More accurately, the man fell from the from the ceiling of the bath house.

The descended man dropped into the bathtub making the water splashed.

– What!?

Harrigan opened widely her eyes.

The fallen man did the same.

– A man a man man a man.

Yuuki too, opened widely her eyes and froze.

Harrigan had her attention caught by the man.

It was a young man, with an strange attire that she had never seen or heard of before.

The man looked up dumbfoundedly in the midair, soon coming back to himself. He moved his body timidly using his head.

Harrigan’s sight and the man’s met each other.

-Wh… who are you? From where and how did you manage to come here?


The man responded to Harrigan using some sort of language, nevertheless, she couldn’t understand anything.

(Hm? Could it be that my words doesn’t go through to him? These strange clothes, could he be a foreigner? If so, it doesn’t seem unreasonable, but…)
Regarding the unfamiliar clothes and language, if one were to think he’s a foreigner, one could only agree on that. Nevertheless, you couldn’t agree with the fact that someone appeared all of a sudden in a bath. There was no explanation for that.

As Harrigan observed him, the man raised his right hand and pointed at her.


Harrigan frowned her eyebrows.

(I don’t understand at all what he’s saying. At least, it doesn’t seem like he’s an assassin send to kill me by the church.)

Interpreting his words, the man said this

Breasts! And they’re huge!

Being completely soaked, the man sidled up to Harrigan.

– W, w, w, what are you doing!?

Being overwhelmed by the man’s vigorous attitude and look, Harrigan tried to step back, nevertheless, the edge of the bathtub was in her way.

The man extended his right hand and, grab! –  He tightly grabbed her breast.

– Aah?

I’ve never seen such splendid pair of breasts!

– Don’t grab them that forcefully!


What a size, what a smoothness, what an elasticity.

-H.. hey, don’t just aah… grab a person’s aah… breasts at your own convenience aah!

Hearing Harrigan’s scream-like, angry-like, and yet charming voice, Yuuki, who was stiff from being dumbfounded, came back to herself.

– What’s the matter Harrigan-nee.

What entered her eyes, which looked down at her own feet, was a man with a mysterious hairstyle and wrapped in clothes that she had never seen before, using both of his hands to grab Harrigan’s voluptuous breasts. It was a dreadful scene.

– A man a man a man is groping H-Ha-Harri-nee’s br…!?

Yuuki’s hair was squirming as its color became darker

– Hey Yuuki! Calm down!

Big breasts! Big breasts! Big breasts!

– You too, calm down! And what are you trying to say!? Speaking of which, stop groping my breasts!

– Kill, kill, kill, kill the man.

– Argh! I said calm down!

Harrigan’s long and blueish black hair lifted in the air from the hot bath.

Harrigan’s hair, which became a thick bundle swung vigorously.


Harrigan’s hair gave out a dull sound as it knocked Yuuki’s back of head. Her neck folded diagonally.

With her eyes turning white, the girl lost her consciousness and fell in a position, which resembled her upper body hooked on the edge of the bathtub.

I’ll touch them, rub them, lick them, bury in them!

– I don’t know what you’re saying, but you too calm down!


Once again her bundled hair swung, hitting the man in the back of his head, from which the man’s eyes turned white. Its hardness was unbelievable for a hair..

Losing the power from his own body, the man released his hands from Harrigan’s chest and lost his consciousness while falling on the top of her body.

– Just what’s with this man?

Harrigan muttered while gazing sternly at the exhausted young man with an unusual clothing and look, hanging on her body.

– I’ve never heard before the language that he speaks, I wonder if he’s a foreigner… whether that’s the case or not, nobody should be able of breaking through my barrier without me noticing it. There should be no one able to get this close without me noticing it. It would be a different case for a witch like me, but at least, not for any human living in this world. If so, does it means that this guy came form another world? So he’s not a foreigner, but rather someone from a different world?

Harrigan shifted slightly her sight.

Next to the man, the eyes of the naked Yuuki turned white as she lost her consciousness.

(Good grief, I’ll leave the inquiry of this guy’s true identity for later. First, I’ll have to take care of Yuuki so that she doesn’t go berserk, as once she wakes up, she will try to kill this man. I don’t know who this guy is, so it’s more reason to not let Yuuki murder him. Assuming he’s really fell from another world….)

Once again Harrigan caught the man in her sight.

A man with a weird hairstyle.

A man wearing queer clothing.

A man, whose words are unfamiliar.

A man that suddenly fell from the sky.

(I wonder if he knows of any way to save us from our crisis.)

Harrigan stood up from the bathtub. The hot water, which covered her smooth skin, turned into droplets while slipping off.

Her eyes, which looked down at the man, stopped at his waist.

– This guy’s sword has a strange appearance, doesn’t it? Well, rather than the appearance, If he wakes up only to swing at us with that sword, it will be troublesome. Should I take it out?

Bending her waist, Harigan reached her hand toward his left lower back.

– What? It’s inserted in just a sash? It’s quite a careless way of wearing a sword. But.

As Harrigan raised, she stared at the specialized weapon, which she took from the man’s waist.

– It’s slightly curved. Indeed, this isn’t a shape one would see in this vicinity. It’s even different from the scimitar used in the eastern part of this world. Interesting. Still, how do you pull this out? Could it be, like this?

While Pulling out the man’s sword, Harrigan encountered some trouble.

– Its out.

She raised the blade, which was radiating in silver color, in front of her eyes.

– It’s quite heavy. The blade is too, thick. And it looks beautiful more than anything. It feels as though my sight is attracted by it…but, it isn’t the right moment to admire. I’ve to deal quickly with this guy and Yuuki.

Once Harrigan put back the sword into its scabbard, she placed it casually on the wooden floor. After that, she turned around and walked toward the exit to open the door.

Carrying a clothing basket, which was inside the small room, Harrigan returned to the bath house. Once she kneeled down and put the basket on the floor, she curled up the clothes inside the basket, so as to grab them.

Remaining in that posture, she used her index finger nail to cut a single string of her long hair.

As soon as she transferred her magic power into that string, it immediately became stiff and stretched straightforwardly.

Harrigan thrusted the clothes, which she held in her left hand, with the hair string that turned into a long needle. Once it pierced through, her clothes began to squirm like a living object.

Her wriggling clothes jumped off her hand and descended onto the bath floor, squirming while gradually changing its shape. Finally, it took the form of human.

– Your master Harrigan Halliway Haindora orders you. Go and call my daughters – Ais and Lela.

Her clothes, which took the shape of human, bowed down toward her, just like a human being. Then, it jumped out from the bath house.


– Ane-sama, it’s me Aisu.

– It’s Le-la.

Guided by Harrigan clothes, the two young witches – Ais Aishuria Haindora and Lela Laylah Haindora, who run up the hill to arrive, bowed down toward Harrigan as she stood naked on the bath house floor.

The daughters of Harrigan, in order to show that they’re part of her clan, they have the same third name.

– What’s the matter?

Putting a smile on her face, the witch with a large build asked.

– Sorry for calling you out deliberately. I need you to help.

– Yeah, don’t worry.

The two of them gave the impression of being around their mid-to-late teens.

The one with the large build and pleasant smile was Ais. In comparison with Lela, she was taller, and the parts which should come out on her body have a great volume. She gave the aura of a grow-up.

On the other hand, Leyla’s physique wasn’t much different from Yuuki….rather than that, the parts which should come out were less than Yuuki’s. After all, if truth be told, she was tiny breasted.

