Epilogue 1

“Mother, I’m back.”

Having her body completely coiled in a long, dark mantle, Elysione Anian Sraymeyer looked up above her head and called out.
As she did so, Vita Solskjaer Sraymeyer, who was having an afternoon nap on a hammock about five and a half metres above the ground, in a tree, opened one of her eyes lazily.

As always, she was wearing her lovely, fluttering short dress. However, she would take off her symbolic headgear during her naps.
Indeed, Vita had just awoken and opened her eyes to look at Elysione, but, one could still feel a peculiar force coming from her.

“…Is that you, Elysio? So, how was your job?”

Sensing Elysione’s unusual voice, she raised her body abruptly.

“What’s the matter?”
“Things have become complicated.”
“……Could it be, that Harrigan and the rest died in the battle?”

Elysione shook her head from side to side emphatically.

“Not at all. Rather than dying, they have achieved a big victory.”
“W……What?! You–”

Vita’s body fell off from the hammock as she leaned excessively forward to look at Elysione.


She continued to fall headlong towards the ground…..Nevertheless, she immediately did a flip and pointed her feet towards the ground.
Her dress fluttered in the wind.
This, however, wasn’t even as surprising as what happened next.
In addition to Vita’s body being light and flexible, she had great reflexes. There were many points that deserved praise.
However, once she pointed her feet towards the ground, she slowed down rapidly. This was surely not a natural occurrence.
Right before landing, Vita’s body looked as though it had stopped midair.
As she lightly landed, as if she was a bird, Vita folded her arms with a concerned face and struck a daunting pose.
Her appearance was cute and her posture didn’t give off a sense of intimidation. But, her pupils emitted a mysterious radiance.

“Let me hear the details of your story, Ely. Still, I don’t want my other daughters to learn about this yet, so be more discreet.”

Being told so, Elysione crouched down and started to whisper into her ear.

“That’s, you see….”
“Are you a simpleton?!”

Vita, who was folding her hands, hit Elysione’s head with a chop.

“Are you making light of me, you rascal!”
“Ah, no, I did so because you told me to be more discreet….”
“Don’t squat down! Are you trying to emphasize the fact that I’m short?….Or perhaps, you want to boast about how tall you are? I’ll let you die, you rascal!”

Holding her head with teary eyes, Elysione looked up at Vita and shook her head vigorously.

“Well, I guess that’s fine, since I can always spank you. More importantly, what did you mean by saying that Harrigan won? Just what on earth happened?”
“Ok, I’ll tell you what I saw from the start.”

Elysione, who kneeled down on one knee, started to report.

“Just like Mother had told me, I placed the mantle previously near the Schweiz River and went there first, so as to observe Kasandora Kingdom’s army crossing it.

But, contrary to what I had expected, the right side of the riverbank turned into a battlefield.”
Elysione described, chronologically and in detail, what she had witnessed at the battlefield.
Without interrupting her, Vita listened carefully and intently, but…

“….and this is the whole story of the battle between Harrigan’s Clan and Kasandora’s army that I witnessed, Mother.”

Once Elysione concluded her report,

“I can’t believe it……”

Uttering these few words, Vita became speechless.

“………. ”
“Aren’t you going to say anything?!”


She shoved the sole of her foot right into Elysione’s face, making her fall over onto the floor behind her.

“Fuwa” – Tumbling once on the floor, Elysione immediately rose up and held her nose.

“What are you doing all of a sudden, Mother?”
“That’s because you were doing nothing. Don’t just keep silent; say something at least, like: ‘What should we do?’. If you don’t say something, it’s hard for me to start talking again.”
“Even if I’m told something unreasonable like that…”
“Do you want me to strip you of your mantle and hang you on a tree, naked?”
“What should we do, Mother?”

Vita narrowed her eyes that glowed with an evil light.

“You’re saying it while trying to fake your expression. You are indeed making light of me, you rascal.”

*shudder shudder shudder*

Reaching out both of her palms in front of Eliushune’s eyes, Vita grabbed her neck and, at the same time, shook with all her might.

Slightly smacking her lips, Vita shifted her eyes and looked up at the sky.

“Despite it being true, this fighting style is nothing like Harrigan’s. I thought that only someone like Kishiria would be capable of pulling off such a maneuver, but, no that’s wrong. Even she shouldn’t be able to come up with something like this. How should I say it, doesn’t the way they fight give off a distinct impression…?”

Suddenly turning back, Vita looked at Elysione, who stood a short distance away.

“Wasn’t there some sort of change among Harrigan and the rest? Or perhaps, something has happened to Kasandora’s army? Still…”

Elysione quickly nodded her head.

“Yes, there was.”
“W-What was it?”
“There was a human guy, whom I’ve never seen before, among Harrigan’s clan.”
“You fooooooooooool!”

Vita suddenly leapt forward.
Her small body floated into the air and aimed directly at Elysione while gliding above the ground.


As soon as Vita Kicked Elusione in her face, the girl was blown away with a dreadful force.

“Why didn’t you mentioning such an important thing at the beginniiiiiing?!”

Elysione, who tumbled 14 metres away on the ground, held her mouth while apologizing.

“I-I’m sorry.”

Despite that, one would want to say that Vita’s kick had a terrific power as she blew away the tall Elysione with her small body. Nevertheless, if one was to look from the side, her kick didn’t give an impression of having that much force, which was strange.

“Good grief, since you’re more stupid than I’d expected, I might not be able to utilize you, I guess.”

Vita, muttered and spat, quickly pulled herself together and contemplated on the meaning behind Elysione’s words.

“A man….is it…? But…if it’s a man, then there’s no doubt he was somehow responsible for Harrigan’s victory. Still, who’s that guy? Why is Harrigan following a human guy? I don’t get it, I don’t get it anymore.”

Casting her eyes to the floor while deeply pondering, Vita grumbled and then finally stopped and looked up.

“Whatever the case may be, it feels like Harrigan will soon come to us. Should we wait til then? But…. there’s still that human guy. Somehow, things have gotten interesting, right?”

Putting a daring smile on her face, Vita faced Elysione, who was timidly looking at her.

“What are you doing there, Ely? We are returning to the fort. Won’t you come with me quickly?”
“Um, as long as I don’t have to go through the punishment,”
“If you don’t come with me quickly, I’ll seriously consider hanging you naked and upside down with your legs spread….”

Elysione rushed back with her full speed.

“It would be better to let my other daughters know about this. As soon we return back, I’ll have you explain it to them once again, Ely.”
“Yes, Mother.”

Vita, whose appearance resembled that of a young witch, was followed by Elysione, with a serious face, as they returned back to their base.


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