Chapter 47 – The Banquet (latter part)

Chapter 47 – The Banquet (latter part)

After both Franko and Dante had left, Mike adjusted his breath and approached Eiji.
His face, which was filled with resentment a while ago, cleared up while turning into a refreshed one.

– It’s a nice feeling.
– But in exchange, it was dangerous for a moment….
– I don’t care. At the time something happens, it won’t be solely my problem. That’s because nobody in this village will stay calm.

Mike spoke while making a glare radiating with light.
Just like he stated boldly, the villagers’ attitude will probably turn hostile against the outsiders.
And there was no doubt that the rumor of today’s outburst will spread inside the village.

Things have become quite troublesome – Eiji thought as he wanted to scratch his head.
There was no need to become hostile from the very beginning.

It would be a different story were they to part today without getting acquainted, however, from now on, they’ll be forced to face each other.

Despite him intending to get along with the newcomers, the result turned opposite to his expectations with someone finally losing their patience.
Putting aside Eiji, who began to worry about what could have gone wrong, Mike placed his hand on Eiji’s shoulder.

– Ain’t you amazing? I don’t know what that technique was, but you were able to deal with that guy pretty well.
– That’s because I used to practice Judo. I haven’t done it for quite a long time, but it seems that my body still remembers the moves.
– Judo?
– If it’s the art of shooting with the bow, it’s called Yumi-dou. In this case, it’s the name of the technique where you throw your opponent over your shoulder and restrict him.
– So you were practicing something like that? I wonder if it wasn’t just a coincidence.

It was difficult to explain the principles of Judo in a society where there were no combat skills.
However, if the person is a hunter, it’s possible for him to learn bow techniques.
For instance, after explaining what he did was, to Mike, he seemed to be in a great admiration.

Like this? – Mike said while mimicking Eiji’s movements.
In the first place, it was probably thanks to Eiji’s reflexes that his movements were able to follow in Judo.
Perhaps it’s what people could refer to as a ‘jack of all trades, master of none’
It might have been simply the body management[1] that Eiji was captivated with.
Despite that, he was taken by surprise.

Just the thought of letting someone aim for that was fearsome; nevertheless, it was different in case of Mike, who was always present in Eiji’s surrounding, and who held no particular grudge against humans.

– This time, please teach me how it works.
– We need a soft ground, or you’ll get injured.
– There should be no problem if we use the lawn, right?

Rather it would be more preferable – Eiji agreed.

Still, Mike was now cheerful, which didn’t make him look like the same irritated person from a while ago.

– Are you really okay?

Seeing the smiling Mike, who gulped down whiskey and began to eat, Jane asked worrisomely after arriving at the banquet.

Ah, indeed she’s a good wife. It’s very like of Jane to look after and worry about her husband. – He thought.
Tanya too, was probably worried about Eiji the moment he was standing in the center of the conflict.
Looking next to his seat, there was Tanya sitting with a blank expression.
Once Eiji raised his hand and nodded lightly, Tanya replied back as she breathed out a sigh of relief.

– Yeah, Jane. I’m fit and sound thanks to Eiji. Sorry for making you worry.
– Is that so? I’m relieved. Then, I guess you ought to learn how to hold back your temper.
– Aah….?

Jane’s face, which was resembling that of a loving mother, immediately turned into a furious expression.
It was scary. Eiji couldn’t understand what was going on; nevertheless, he felt that it was better to leave the place at once.
Despite him quickly leaving the scene behind, he couldn’t tell what will happen to Mike, who was still glared with sharp eyes by Jane.

– It might be different in case of people in this village, but don’t bring us the shame in front of the guests! You octopus blockhead! Die!
– Fuguah! Hebuu! Obufu!

Using her fist in a gouging manner, Jane sank it into Mike’s stomach three times as blunt sounds generated.
Bang, bang – together with the heavy sounds, Mike’s body bent into a ‘‘ shaped latter.

Once she had entwined her arms around Mike’s neck, she threw him down using his neck as a support.

– Ah, it’s a hip wheel.

Right after Eiji muttered the name of the technique, Jane treaded on Mike with her boots, whose body was knocked against the ground from the side of his back.
It was just like a combo movement, in which there was no time for the person to catch their breath.
Receiving the final artistic blow, it seemed that Mike sustained even more damage than from Dante.