However, both Ais and Lela wore clothes which exposed lots of skin. In Lela’s case, she had some kind of short skirt made of countless amulets coiling around her waist which standed out.

– I want you to carry Yuuki.

Harrigan sticked out her right index finger and pointed it toward her feet.

– Just what have Yuuki done again…


While Making a wry smile, Ais moved her eyes outside the bathtub. Once she noticed that it wasn’t just Yuuki, her breath was taken away.

– Wait, is that a man?!

Lela, who had the same expression until now, as well raised her eyebrows with a twitch.

– Could he be an assassin sent by the chu-rch?

The hair of the two girls shaked because of the goosebumps.

– No, don’t panic. It’s nothing like that. Probably.


Ais and Lela cocked their heads in puzzlement.

I think the novel says: Harrigan explained quickly all that happened until now.

– So something like that happened?

Ais opened widely her eyes while looking at both the man and Harrigan.

On the other hand, the daughter named Lela didn’t seem to show any surprisement.

Speaking with a monotonous tone

– It’s hard to believe, but there’s no way for ane-sama to li-e. And it’s a fact that there’s a man lying down he-re. If so, I have no choice but to a-ccept it.

As if trying to convince herself, she murmured that.

Trying to calm herself down with a deep breath, Ais faced toward Harrigan.

– Then, what should we do, ane-sama?

– In any case, we can only inquiry information from this guy. That’s why I called you, thinking that you would help me carrying both of them. Lela will help to establish a mutual communication with this guy.

There was a reason for what Harrigan is saying. Lela possess a magic that allows communication with a foreigner that only speak its own language.

– Understood, but…

While nodding, Lela cocked her head in puzzlement..

– It would be different story if he was a foreig-ner, but, it’s the first time for me to establish a mutual understanding with someone who comes from a diffe-rent world.

– Give it a try and if it fails, we will think of some other way at that time.

– Got tha-t.

– Ais, I’ll entrust those two to you.

– Yes, ane-sama.

Ais grabbed with both hands the body of the unconscious Yuuki, who was completely naked, and lightly lifted it. She put Yuuki on her right shoulder. Then, while holding Yuuki’s body, she bent her waist and did the same with the man drenched in water.

It’s true that compared to Lela or Yuuki, Ais had a bigger build. Nevertheless, she wasn’t a giant. In fact, Harrigan was taller than her. Judging by her looks, her muscles didn’t seen to be specially developed and yet, that physical strength.

Aisu seemed to be the owner of a monstrous strength, which one wouldn’t guess from her appearance.

– Where should I carry them ane-sama?

Ais asked casually as if not sensing the weight of two people.

– For the time being, carry them to my room. I don’t want cause to cause any turmoil. Carry them silently so as not to bring other daughters’ attention.

– Understood.

– And Lela, won’t you please carry the sword lying over there?

Lela looked at where Harrigan’s finger was pointing.

– Th-at? It has an strange shape, isn’t i-t?

– You don’t know it either?

– It’s my first time seeing i-t.

– It was sashed to the man’s waist.

Frowning her eyebrows, Lela directed her look at the man carried by Ais.

– He had a sword sash-ed. Then, isn’t he an assas-sin?

– No, he’s not, probably.

(That’s because, that guy went to grab my breasts without showing any sign of drawing the sword.)

Naturally, Lela didn’t know about the man conducting such action, she couldn’t understand on what basis Harrigan was putting her assumption, but if she says it’s not, then it probably does mean so. For the time being, Lela buried her hatchet.

– Well then, go ahead, I’ll catch up with you soon.

– Yes, ane-sa-ma.

After Harrigan saw the two leave the bath house, the puppet familiar turned back to be normal clothes and then she put them on with a calm attitude.


Harrigan made Ais lay down the man on the bed inside her room, and the naked Yuuki was rolled on a thick cloth spread on the floor and had a bed cover put on.

– Lela, please carry that sword to my study and put it where no one can see.

Once Lela left, Harrigan moved her look toward Yuuki, who was rolling inside the bad sheet.

(There’s a fear that Yuuki might rampage once she wakes up. It can’t be helped.)

Harrigan ordered Ais to wrap Yuuki’s body into a roll using a thin cloth and in addition to that, a rope that was prepared. What’s more, so as to make sure that the other witches don’t hear Yuuki screaming, they put a mouth gag on Yuuki’s mouth. Harrigan still didn’t want to expose the man’s presence.

Due to the riot in the bath house, Harrigan’s body became cold. Because the man’s clothing were damp, there was a risk of him catching a cold. Harrigan kindled the fireplace, so as try to warm up the room.

Harrigan rubbed the fire-igniting stones together and triggered them to ignite. Once she threw them into the fireplace, the flame burned up red inside of it.

She run her sight over the man with a glance.

(Even if his clothes are wet, there’s probably no way for us to strip him at at our convenience.)

Harrigan didn’t lack the curiosity to see the naked young man, nevertheless, she was restraining herself in front of Ais.

(In the first place, even if we can strip the man, we have no spare clothes for him, and we can’t leave him naked until his clothes get dry. Despite that, we don’t know if people from another world can catch a cold.)

The room inside the wooden-made building gave out a simplistic impression. One could see documents, the writing desk and the chair put in the corner. On top of that, there was a bookshelf placed near the wall. One could say that all of these were handmade wooden goods, which used lumbered trees from the forest.

On that bookshelf, there were paper books lined up, which was rare in this period.

The paper was a high grade product, which was passed in no time from the eastern world. What’s more, in this period, there were no printing machines, therefore, the books were copied by hand. Because of that, it was not possible to mass produce them. that’s another reason why paper books were precious..

Other than the desk and the bookshelf, as expected, there were only a wooden-made bed and a small side table placed inside the room.

On top of the bed lay the unconscious young man in his strange clothes, who was stretched longly on it. Yuuki, who was roundly tied up and wrapped in the thick cloth, lay on the floor while naked.

Seeing the impossible scene, which unfolded inside her room, Harrigan felt as if getting a headache. At the same time, she herself felt the urge to laugh.

Returning to the room after a while, Lela occupied the front of the table while writing something on a small piece of paper.

Ais and Harrigan sat at the brought stools and watched silently Lela’s work.

The sound of the blazing firewood reverberated inside the room as its air warmed up.

Once Lela finished her preparations, Harrigan made Ais use the prepared smelling salts for the man to smell. Without having to wait, the man woke up.


After the man lifted his body, he faced toward Harrigan while speaking to her as if pressing for an answer.

– As expected, I don’t understand anything. Well, wouldn’t that be obvious? Despite that, this is a mysterious language for one’s ears.


– Well, calm down… even if I say that, you probably won’t understand.

Raising her right hand, Harrigan expanded its palm in front of the man’s eyes.

For now, stop talking – such was the meaning of her action, but, did the man sensed her intention? Once he closed his mouth. he scratched his head as if saying ‘good grief’.

(Hmm. He seems to have quite guts.)

Harrigan became dumbfounded and at the same time, filled with admiration at the man’s defiant like attitude.

(How can he remain this calm under such circumstances? Is this guy a big-shot or just a fool?)

Not letting her thoughts leak out, Harrigan shifted her sight to Lela.

– Are the preparations done?

– Yes, ane-sa-ma.

Harrigan, who received two amulets presented by Lela, put up one of them in front of her eyes and pressed it against her own forehead. Even if she released her hand, the charm would stick to it.

Holding one more amulet in the left hand, she presented it to the man while showing her forehead with her empty right hand. She tapped her own charm with the index finger.

