Prologue 2

“What’s the situation of Harrigan and the rest, Eliushune?”

The person that was asking was a short witch with an immature build, which had no curves, wearing a headdress with a characteristic pattern that stood out.


She seemed to be a young girl, whose appearance wasn’t even that of a 10 year old. Her facial expression was young and cute.

What she wore was a short ancient skirt, which had lots of space exposed. It suited that slender physique that wasn’t curvy.

However, on her face, a fearless expression was to be seen, which didn’t match that appearance of hers.

The atmosphere that she brought was filled with the confidence, which one would think had lots of experience. That disparity could make those who witnessed it anxious.

On the other hand, there was a witch who was probably in her late teens, named Eliushune.

Because she was half kneeling, her height wasn’t clear, but, her back was taller than that of her partner, and her outward look was amazing as well.

Since she was wearing a mantle that wrapped around her body, her body lines weren’t obvious. Nevertheless, there was no doubt she looked older than her companion.

However, what Eliushune said next was

“By the way, Mother,”

She said.

Facing the young girl, she called her ‘Mother’.

The young girl, as well, had a natural expression despite being called that.

No wonder, the witch with the look of a young girl named Vita Solskjær Zuleyma was the in fact the head of the Zuleyma Clan, which ruled the domain next to the one of the Harrigan Clan inside the black forest.

“It seems that the talk about the Kasandora Kingdom preparing an onslaught on the black forest using all its force was true. Right now, two thousand units of their military force have gathered at Fort Ein.”

Vita slightly moved her eyebrows.

“Two thousand? Is that true? Speaking of which, what will Harrigan and Co. do? Do they plan to flee?”

“No, about that…”

On the face of the reporting girl, named Eliushune, a sign of confusion appeared.

“They are preparing for battle.”

“What on earth!”

Vita opened her eyes widely as she bent slightly backward.

The girl composed herself, at the same time looking into Eliushune’s eyes

“Do they intend to fight? Or request assistance from us? Or could it be, they plan on an honorable defeat? No no, she’s not a simpleton to that extent. Just what is that woman thinking?”

Vita, who was speaking in a manner unsuitable for her appearance, spoke as if throwing away her words.

“If those guys are driven away, the next one to bear the full brunt of the human’s attack will be us. That’s why, I was wondering whether it would be fine to lend them some of our power, were we to be requested to assist them.”

“It seems that the Clan of Harrigan intends to throw all their forces into that battle with Kasandora Kingdom.”

Vita counted inside her head the witches, which she knew were from Harrigan’s household.

“Despite saying all the forces, certainly, their content of people should be only 20. Throwing in all of their forces is only bound to fail.”

“If those guys’ base becomes empty, it will be the perfect opportunity for us to take over one or two of their fortifications, right?”

Vita, who looked at Eliushune, narrowed her eyes.

“Aren’t you an idiot, Eliushune?”


Being glared at in a scathing manner by Vita, Eliushune was at a loss for words.

“Talking about attacking Harrigan & Co.’s back and stealing their fortification, do you think there’s any profit, in doing that, for us?”

“There’s not…?”

“Doing that will only make them perish faster. Like I said before, if they become destroyed, we will be the next one to bear the brunt of humans’ attack.”

“We need to have them do their best in hindering the human army.”

“Oh, I see.”


(This girl has high level of magic and combat skills, but she’s basically a simpleton. Can’t she understand how complicated this situation is?)

“Fuu” – Vita breathed a small sigh.

(I wish we had some smart witches, like Lela.)

“Mother, is there something wrong?”

“Hm, it’s nothing. Rather than that, don’t take your eyes off of Harrigan & Co, Eliushune. Assuming they are driven away, the human army will probably try to invade the black forest. In the worst case, they will stretch their hands toward our territory. I’ll gather all the members, who are my children, and make them prepare for the war.”

“Understood, Mother.”

“I’ll entrust you with watching them, just don’t commit a blunder, Eliushune, got it?”

“I can’t believe you’re saying such a thing, Mother. Have I, Eliushune, ever committed any blunders before?”

Huuh?”(voice of great annoyance)

Vita glared at her with wide eyes.

“I don’t like that kind of joke, Eliushune.”


“If I were to count all the blunders, which you’ve made until now, it might take all day.”


“This time’s reconnaissance is different. Got it?”

“….Of course, Mother.”

Vita, who calmly nodded, told her solemnly.

“If you commit another blunder, I’ll strip you naked and hang you up on the tree.”

Eliushune distorted her face, giving out a small shriek.

“How cruel!”

“If you don’t like it, then do your job properly and report to me without missing any detail.”

“G-Got it.”

“Then go.”


(When mother says so, then there’s nothing but to do it. Were I to fail in my duty, I’ll be stripped naked and hung on tree… then poked, knocked and toyed with by the other witches.)

Cold sweat surfaced on her face as she stood up.

Once she stood up, indeed, she was taller than Vita, with Vita’s head only reaching the upper part of Eliushune’s stomach, below her chest.


Eliushune’s head began to lower down little by little.

Because her body was hidden under the mantle, it was hard to tell whether or not it was her back shrinking. At least, it looked as if her back was shrinking by looking from the position next to her.

Eliushune’s head instantly matched the height of Vita’s head, who was standing right in front of her eyes.

Despite that, Eliushune’s head didn’t stop descending.

It lowered to the position of Vita’s lower back, and then of her lap, finally ceasing at the moment it was on the level of the wooden floor. It looked as though her head was placed on top of the floor after being beheaded.

Like that, Eliushune opened her mouth.

It was a bizarre scene, which would guarantee those who didn’t know what was happening would shake with fear.

“Once something happens, I’ll appropriately submit the report.”

“I wonder if it won’t be too frequent and wordy coming from you, Eliushune. Be it the army of humans or Harrigan, don’t be careless.”


Suddenly, the remaining portion of her head sunk and disappeared.

What was left, spreading out on the floor, was the lightly brown colored mantle worn by the girl.

Speaking of which, rather than her back shrinking, there is no mistaking it was Eliushune’s magic that made her vanish, in other words, it teleported her to another place.

Watching the mantle lying on the floor without its owner, the head of the witches, Vita, muttered.

“Harrigan, just what are you thinking? If you intend to cause me trouble, I’ll not forgive you. Providing that you do so, I’ll strip you naked and spank that ass of yours a hundred times. Since your ass became quite big, it will be much easier to do so.”


After that, the girl looked up, with sharp eyes, at the back side of the roof, where the beams of the wooden building were exposed.

“Despite that, this attitude isn’t fit for Harrigan. Was there some sort of change in her group? Or could it be that the predecessors, who had left the forest, returned back?…..No no, that can’t be. Even if they were to come back now….. If so…..”


Vita, who folded her hands while deeply pondering, shook her head as she unfolded her hands.

“Well, that’s fine. Rather than pondering about what she plans, if the full force of Kasandora’s army comes to take over the forest…. the situation ahead of us will greatly change. No, rather the whole epoch will be influenced”

“kukuku” –  The young girl, Vita, chuckled.


“Assuming that’s true, it will be decided that I will live during a time of great changes. Interesting… isn’t it getting interesting? Hahaha”
Vita sat alone inside the room, her high-pitched laughing voice reverberating.


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  1. MMZX says:

    It’s official, Vita REALLY has a screw loose lol. Thanks for the prologues!

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    Before taking on the human, let’s beat up the other witches. Internal conflict is too uncool.


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    Shouldn’t she be more concerned about the 2000 army? Normally speaking, they would just steamroll through all the clans.


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