Seiun wo Kakeru


Synopsis: Teaser

Character list: People and Places

Images: updated as they appear in the story

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Section 1- The Smithing Arc

Chapter 1: The Senbakoki

Chapter 2: Who am I?

Chapter 3: The Recognition as a Villager

Chapter 4: Initiation of Manufacturing

Chapter 5: The Wheelbarrow and Fernando the Carpenter

Chapter 6: The Commencement of Work

Chapter 7: The Ring

Chapter 8: The Watermill

Chapter 9: The Debut and the Hatchet

Chapter 9.5: The Winnower and Pietro the Apprentice

Section 2- The Agriculture and Trade Arc

Chapter 10: Commencement of Land Reclamination

Chapter 11: Soil Plowing

Chapter 12: The Dream

Chapter 13: Beef Tallow Soap and the Lonely Night

Chapter 14: The Heart of Japan, Ofuro

Chapter 15: The Peddler

Chapter 16: Outside of the Village

Chapter 17: The Trade

Chapter 18: The Trade with Tal Village

Chapter19: The Return of The Storm

Chapter 20: The Start of The Negotiation

Chapter 21: The Conclusion of The Negotiation

Chapter 22: The Memories

Chapter 23: The Past

Section 3 – The Village Development Arc

Chapter 24: The Development Project

Chapter 25: Nail Clippers and Scissors

Chapter 26: The Lumber

Chapter 27: The Arrival of Winter and Tanning

Chapter 28: The Preparations for the Festival of Abundant Harvest 1

Chapter 29: The Preparations for the Festival of Abundant Harvest 2

Chapter 30: The Festival of Abundant Harvest

Chapter 31 – The Song of Migrants

Chapter 32 – the Resumption of Smithing

Chapter 33 – The Five Miniatures

Chapter 34 – Reversi

Chapter 35 – The Beginning of the Animal Shed Construction

Chapter 36 – The Raid

Chapter 37 – The Disturbance of A Fierce Battle

Chapter 38 – The Sleepless Night

Chapter 39 – The Taste of Alcohol

Chapter 40 – The Spring Budding

Chapter 41 – Animal Husbandry and the Drinking Bout

Chapter 42 – The Weaver

Chapter 43 – The Watermill (first part)

Chapter 44 – The Watermill (Latter part)

Section 4 – The Visitors Arc

Chapter 45 – The Visitors

Chapter 46 – The Banquet (first part)

Chapter 47 – The Banquet (latter part)

Chapter 47.5 – After the Banquet

Chapter 48 – Mining (first part)

Chapter 49 – Mining (middle part 1)

Chapter 50 – Mining (middle part 2)

Chapter 51 – Mining (last part)

Chapter 52 – The Oral Tradition

Chapter 53 – Infidelity

Chapter 54 – Living Apart

Chapter 55 – Mediation

Chapter 56 – The Anvil and the Horseshoe

Chapter 57 – The First Smithing Practice and the Boat Trip

Section 5 – The Commencement of Shipping

Chapter 58 – Back to Tal Village

Chapter 59 – The Promise with Tal Village

Chapter 60 – The Tribal Chief of Mostori, Pierro (first part)

Chapter 61 – The Tribal Chief of Mostori, Pierro (middle part)

Chapter 62 – The Tribal Chief of Mostori, Pierro (last part 1)

Chapter 63 – The Tribal Chief of Mostori, Pierro (last part 2)

Chapter 64 – The mysterious girl

Chapter 65 – The Girl and the Horse

Chapter 66 – The Feral Child

Chapter 67 – Horse Racing

Chapter 68 – The Saw and The Plane

Chapter 69 – The village of salt

Chapter 70 – Making Salt (first part)

Chapter 71 – Making Salt (last part)

Chapter 72 – The Night and the Return

Chapter 73 – After the Return (first part)

Chapter 74 – After the Return (last part)


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48 Responses to Seiun wo Kakeru

  1. jvmunhoz says:

    Well, this section here could surely use some extra editing. Using text hyperlinks and possibly dividing the chapters by their respective,”arcs” (or sections, as you are using) would certainly make this page look more neat. I’m not complaining though, just trying to help the site look better.


  2. arucchi says:

    This novel is really refreshing… thank you for working on this. I have a question though if the answer is possible, does this story have a tragedy tag? I’m kinda dreading that because I like the peaceful development so far (it’s like a breath of fresh air!).
    However, all the settings of the story are warning me about the plot’s development… Like jealous landlords who’re likely to try and monopolize the riches and technologies…
    So if possible, if something tragic might happen and the tone of the story darkens (and by that I talk about slaughters and wars), I’d love a little forewarning! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hentai-sama says:

    thanks… wondering when will be the next update


  4. David says:

    Hello, found out about this just today and I am reading it in one go.
    When I finished chapter 9 and clicked the “next” I had an urge to come check the ToC to see how much I still had before running out of chapters, coincidentally I noticed poor chapter 9.5 which was excluded form the “previous/next chapter” listing? Is there a reason for that?


  5. God Ginrai says:

    What chapter does Arc 3 end on? The chapters haven’t been updated on the ToC and I like to wait until an arc is complete to read it.


  6. Starltyz says:

    Requesting a permission to rummage this blog, so I ask.


  7. The Brave Esteemed Pervert Emperor of Lolitania. Prongs Ojiisan the First says:

    Map of sienna village

    From author itself

    Please translate it

    Translator chan


  8. alex says:

    is a difference between the WN and LN ?


    • hachidori108 says:

      There was someone who was kind enough to scan color pages and table of content from the 1st LN vol for me. The content seemed to be the same, just the order of some events were different. For example, Eiji’s trip to Nazioni ,which should take place in the 6th arc of WN, comes after the end of the 2nd arc of WN in the LN. (the 1st and 2nd arc are in the same order for both versions).


  9. kunji says:

    thaks for the chapter


  10. kenji z says:

    thanks 4 the chapter


  11. God Ginrai says:

    What chapter does the shipping arc end on? The chapters aren’t being updated in the ToC up above.


  12. Albedo's Ahoge says:
  13. God Ginrai says:

    Please tell me you’ll update the ToC once section 6 is complete.


  14. GMPIMP39 says:

    novel updates said this has netorare hope it doesn’t if it does tell me what chapter so i can prepare my heart


  15. mokuro129 says:

    hachidori’s site says “Account Suspended” now… Anyone know what happened?


  16. nik13porto17 says:

    Chapters 75 to 86 are not present on this table of contents although they do exist on this site.


  17. Babilon says:

    Death project?


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