You too, follow my example and put this on your forehead. – is what she wanted to say, nevertheless, the man seemed to understand her as he received the amulet and slammed it vigorously on his forehead. Just like in case of Harrigan, the amulet wouldn’t fall despite him released his hand.

She slowly talked toward him.

– Do you, understand my words? Who are you? Where did you came from?

Pressing the amulet against his forehead, the man frowned his eyebrows. Nevertheless, he finally raised his head and spoke.

★※∪……words……▲↓……are becoming….understandable?

– Oh, did he comprehend it?

Harrigan looked at Lela, who waited next to her.

– As expected of Lela.

– Hmph.

Lela smiled slightly while puffing out her tiny chest.

– Well, this much is nor-mal.

– Ara. Even though you weren’t sure whether it would work or not.

Ais teased her from the side.

– I was just being mo-dest.

– Well, let’s leave it like that.


Lela stared at Ais

– Hey, won’t you be quiet?

Being warned by Harrigan the two of them draw back their necks.

– Well then, how about now? Do you understand what I’m saying?

– Yes, I do… but, this is an strange sensation. It feels like your words are reverberating directly in my head. Is it because of this?

Using his right palm, the man tapped the amulet on his forehead.

– Thats right, if you consider it as an interpretation device foreign languages, then it should be fine.

– Wow, I wonder if it’s more convenient than strange. Well, speaking of strange…

After turning back his head, the man shifted in turns his sight over Harrigan, Ais and Lela.

– You’re also strange. Your hair color, skin color, eyes pupil, and then your clothes. I have never seen anything like it.

– For us too, it’s the first time that we see someone like you with that strange attire. So, who are you and from where are you from? How did you came here?

– Me? I’m… I’m… Hmm? I’m… Who am I?

– No, that’s what I’m asking.

The man folded his arms and, Hmm, started to make low groans.
– I don’t know. I mean, I can’t remember from where I am or who I am.

Releasing his folded arms, the man used both of his hands to scratch his loose hair.

– I am…my name is….damnit, what is this unpleasant feeling…

Harrigan, Lela and Ais, all of them looked each other’s face.

– Ane-sama, could it be that this man, has lost his memory?

Harrigan breathed out a sigh.

– If that’s the case, then he doesn’t know anything. now, what to do?

– No… Naga…

The man muttered as if moaning.

– Naga? What’s that?

Being asked by Harrigan, the man released both of his hands from his face and turned toward her with a troubled expression.

-I have the feeling… That it’s a part of my name but… other than that, I can’t remember anything else. Just who am I?
Harrigan pondered about the man’s words while hiding her own surprise.

(Naga… as in dragon king? Is he serious about that being part of his name? Or is this man just a lunatic?)

– Well, leaving my matter aside.

The man lifted his head.

– Who are you people?

– You’re switching the topic too fast!

Harrigan was a little taken aback.
– No, even if I try hard to remember, I won’t remember anything, so it can’t be helped right?

– Hmm, You’ve got a positive way of thinking. No, rather, ain’t you turning on me?

– Once I manage to recollect something, I’ll explain you. First, tell me something about you.

– Allright.

As soon as she corrected her seating posture on the stool, Harrigan pointed at herself.

– I’m Harrigan Halliway Haindora, the head of the witches that reside here.

The man wrinkled up his eyebrows.

– Witch…Witches? What are witches?

– So I’ve to explain from that part? But…

Harrigan looked up at the air while she pondered.

– Fu…mu, explaining to a person that doesn’t have a single clue is surprisingly difficult, isn’t it?

Finally, returning her head position, Harrigan.

– If I were to describe witches with a single word, then it would be women that can use magic.

– Is that so? I don’t quite get it, but I get it.

– Which one is that?!

– I don’t understand that thing called magic. Still, even if I am told incomprehensible words one by one, however much time passess, I won’t be able to progress, I see it that way. Leaving the minor parts for later and understanding them little by little should be fine. For the time being, I want to roughly grasp the things.

– Hou?

What surprised Harrigan was that the man could unexpectedly maintain his calm attitude despite being thrown into a different world while losing his memories. On top of that, his way of dealing with current situations was surprisingly calm as well.

(Normally, if one were to learn about their own lost memories, they would feel shaken and confused, but…Well, could it be that his nerves are 2 or 3 times over the normal? Or could it be that his pattern of thinking is broken?)

– Well, What I want to know, or rather the thing I should know, is where is this place? And what year it is?

– If I were to be told that, I could only say it’s the inside of ‘the black forest’. As for the year… If we were to use the calendar from the neighbouring country, it would the year 12 of Kasandora the third. Then, using our chronicle it would be 415 years after the death of the great witch, Echidna.

– As expected, I don’t get it at all.

While thinking hard about it, the man talked quietly to himself.

– I’ve the feeling like I’ve heard about the country of westerners. I wonder if perhaps I wasn’t fired to such a country.

Hearing the man’s words, Harrigan

– Westerners…. what’s that?

Once she asked, the man moved his sight toward Ais and Lela and replied.

– Just like the two of you, I’m speaking about people having red hair and blue eyes.

– My hair ain’t not red?

– Ah, that’s right. Your’s would be of a similar color to ours.

– Ours? So the inhabitants of your world, does everyone has the same black hair? You can remember that?

– No, that’s not it. That’s instinctive, rather than having or not the memories or the knowledge. I think it would be close to that. At least, in my world, the two of them… no.

The man shifted his eyes to the bagwormed appearance of Yuuki, who was on inside the sleeping mat, on the floor.

– At least there was no person who had hair color and eyes color like this one.

– Well then, please speak whatever you know based on your instinct. It should be fine like that.

– Even if you tell me that.

The man folded his arms while cocking his head many times.

– Once I try to explain something, it won’t convert into words. Saying that, what I said before won’t occur to me precisely.

– It’s somehow bothersome, isn’t it?

Saying so, Harrigan made a sour face.

– I don’t feel particularly troubled by that. Indeed, I have forgotten about who I am, and then, I was fired into an unknown place, but, like that, I was rescued by you.  Also, it seems that we can understand each other, so there’s no need to panic nor rush the things.

– You… certainly have the guts, don’t you?

– Really? I’m just trying to accept the things in front of my eyes.

– That’s not something to be done casually, it’s hard to accept the reality in front of one’s eyes.

Despite the man thinking that there seemed to be something more in what she said, he decided not to point that out.

 (I probably shouldn’t dig too much into another person’s circumstances. Rather than that.)

– Were I to say what the big problem is right now

Saying that, Harrigan bent forward her body.

– Hou? what it is? try to say it.

– I feel hungry.

Not just Harrigan, but Ais and Lela as well, were taken aback by the man’s words. Finally, despite Harrigan raising her voice, she was smiling pleasantly.

– No no, that’s a big deal. To think you would say that you’re hungry under such circumstances, are you truly someone important? or just a big fool?

– When you’re hungry, you can’t fight, or so they say… Hmm?

– What’s the matter?

– No…war… war? I’ve the feeling like I do nothing but that.

– Hou? a war? If it’s a war, then we do too. Despite saying so, recently, we haven’t won anything. We, witches, used to fight on equal terms with human armies, but now…

Saying that, Harrigan laughed while self-mocking.

Hm? the man raised his face.

– Humans? So the enemy you’ve fighted with are humans?

– That’s right. We witches and the humans aren’t compatible with each other. It could be said that we are… sworn enemies?