– Today, why don’t you abstain from eating and drinking as a form of repentance?
– Wifey, that’s barbarous.
– Silence!
– You’re cruel, way too cruel.
– Do you want to taste my blows one more time?

Mike, who was all worn-out, raised a pathetic voice, but Jane didn’t seem to show him any mercy.
Raising both of her hands, she swung Mike around with his neck.

Once Mike was made to sit, cups and plates were put away from the table.
Philip and Fernando asked for Mike’s condition and tried to console him, still, none of them would protect him, as they were completely overcome with fear.

How should one describe it? It was a kind of miserable thing to happen during a feast that was prepared with lots of efforts.

However, it might have been thanks to Jane and Mike that the atmosphere changed, as the banquet calmed down after that.
Perhaps, the exit of Franko and the man with an intimidating air, Dante, will bring a positive change on the latter person.
The other newcomers, who had been out of attention, didn’t move as if being frozen. Nevertheless, they slowly began to reach out their hands toward the food and alcohol.
And then, a single person drew near Eiji’s seat.
It was a girl with a small build.

– My name is Katharina. I’m sorry for the troubles caused by Dante!
– It’s Eiji. I too apologize for causing a scene during this welcome party that was prepared with everyone’s efforts.
– Eiji-san, please treat me well from now on!

Katharina bowed down vigorously.
Once she raised her head back, she smiled bashfully.
It was a short-haired girl that gave out the impression of being energetic.
Katharina looked up at Eiji with her big and round eyes radiating with light.

Indeed, she has a cuteness of a squirrel. I wonder if she’s younger than Tanya. – He thought.

Eiji’s eyes run quickly over Katharina’s whole body.
Her woolen sweater, which was dyed in indigo, stretched over her pair of breasts, creating bulges at the same time.
Eiji quickly averted his eyes.
He is a man who managed to keep his common sense while living under the same roof with a single woman for three months. Therefore, he wouldn’t be moved by this much.
She probably used her hands a lot, as they looked a bit rough indicating that she possessed a pair of laborer’s hands.

Eiji was pleased that there was finally someone willing to exchange a conversation.
At least, he wanted to establish new contacts and improve their cooperation even if it’s a little.

– The dishes here are truly delicious. Not even in Nazioni have I eaten something like this.
– It was made by my wife and the woman just now. If by any chance, Katharina-san takes an interest in them, how about talking with each other about various dishes? I too, am curious about Nazioni’s cuisine.
– I want to know as well! Even though the ingredients ain’t much different, the way you prepared the sauce and cheese was done really skillfully.
– Isn’t Nazioni’s cooking quite similar to the one here?
– That’s right. We usually have wheat gruel, vegetable soup, river and ocean’s fishes, and some wild plants during this season.
– Fishes? Makes me want to eat some.

Hearing the sudden mention about fishes, Eiji felt a strong urge to try them.
Since his arrival in this village, Eiji’s dream of tasting Japanese cuisine was completely cut off.
He wanted to eat some rice, as well as Miso soup using the soy sauce.
However much he would pray, there was nobody on this island that had rice and soybeans.
Were he able to eat some sashimi, he would be thankful.
Or at least, if this place wasn’t located deep in the mountains.

Someday, I’ll set out on a trip. Let’s leave this rocky area and move to some village near the waters. – Eiji thought.

If there’s a chance for such a cultural exchange, he will declare his wish for participation even if he has to protest.

Recalling back the dishes from his hometown, Eiji noticed Katharina staring at him silently.
It appears that his mind was completely wandering.

– Sorry, I was overthinking a bit.
– That’s fine.
– Katharina-san, what were you doing in the city?
– I was in charge of dyeing.
– You mean like dyeing clothes?
– Yes. And then, on a certain day, a thing called soap was introduced, improving my dyeing job immediately. It made me wonder what kind of person the inventor must be. I was told before coming here that the inventor of the soap plans to teach me new skills, so obviously, I agreed!

A story came from quite an unexpected place.
Looks like a large amount of soap was brought to Nazioni.
However, Eiji wouldn’t have expected for it to be use for dyeing clothes as well as washing one’s body.
If one considers it thoroughly, detergents are also used in laundry, so it’s reasonable for the soap to be used for removing stains.
Still, her expression looked very pleased.

Katharina’s face was growing red from the excitement.
It seemed that at least this person might become a worthy disciple – Eiji thought.</p

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Translator and reference notes:

[1]: also known as Tai sabaki. For more info:


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