– I don’t quite get it. For me you look like humans but ain’t you as well ‘humans’?

– We do. It’s just that we are humans, who can use magic. We didn’t say that we aren’t people, but, humans would still distinct us. They would rigorously distinct and discriminate us, because, humans can’t use magic. Therefore, they would refer to those who can as ‘evil witches’. Witches are the established enemies of humans, that’s why they must exterminate us.

– You’re evil beings?

Hearing the simplistic question directed by the man, a self-mocking smile reappeared on Harrigan’s face.

– Judging from the point of view of those, who can’t use magic, it probably seems so.

– Being filled with envy and jealousy over those, who unlike them, possess special abilities, in the end, you would say they will wish for those possessors to vanish? Indeed, they’re small-minded guys.

Harrigan directed her sight filled with sarcasm at the man.

– You too, won’t you probably fear and disdain us after seeing our power?

– Huh? Why should I?

– No, even if you say so…You are not scared of those with unusual abilities? Isn’t it eerie?

– Whether you hold abilities or not, it depends on each person. If I were to be scared of possessors of abilities that I don’t have, I probably wouldn’t be able to live in this world. I still don’t know anything about your ‘magic’, but, you were the ones that rescued me. Were you to be hostile against humans, you’d probably just throw me out.

– That’s right, rather than getting rid of you.

Harrigan run her sight over Yuuki, who was rolling on the floor.

– If it were Yuuki, she will probably scream things like ‘ kill’.

Saying that, the man’s face became unpleasant as he looked at Harrigan.

– Why is it that only this girl is hostile toward me and ready to fight?

– Even if I told you.

While answering, Harrigan made a depressed face.

– Yuuki’s disdain for men is bottomless.

– Despite there probably being other men, is that fine with you?

– No, there are no men in our place.

– What? What’s the meaning of that?

– It means exactly what I said. We are a group consisting of only women. In the first place, only women can become witches. That’s why Yuuki’s great disdain for men wouldn’t burst until now. Consider it as its spasm due to your sudden appearance.

-I… Is that so? I don’t get it, but I understand.

(Is that an unserius attitude, or rather a composed one? Somehow I can’t tell about this guy. More importantly…)

– Ais, Sorry for troubling you,  but can you bring him a meal? I don’t mind if they’re leftovers.

– Yes, ane-sama.

– Shall I he-lp?

– That’s fine. You stay here, Leyla. If the magic of the amulet runs out, you will probably have to replace it with another.

– That’s righ-t.

– Well then, I am going.

Seeing off Ais, Harrigan faced again the man.

– With that, please wait for the meal.

Haha – because the man started to laugh loudly, Harrigan’s expression became suspicious.

– What? What’s the matter?

– This should be the continuation of what I said previously, but for you to let someone like me, whose origin is unknown, to eat, there’s no way for you to be evil.

– I’m glad for your words, but, not everyone is as understanding as you. There’s no way for them to understand what’s right or wrong. Rather, it’s because of the scarce number of people like you, that we have been fighting for a long time with humans.

– Well, I don’t understand, but, I’ve the feeling like there was no end to those worthless wars in the country, where I lived…

The man looked up at the air with a distant eye as if reeling the memories which he had lost.


– Sorry for making you wait.

Soon after, Ais returned while holding a tray in both hands.

Once she put the wooden tray on the table, she grabbed an apple, which ripened early in the spring. This sort of fruits and wild plants were abundant in this black forest.

– I’ll now squeeze the fruit juice.

As soon she grabbed the apple in her right arm, she lifted it over the wooden-made wine cup covered with filter cloth. Ei – saying so, she inserted power into her right hand.

The flatly crushed apple dripped with juice. Seeing that, the man was a little taken aback.

– You’ve got an incredible strength.

– If it’s a person’s head, I can easily smash it singlehandedly. So please don’t cause anything weird, ok?

(This girl, is scary.)

While the man shuddered up, Harrigan smiled as as she spoke.

– For Ais, this much of arm power and gripping force would be just fragments of her ability. Once she uses her magic, she can further enhance her strength. Crushing stones, lifting big rocks, breaking a bear’s spine, and even catching and flinging away a one-horn rhinoceros.

– A bear’s spine!? That’s amazing. And what’s a rhinoceros?

– They’re huge beasts with a big horn that lives in the plains. They are taller than me and 10-15 times heavier than an adult person.

– And you can fling away that guy?

– Ooh, that’s right. Once she wrap its horn, she throws it like this- Eiyaah!

Lifting up from her stool, Harrigan demonstrated how it looks.

– Ane-sama, you’re exaggerating things.

Ais’s cheeks became sullen.

Kuku – leaking a smile, Harrigan sat again.

– Well, Ain’t you scared?

– Indeed it’s scary, but, such a thing probably be the same as a guy holding a weapon. There’s no particular reason for me to disdain you, I think.

(Hmm, that’s an interesting way of thinking from that man. Is he either thinking logically or rationally? At least, it doesn’t come from his sentiment.)

Seeing only people, who would feel emotional hatred toward witches, Harrigan took a deep interest for the man’s response and way of thinking.

The young Ais and Lela, who had never face anyone directly like Harrigan, weren’t hooked by the man’s way of judging things and thinking as much as Harrigan, nevertheless, despite them believing the man’s talk about him losing his memories and not knowing anyone, they were surprised and in admiration for the man having a calm attitude, even though he was had to face such an unusual situation.

– Because we have finished our breakfast, unfortunately, there’s not much left, but…

After Harrigan said so, Aisu present the tray, which had baguette, soup and vegetables.

Soon after he received it, the man put the it on his thigh. Ais added the wine cup containing the juice squeezed by her on the tray.

– Oh, sorry for the trouble. Well then, Bon appetit.

The moment he reached out his hand toward the food, he stopped moving and plucked the amulet on his forehead.

– This thing is in my way.

Hanging down from till his nose tip, indeed, it was bothersome while eating.

– Is it fine for me to take it out?

– That’s right. Maybe behind the head… no, it should be better to attach it on the back of the neck?

As Harrigan looked at Lela.

– I don’t think it will cause any problem in its func-tion.

– Please repaste it.

Nodding a little, Lela detached the amulet on the man’s forehead. So as to peek behind the guy’s back, she bent her body and reattached the amulet behind his neck.

– How is it? Can you still understand my words?

At Harrigan’s question, the man lifted his right arm while saying that there was no problem.

– Well, then, shall I eat? My stomach already feels hungry.

The man extended his hands to the bowls on the tray and put the vegetables and the bread in his mouth one after another.

– This thing….Heh? I see…it has quite a different taste…but, it’s delicious.

– You eat or talk? Decide on which one.

Not just Harrigan, but also Ais and Lela were watching astonished as the man was vigorously eating the food.

(This guy, he just bite completely into what was given to him without restraint nor leniency. Does he not know how to doubt strangers? Or could it be he’s trusting us? Is he an idiot or a clever man? Is he someone important or perhaps a lunatic? I can’t read him at all. Despite that, it’s highly probable he’s not a person from this world. It seems there’s no sense in searching for clues, so should we look after him for a while? At worst, he could be a form of killing time. If he tries to harm us, we can just kill him, but, once it comes to that…)

Harrigan took a glimpse at Yuuki, who was tied up roundly in the ropes and rolling on the floor. She breathed out a sigh.

(The big question would be how to suppress Yuuki.)


Soon after Harrigan was pondering on any idea, Yuuki woke up.

While being half-awake, she dimly looked over the inside of the room only to eye a man, who was energetically eating, which made her woke up at once. Yuuki tried to jump up, nevertheless, being tied up with the ropes, she couldn’t rise. On top of that, because she had a gag inserted, she couldn’t talk. Rather than trying to understand how she ended like this, Yuuki continued to move while trying to raise her body and kept shouting at the man.

– Mnn! Mnnnn! Mmmnnnnnn!

With a perplexed face, the man ceased to eat and looked at Harrigan, Lela and Ais.

– I don’t understand at all what she’s saying?

At the man’s question, Lela responded calmly.

– Kill you, I’ll absolutely kill you,… is what she’s say-ing.

– You can understand!?

– That’s because we have hung out since we were li-ttle.

– Oh, that’s why.

The man felt awkward to ignore Yuuki with the killing intention while continuing to eat.

Thinking about what he should do, He looked at Harrigan.

Harrigan shifted her sight from Yuuki, who continued her attempt to scream out while bending her body like a shrimp, and breathed out a sigh as she faced toward Aisu, telling her – do it! with her eye sign.

Ais, who moved forward, kneeled in front of Yuuki.

Putting a smile on her face, she grabbed Yuuki’s both shoulders and raised her while standing up by herself. Because Ais’s was taller than Yuuki, she lifted Yuuki to the level of her eyes. Yuuki’s toes were floating in the air.

Her body was shaking and her appearance, which was tied up in a roll, gave the impression of a bagworm swaying in the air.

Aisu grabbed firmly Yuuki’s shoulders over the ropes digging into them.

– Hmm hmm hmm!

Yuuki’s face bent in pain.

With a casual face, Lela interpreted.

– Ow ow ow…is what she say-s.

Raising her arms further, Ais looked up to Yuuki’s face and, while keeping her smiling face, said.

– I wonder if you can stop making fuss, Yuuki. Ane-sama is also troubled. You understand that?

– Hmm, mnnn, hmm, mnn, hmmmm!」

-I Got it, ow,I got it, ow, my shoulders are breaking… she say-s.

(What’s with that pleasant way of doing things?)

Taken aback, the man looked at Yuuki and Ais.
– I’m glad, you understood.

When Ais loosens her hands power, Yuuki’s neck loses its strength and fell to the front.

Aisu wouldn’t cease her smile.

(That girl Ais, despite her gentle look, her inner self is the most fearsome.)

The man couldn’t hide his surprise at the divergence in both Ais’s look and inside.

– Well then, you will remain obedient until that person finishes its eating, ok? But, I’m not saying it’s fine for you to make a fuss after that. You got that?

kaku kaku kaku – Yuuki shook her head without strength.

– Ah, aaah、I was suffocating!

Yuuki repeated taking deep breaths.

Ais, who turned back…

– With that, please continue your meal.

She urged the man.

– No, even if I’m told please, is it really fine?

Having such suspicion, the man looked at Harrigan.

– I don’t mind. Please eat quickly. After that, I would like to talk a bit.

– That’s right. I want as well ask some questions, so should I finish this meal at once?

The man grabbed the dishes again.

– Despite that, why do you hold such grudge toward men? Did something happened to you long time ago?

As the man spoke nonchalantly, at that moment, Yuuki’s hair moved abruptly.

While looking down, a small muttering came from Yuuki’s mouth.

– Don’t… bring…. front… me.

– Haa? I cannot hear you.

Being in a rolled position, Yuuki warped her upper body while lifting her face. With a terrifically angry expression, she glared at the man and shouted…

– Don’t bring up that subject in front of me!!

Despite being inside of the room, the wind arose and hitted Naga’s face and body.

Even till then she was speaking about ‘killing’, ‘ driving out’ men, nevertheless, it was clear now that her seriousness was different from that time.

The man jumped back unintentionally and touched his left waist on a spurt.

Not feeling the sensation in his right hand, the man looked at his left waist and smacked his lips.

(There’s nothing. Certainly I….)

– This is bad!

Harrigan shouted sharply at Ais.

– Stop her!

The ropes that binded Yuuki’s body began to split up. At the same time, Ais jumped toward Yuuki.

– Things like men, things like men, kill, kill, kill, I’ll kill them all?


Hearing a weird sound, once the man moved his sight toward them, Ais twisted the girl’s neck from behind as she clinged to her.

Yuuki’s eyes turned white with her power leaving her body.

– That was dangerous, wasn’t it?

Ais kept Yuuki in the same neck twisting position while smiling toward the man.

– No… just now, didn’t her neck snap? Will she be right? Her eyes seems to have turned white.

Looking down at Yuuki, whose body lost its strength, Ais spoke in an indifferent manner.

– Certainly, it will be fine. Yuuki is quite robust.

– I… is that so? In that case it should be fine, but, just now…

The man moved his face toward Harrigan with the intention of wanting to ask, nevertheless, she wouldn’t break down that stern expression.

– Don’t inquire the reason behind Yuuki’s disdain for men. I too, don’t feel like explaining that to you.

– Got that… I’ll pay more attention from now on.

– Please do that. Rather than that, finish your food quickly.

– No, that’s fine. My stomach is already full, and also I don’t feel like eating more after making her angry with that harsh words of mine.

– Is that so?

– Yea, it’s enough. Thanks for the meal, it was delicious.

Once the man returned to his original seat, he deeply bowed his head towards Harrigan.

– You rescued me, so I’ll say my thanks. Had it not been for you and me being given this meal, I’d probably had a dog’s death.

– It’s not a big deal, so don’t mind.

– No no, I consider this to be a big matter. Just a while ago, some words popped inside my head, which are ‘a debt of a night’s stay and a meal’ but, it it feels as though it applies in my situation. That’s why I’ll without doubt return this gratitude.

– You don’t have to take it that seriously.

Saying that, Harrigan too, didn’t seem to be in a bad mood.

The man bowed down to Ais and Lela.

– Thank you for rescuing me. You have my thanks.

– No, don’t mention it.

– Don’t worry about i-t.

Being thanked by the man, Lela and Ais didn’t seem to be that dissatisfied, nevertheless, Ais kept bending Yuuki’s neck while having a much queer expression.

– Well then, shall we talk a little?

Saying that to the man, Harrigan gave instructions to Lela and Ais.

– I’ll have a small talk with this guy. Lela, you wait here. Ais, take Yuuki to your room and wake her up. Still, watch over her so to not let her go violent.

– Yes, ane-sama.

– And both of you, don’t talk about this man to other girls, got that?

– Yes, ane-sama.

– Got th-at.

– Well then, come this way.

Being invited by Harrigan, the man left her room.


The room to which Harrigan led was a study room.

There was a bookshelf together with lined up books inside the bedroom as well, nevertheless, in this one, all the four walls were placed with high bookshelves, which were packed with books. The room gave out the impression of being buried inside books.

– You’re quite a reader, aren’t you? I Can’t even tell what kind of documents this are.

– These are indispensable for magic research and development. Rather than that, sit.

The man,who stood next to a bookshelf while staring at the document, turned around.

Sitting on the wooden stool, Harrigan waited for the man to sit.

– Because you’ve lost your memory, I’ll restrain from asking you personal questions. In exchange, I’m thinking of telling you more about us.

– That would helps a lot. I too, want to learn fast about this world and you.

– I’ll explain that generally and briefly. There might be things, which you don’t understand, but leave the questions for later. Anyway for not just listen.

– Yeah, got that. Well then I’ll entrust you with that.


– First, I’ll tell you more about the war between witches and humans. Just as I said, we are disdained and estranged by humans due to us possessing unusual powers. While continuing to fight against the humans, we fell into decline, and it’s not just our household. Right now, the whole race of witches are on decline. Our race is on the verge of dying.

– However, the biggest reason behind that is our number. If I were to say why, it’s because we lose our power once we give birth to children. It’s not like we will lose instantly our power, but certainly it’s a big damage to that. That’s why, we can’t casually bear children. Once a witch diminish in her magic power, the only job remaining for her is raising a child.

– The partner is a man, you see? they would be chosen at one’s own discretion. For us, the father doesn’t play a big role. Another problem is that the born child doesn’t necessarily possess the quality of a witch. That’s right, there’s no telling whether or not a child will house magic power. That’s why our number won’t increase.

– A long time ago, it was bit better. A long time ago… that is when humans weren’t that many and the countries established by humans were not that strong. Back then, we were more powerful than now and there were people who would acknowledge us, nevertheless, the time has changed.

– The people passed through the mountains, creating new and numerous cities. Even now they’re doing so. The agriculture developed and so the number of harvest, which resulted in natural growth of population. Then, the people expanded here and there, increasing the conflict between both sides.

– We too can’t forget about the church’s expanding influence. In the first place, they’re our true enemy. The reason why there’s no compatibility between humans and witches is due to their influence. While considering us as heretics, they spread about us being the ones that should be destroyed. The more they implemented their roots in this world, the more influence they had, making us becoming the enemy of humans.

– Like that humans recognized us as their enemy and whenever there had a chance or a gap, they would seize our lands. Trying to exterminate us, they began to commenced assaults. We are more superior in terms of individual combat skills, nevertheless, they have more war power than us. Even if we can use magic, taking several hundreds of human soldiers… is a task next to impossible.

– Because of that, our lands were gradually encroached. Even now, we have been pushed quite an area, into the black forest.

– Ah, besides us, there are several other clans that lives in this forest. However, we don’t associate much. It seems that the humans describe us all with the term ‘the country of witches’ but, our activity doesn’t include deep integration with other clans. It seems that a long time ago, when the great witch was alive, the clans had stronger connections with each other. Despite that, we are all treated the same by humans.

– We would become the first to bear the brunt of Kasandora kingdom’s forces, since they’re the nearest human country to us. We somehow repelled it for the time being, but we don’t know how long we can keep resisting. If we were to fall out, the whole black forest would probably be in the humans’ hands. It would be much a different story if the other clans united, but…

Harrigan talked dimly without anger, excitement not any lament.

– Then here is our fort. Beginning with this one, the majority of those who fight are packed in several of these forts located in this forest, beginning with this one. Children and elderly live in a hidden village. I’ll say it, but I can’t bring you there, and I don’t have that much trust on you yet.

– I understand this much.

The man raised his hand as to express his understand.

After finishing to explain in general,  Harrigan breathed out a sigh and continued her while saying – well then.

– I explained broadly about us and our current situation, but did you understand?

– That’s right. I don’t quite get it, but I understand in general.

– That’s why! which one do you mean!?

– That one. I could understand roughly the course of action, but, after all, to know the things in detail, the only thing I can do is to experience them… or such.

Fufu – Harrigan smiled pleasantly.

(What an interesting man. Well, leaving aside whether he’s a clever man or a fool, it’s fine for him not to be scared of us.)

Harrigan had her interest caught by the man in front of her. No, perhaps she was attracted by the man itself.

The man that descended out of sudden from the air.

Even for a famous witch as Harrigan, a magic that could send people to the distant places was not seen or unheard of. Not to mention, rather than being fired from a distant place, it seemed more like he crossed the spacetime from the other place.

Harrigan thought about wanting to investigate that phenomenon.

And not just that.

She also wanted to learn more about the man himself.

A man, who could accept the situation with such a composure, despite being thrown into different world.

A man who asserts as someone unperturbed by emotions, of a deep faith that feels obligated to pay a meal and a night stay debt, and someone that doesn’t make differences between us witches and the humans.

The man, who held the name of Naga.

The word, which Harrigan knew, held the implication of ‘dragon’ or ‘dragon king’.

She didn’t know whether the word indicated his name in that way. However, the man that fell from the sky, whose name held the meaning of ‘dragon’ could imply something. Because of that, Harrigan didn’t plan to release the man. Nevertheless, as the head of the clan, there’s no way for her to prioritize her personal interest. Speaking honestly about themselves, she seeked for the man’s response.

As expected, the man showed a response according to her thoughts. He wasn’t scared of them nor denied them. On the other hand, he would normally make contact with them without any sympathising. It wasn’t an attitude that existed in this world. Assuming that the man indeed came from different world, perhaps, talking to him could open the path for the future of her clan.
There was no particular reason, nor established principles for that. Rather, it was her intuition as the witches’ chief.

Harrigan have decided.

She decided to take care this man as the part of her clan. If he becomes a burden, it should be fine to throw him away, and if he intends to do any harm, it should be no problem in killing him.

Such was Harrigan’s conclusion.


Once she revealed the man’s presence to the others and said that she intends to raise him, continuous objections and doubts were received from the witches. Without there being anyone, who would consent positively, if it was something decided by ane-sama, Lela and Ais would only show a passive approval without any opposing. Nevertheless, in the end, everyone came to acknowledge the man, on the condition of throwing him away, were he to cause any trouble.

Yuuki was the only one, who would continue to oppose till the end, everywhere, firmly, severely and stubbornly. In the end, despite many attempts of calming down and lecturing, Harrigan managed to forcibly overcome Yuuki’s opposition.

– This is what I concluded and I don’t intend to change it.

– If Harri-nee says so, that’s fine. Whatever happens, I don’t care.

Saying so, Yuuki became completely angry, nevertheless she didn’t seem to resort to any forceful methods, such as killing the man or throwing him out from the village. Because of that, Harrigan judged it would be fine to leave it like that for the time being.

It will be a problem to take care of a man, however, how should they refer to the man? For the time being, it wasn’t a good idea just to omit that.

(Because that guy said that he thinks his name is Naga something, there’s no way for us to ignore that. Dragon king…should we go with that? I’ve the feeling like this name is too much for him. if it is was to be the real dragon king, it would probably get angry, still, if we consider it as a nickname, it probably won’t.)

Thinking so, Harrigan decided to referred to the young man as Naga.

Heh? is that so – After announcing that, it would be natural for a person to be surprised. Nevertheless, the majority of witches laughed instead. Their laugh had an element of mocking.

– It doesn’t suit him.

– That name is a fail.

– Wont he get killed by the real dragon king?

Such impressions the witches had.

– Were you guys told of such things?

Despite Harrigan spurring on, the man remained calm.

– In the first place, I don’t know what the dragon king is.

Is he an important individual or a fool? – Harrigan, who couldn’t measure that man with normal criteria, was taken aback.

(But well, if he’s just a simpleton, he probably won’t become of use, but if he’s an extravagant fool, then perhaps he can yield something. Shall I watch over him for the time being?)


With that, Naga, who had been decided to be supported by Harrigan and the others, for now decided not to take any action. Rather than that, because he didn’t understand most about Harrigan’s clan, as well about this world, even if he wanted to do anything, he wouldn’t be able.

Should I first allow myself to observe and study? – Naga started talking.

– That’s fine. Then, shall we walk around this fort once we finish the lunch?

After that they took their lunch and went to take a walk around the inside of the fort. At that time Naga asked…

– Hey Harrigan. When I fell into the bath house, wasn’t there something I was holding to?

– You mean that weird-shaped sword in your waist?

Naga asked vigorously.

– That’s it! What happened to it!?

– We are keeping it.

– Can’t I’ve you return it back to me? Somehow, my left waist feels lonely, I feel anxiety and insecure.

– We will keep it for a little while.


– I’m telling you, that we will keep it, for a little while!

– Naga’s face turned miserable.

– Do you think that I keeping it is dangerous?

– That would be natural?

– Uh… is that so? well, it probably would be.

– Rest assured. Once we learn more about you while living together, we will return it to you.

Naga breathed a small sigh and nodded.

– Then, that’s fine.

– Well, should we go on a stroll and treat ourselves?

Being led by Ais and Harrigan, they walked around the inside of the fortification.

The fort mentioned as fort three, which could be said to be their main base, wasn’t as big in comparison with the others. It was surrounded by wooden fence, nevertheless, it had no ditches. Inside the ground, there were complex constructions, such as a residential building, storage house, weaponry, and a high watch tower. All of them were simple constructions made using woods.

It was probably a rare sight and unheard for him. Naga would frequently stop and look inside the buildings and ask about their name and functions. After having spent the afternoon like that and taking the dinner, Naga retired to a room offered by Harrigan.

– Oh my, as expected, today was a tiring one. I’ll allow myself to go sleep earlier. Is it fine for me to take this off?

Naga pointed the amulet behind his neck.

– Lela will prepare for you a new one tomorrow, so don’t mind.

– In case I won’t be able to wake up tomorrow, please do it for me. I’m thankful for your meals and bedding. Well then, if you allow.

Raising his hand he gave a sign to Harigan, who escorted him until the room. As he suddenly began to take off his clothes, Harrigan became puzzled.

– Hey, what are you doing out of sudden?!

– My clothes are still drying, so I was thinking about leaving them out to dry completely while sleeping.

– If so, do it once I leave the room!

– Ah? I don’t particularly mind. Do you Harrigan?

Despite Being a little bit red faced, Harrigan answered without averting her eyes.

– N, no, I wonder whether I too, don’t mind at all.

-Well then, isn’t that fine?

With just his loincloth, Naga composedly began to stretch his half-dried clothings.

(His body is quite trained… Wh, no no, it isn’t the time to be watching muscles.)

Once she left the room and closed the door, Naga’s snoring was heard from the inside.
(He surely falls asleep fast. Does he have much of courage, or does he have no wariness? He’s a man hard to measure.)

Shaking her head, Harrigan returned to her room.



The following day, after taking the breakfast together with Ais and Harrigan, Naga expressed his wish to walk around the fort once more.

Today as well, he was wearing his clothing, which Harrigan considered as queer, and had a special made amulet attached by Lela at the same place.

(Because there are no other clothings for him, it can’t be helped. I’ve to deal with that matter somehow. Well, should I leave that for later? However…)

There was no way to let Naga wander alone, so guiding was utmost necessary. That part could be done only by someone like Harrigan, nevertheless, she too had lots of duty piled up as the head of the clan.

-I too, can only help you in my free time, nevertheless… this isn’t what I mean.

Once she said it in that way with disagreeableness.

– That’s fine. In that case, you don’t have to guide. Because I’ll just hang around properly in this surrounding of the fort.

– The surrounding of the fort? do you plan to walk around the forest?

– Yeah, I want to learn, even if it’s just a bit, about how this world looks. But first, I want to see with my very eyes this region where you live.

– A forest is a forest. However much you look at it, there are just trees.

– Ah, that’s fine. I wanna see it while inhaling some air.

(What a weird guy. In the first place, the way in which he appeared was weird, but…)

– Even if you say so.

– What? Is there something I shouldn’t see in the forest?

– Not that’s not. But, people who walks this forest without knowing about it, will get lost. It’s because, in addition to the forest being deeply dark, we put a barrier. It would be different in case they were to focus much and set a benchmark, but…

– A barrier…

Naga pondered.

– Yea, think of it as one type of magic. It’s a magic used to deceive people’s eyes, who doesn’t know about this place.

– Is that so? Then, I cannot wander alone?.

Making a disappointed face, once he looked at the forest outside the fort, Lela, who was waiting a bit far away from them, stepped up.

-Ane-sama, Shall I do the gui-ding?

– Is is right? Will you fine by yourself?

– Even if the effect of the amulet runs out, I’ll be there, so there shouldn’t be pro-blem. Right now, there are things, which you need to do, so.

– This isn’t what I mean. Will you be fine being alone with that perverted guy? – is what I wanted to ask. I’ll say it, but this guys is a pervert?

– Don’t ask rude things! And don’t say it!

– Ah….

– And you, don’t just start pondering about that!

Bending her neck while having a stern face, Lela raised up her face and looked at Naga with a glance from his tip to toes.

– Well, it will be fine , I thin-k. When necessary, I’ll burn him using the fla-me spell.

– Is that so?Then I’ll leave it to you.

As soon as Harrigan said so, she whispered to Lela’s ear as if embracing her.

– Be careful of that man.

– That’s why, I can hear you! Such a lack of respect.

Kukuku – Harrigan chuckled as she once again put the emphasis on what she said.

– You better follow Lela guide obediently?

– I know, good grief. If you worry so much it would be bad for your health.

– Not being worried about a man that comes and grope people’s chest out of sudden, what else should I worry about?

– Ah… that’s right, I was confused that time at the sudden course of events. There’s no longer need to worry.

– I’d like to hope so…

Shifting her sight away from him, Harrigan took a glance at Lela’s appearance. Nevertheless, the girl remained emotionless she would and looked at Naga.

(Despite her having an indifferent attitude toward things, it’s rare for Lela to be this positive. Could it be that she’s taking an interest into that man….?

Is it good or bad? Up to this point, Harrigan couldn’t understand. Still, she felt it could be a sort of a new fresh wind that began to blow through the monotonous witches in this mood stagnant village.

– Well then, I will entrust you with that Lela.

– Leave it to m-e.

Like that Naga was taken by Lela and they both moved from the fort toward the forest.


In this virgin forest, all the trees were high with numerous branches that were thickly overgrown with leaves.

Despite now being the noon, the forest was thickly dim. Nevertheless, the grass below one’s feet wasn’t that high, therefore, it didn’t cause problem when moving.

Because Naga walked with a fast and big pace, it was natural for him to be in front of Lela.

– Being inside this forest, seems to give me a depressing feeling.

Inside the dim forest, Naga shifted his sight left and right while walking as he muttered. Hearing that, Lela objected with a snap.

– It’s not because we want to live here that we are he-re. It can’t be helped but to live while avoiding conflicts with peo-ple.

Naga suddenly stopped and turned around.

– Are you guys content with that?

Lela was caught off guard.

– I think I saw how the things are going in this fort yesterday and today, but somehow the atmosphere felt silent. You could say there was no mood nor ambition? and also you looked resigned?

Naga took a glance at Lela’s face.

– Running inside the forest as if driven away by humans, and hiding you presence motionlessly here in order to avoid conflicts with them. Are you satisfied with that?

– There’s no, way, for us to be satisfie-d.

Shouting without realizing that, Lela covered her mouth hurriedly.

Perhaps, Harrigan as well held the dissatisfaction while being the leader of the group. Naga noticed that and interjected.

– Forget about what just happened no-w…

– If you say so, I’m not going to ask.

Again facing forward, Naga continued to walk.

On the other hand, Lela felt as if her body became heavy, being unable to take another step.

Meanwhile, Naga kept walking.

Once she returned to herself, there was no sight of Naga.

(Cra-p. For me of all the people to slack o-ff.)

While panicking, Lela tried to catch after Naga.

No matter how fast he is, he shouldn’t be able to walk far away while being the first timer in this forest. What’s more, as long there’s not much of distance between them, Lela can follow him up thanks to her own magic leaking from the amulet, so, she didn’t worry much.

Just as she anticipated, she spotted Naga’s back after walking a while.

It seemed as though he was hiding in the shadow, kneeling and holding his breath while peeking at something in front of im.

Because his tension passed along to Lela, she approached unintentionally with her stealthy steps.

As she gently approached, Naga turned behind as he noticed her and gave her sign to stoop using his hand.

Once she lined next to him while keeping low her head, she asked as if whispering.

– Is there a beast or some-thing?

– A ferocious and brutal one.

Because Naga whispered back, Lela became tense.

Once she peek out with her face from the shadow of a thick tree trunk.

In front, there was a small valley-shaped river flowing, inside of which Yuuki was taking a bath. She was naked, which was natural one way or another.

-A…ah..indeed it’s a ferocious bea-st. A specific one among peo-ple, but..

There was no doubt that she ditched the designated job and went to bath due to her facing previously with Naga at the fort.

(In that case, it’s you reap what you sow, but..)

Lela thought about what they should do.

Yuuki, who didn’t suspect anyone to peek her, climbed up the rocky area as she performed bold calisthenics, and jumped into the deep water from the rock while having fun.

Yuuki’s wet and naked body was radiating with the sunlight. Naturally, because she didn’t suspect anyone to peak, she wouldn’t think about hiding her body.

Her body had white skin, which was almost transparent.

Her shoulders and waist drew smooth curves.

Her chest hills, which were neither small nor big, bulged with a pretty shape.

On top of them, cute and pink nipples protruded.

The lightly golden bush between her groins was damp with water and stickily clinging to her abdomen.

And then, a smiling face, which Naga hadn’t seen until now, popped on her face.

– What’s that? So she could smile like this?

Naga’s sight was completely glued to Yuuki’s face and naked body.

Leyla peeked with her sidelong glance at Naga’s appearance.

(He’s zealously looking, isn’t h-e? Well, I can unders-tand that, but… her body isn’t the same as Ais’ still, Yuuki has quite an attractive bo-dy.)

Or at least it was more womanly than mine – is what Lela admitted.

(Nevertheless, he’s probably too enthusias-tic. At this rate, there’s a fear Yuuki will noti-ce. That girl is very sensitive to men’s sight-s.)



As soon as Lela placed her hand on his shoulders, Naga looked aside with his startled face.

-A… ah, sorry,  I couldn’t help it..

Naga made an excuse, nevertheless, he didn’t seem to think that way.

– We have just come, so I haven’t seen much.

(He doesn’t seem so but, rather than th-at.)

– Don’t mo-ve! It can’t be helped that you have se-en. We can’t be spotted now that we have seen her important pa-r-ts.

– What do you mean?

– If you’re spotted on peeking, you will di-e. Saying that, you will be killed by Yuu-ki. That’s is 9/10, 9 out 10, and 99 percent certain.

– Doesn’t the last one give me less than 10% of chance to avoid?

– Yes, that’s why it’s certa-in. Even if ane-sama tries to stop her, Yuuki won’t probably listen to he-r.

Naga’s body shivered.

– You… could it be, you plan to report me to Yuuki?

Without answering to Naga’s question, once Lela took out an amulet from her waist, she began to write down using her small brush.

– Yes, please attach th-is.

– W-what? What do you intend to do?

At that time, Yuuki, who was about to jump off the rock area, stopped. Frowning her eyes suspiciously, she look on the sides attentively.

– We will be noticed, fast attach… rather than that I’ll attach i-t!

Lela banged the new charm with a slap on Naga’s forehead.

– It’s an amulet that cuts off one’s presence. Remain sile-nt.
Just as Lela told, Naga ceased his movements and hid his breath while continuing to peek at Yuuki.

Yuuki, who was searching around for a moment with deep suspicion, suddenly yelled – Ah! Naga’s body froze thinking that he was spotted, however, it wasn’t that case.

– A smoke signal from the fort!

Yuuki jumped toward her thrown clothings and wore before one could even notice. Once she did that, she run up the slope and disappeared in a blink of time inside the forest.

Waiting until she disappeared, Lela stood up.

– You narrowly escaped from death, Na-ga-san.

– A… ah, it seems to be so.

Once Naga breathed out a sigh of relief and loosened his body, Lela bent her waist while reaching out her right hand to scrape off the amulet on his forehead.

– Speaking of which, Yuuki said there was a smoke signal rising. Shouldn’t we head back as well?

Lela looked up at the sky toward the fort.

Indeed there was a string of red smoke seen from between the trees.

– There’s no doubt that something happe-ned at the fort. Let’s head bac-k.

Naga slowly stood up.

– Despite that, why didn’t you report me to that guy?

– If I report, you will di-e? Even if I report you to Yuuki at the fort, instead of this place, you will be kill-ed.

– Are you actually considering me carefully?

Lela raised the edges of her mouth with a grin.

– Let’s make a deal Naga-san.

– Ah, so it was like that.

Then Naga grinned when he understood the situation.

-Well? what’s the condition?

– Whenever you manage to retrieve some of your lost memory, please talk about it to me first, no matter what it i-s.

– Are you fine with that?

– You might think that it’s trivial, but for me it’s importa-nt. I definitely want to learn more about the other world, which doesn’t exist he-re.

Naga and Lela looked at each other. Their sights intertwined with each other in the air.

Naga couldn’t guess what kind of request she had, nevertheless, he nodded as he said – Yeah, fine.

– If it’s enough for you not to leak it, then it’s a cheap price. I’ll talk however much you want.

Lela lowered her sight and bowed down.

– Thank yo-u.

– No, that’s fine. By the way, can I ask you one thing?

Naga spoke to Lela’s back as she was about to run.


– Why does Yuuki disdain men so much?

– Shouldn’t ane-sama already told you about not inqui-ring?

– No, I was just bothered by it. She hasn’t shown that violent reaction until now?

– That’s righ-t. Yuuki is specia-l.

– Why is that?

– It’s not something I should answe-r. If ane-sama deems it as fine, she will probably talk to you about i-t.

– Such way of talk putting on airs.

– It seems that she made some unpleasant memories when she was small. Probably she can’t forget about the painful experien-ces.

Naga felt a throb in his chest.

He couldn’t explain the reason behind that, nevertheless, there’s no doubt, some fragments of his memories reacted at Lela’s words.

(I see. so she had some painful experiences at her childhood? It seems that I had gone through the same. When it comes to this, losing one’s memories doesn’t seem to be half bad, doesn’t it?)

A masochistic smile floated on Naga’s face.

Seeing that painful smile on his face, Lela pulled back her head, nevertheless, Naga’s smile immediately vanished and his face turned back to a daring one.

– Ah, sorry for stopping you. We should hasten.

– Then… let’s ru-n. Please tag along without falling behin-d.

Because Leyla break into a run inside the forest, Naga run after her.

(A smoke signal? Did something happened? Could it it that the fort was attacked?)

Naga’s anticipation were half right and half wrong.


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