Chapter 22 – The Memories

Chapter 22- The Memories

This morning was first time this ever happened – thought Eiji.
As always, he woke up as the sun began to rise, proceeding next to the morning preparations.
However, there was something different this time – That was Tanya’s attitude.
Tanya, who would usually be brimming with a smile, was in low spirits today.
Her expression seemed to show nothing but being at her wit’s end.
There was no energy in her movements, and the only thing that stayed the same was the delicious morning breakfast.

Just what’s going on – he thought worriedly.

– Do you feel weak?
– Eh?
– Did you catch cold from getting soaked yesterday? If you don’t feel well, don’t try to force yourself.

Catching a cold would be a serious case.
Eiji could fry some herbs to make a cold medicine; nevertheless, in case the illness is aggravated, it could lead to pneumonia of the lungs. For children and elderly, it would mean the same as instant death.
Just thinking about her that way gave Eiji the shivers.
But Tanya shook her head toward the worried Eiji.

– My physical condition is fine.
– Is that so? But today, you seem to be depressed.

Tanya trembled her shoulders nervously.
Despite Eiji being unable to understand her emotions, it was clear that something was troubling her.
And it was the change since yesterday.
There is no doubt that it has something to do with the circumstance from yesterday, as well as the ones today.

– Is it about the tax matter from yesterday?
– Pardon?

What Eiji heard as a reply was a question filled with doubts.
– Then, it has to be something related to my memories, right?
– …Yes.
– Are you worried about that?
– I’m a detestable woman…
– Tanya-san?

Eiji became surprised at hearing these sudden words.
The reason behind Tanya’s worries were his forgotten memories.
However, Eiji was convinced that he wanted to make her happy, and at the same time make her life blissful.
Despite that, what’s the meaning behind her anxiety?

– When I had been told last night about Eiji-san possibly retrieving his memories, I believed that it would be fine.

If so, why is she making such a painful expression?
While casting her eyes down, Tanya’s big droplets of tears started to flow down.

– But at the same, I thought that Eiji-san will change once he retrieves his memories, and will probably no longer love me.

That’s not true – thought Eiji.
He was trying to say that, but Tanya’s confession didn’t stop.
She disclosed her fears as if throwing the words straight out of her chest.

– Just thinking about that makes my heart painful. For a moment, I was convinced that it would be better if you don’t recall at all….

I’m a failure as a wife. – she thought.
Finally, Tanya’s big drops of tears, which were gathered in the corners of her eyes, burst while flowing over her cheeks without end, making her hiccup.

He wouldn’t have expected for her to think about it that way. While Tanya was covering her face with hands, Eiji embraced her as if telling Tanya to show her face.
Was she thinking that Eiji would scold her? Tanya shuddered with her gorgeous shoulders while expecting that to happen.

Without being able to bind with her deceased ex-husband, she probably felt great loneliness since then.

Surely, Tanya pictured this image inside her head many times – The image of a happy family with her husband and a child, sitting together at the same table and smiling every day.
And yet the candidate for her husband, whom she had been looking for, might turn out into a different person due to his regained memories.
Eiji thought about spending everyday getting along with her, but as expected, perhaps he also felt there was an anxiety which he was unable to express in words. Such an expression was visible on his face.

He had to say it right now – words that would make her stop crying and reduce her anxiety. A word that would bring the pride of being a wife back to her.
– A child, let’s have a child.
– Pardon?
– If we have a child, then there will be no doubt on whether I will leave you or not, right?
Tanya, who had an expression of doubting her ears, loosed a little bit her emotions while turning glad.
Unlike Eiji, who thought of enjoying his newlywed life, Tanya possibly wished to have a child the whole time.

– But, won’t it be troublesome, since it will probably cry at night?
– That’s fine…. I’ll give my best to look after it.
– Furthermore, once you become pregnant, your condition might turn worse?
– Every mother has to go through the same, right? I don’t mind. I want to bear Eiji-san’s child.

There is probably no man that wouldn’t be happy after being told of wanting to have a child. No, there is definitely none.

While embracing her shoulders, Eiji restrained his urge of pushing her down and immediately carrying out that plan. He still had an audience with the tribal chief this afternoon.
What’s more, after their marriage, he somehow became able to control his lust.

– Tanya-san, I love you. Whether I regain my memories or not, this fact won’t change.
– Eiji-san, forgive me for having doubted in you…
– Please don’t apologize. I’m bad at dealing with a crying woman.

As he wiped her cheek, their lips overlapped each other.
Her eyes were red from weeping her eyes out, which didn’t look pretty.
However, this was part of the woman whom he loved – is what Eiji told himself.
His chest felt hot.

– Hey, cheer up. If you make that awful face, I won’t be able to make advances at you, right?
– Eiji-san… you have no sense of delicacy.

Tanya, who used a sharp voice, turned sullen, only to be brimming with a smile the next moment.
— (pleasant sigh).. Indeed, this cheerful atmosphere suits her the best – thought Eiji.


The shaking of the rumbling wheels was felt in Eiji’s hands.
Inside the wheelbarrow were the oil goods from yesterday’s trade.
The way in which oil could be used covered a wide-range, such as quenching and cog-wheel lubrication.
Because both the rapeseed and the olive oil have a different viscosity, there was a need to determine their role separately.
If I could use the oil for various purposes… – he thought.

– Master, welcome back.
– Good morning, I’m back. Pietro, can you help me transport this luggage?
– Please leave it to me.

Pietro moved forward while pushing the wheelbarrow with enthusiasm.
It was fine to be full of spirit; nevertheless, Eiji had little bit of chill on whether or not the cart with the load would break from Pietro being unrestrained in his actions. However, it seemed to be a needless worry.
A careless blacksmith wouldn’t be fit for handling numerous edged tools; notwithstanding, Pietro had skillful fingers, not to mention an obedient personality.
Whenever he was assigned to do a task, Pietro would accept it without making excuses or having any objections.
Perhaps he will become a blacksmith with a bright future – thought Eiji
He wanted to pass on to Pietro his art and knowledge as much as possible.
Eiji couldn’t tell how it will turn out in the future, but as for now, Pietro was no more than a successor.

– First, let’s put the oil deep inside the room.
– Got it.

Once they reached the workplace, instead of proceeding to work, they began their activity with a conversation.
Eiji thought he would tell Pietro, who was his subordinate, about the tax case.
Both of them sat at the table, facing each other.

– Good job taking care of the workshop, Pietro. Was there anything that changed while I was away?
– I received three requests for tools grinding. I did two of them, which were scythes, but the third one came from Philip, who brought his hatchet and told me to entrust it to Eiji-san. Therefore, I left it in the corner.
– Philip-san? Hm, Shall I grind it later?

The lumberjack seemed to be very pleased with his hatchet, to the extent that he wouldn’t let anyone else touch it, besides Eiji.
There were a few requests, which were similar in type.
It was probably vexing for Pietro; however, he had just begun his apprenticeship. It couldn’t be helped for him to be compared that way with Eiji.
Rather than getting vexed, I’d like him to polish his skills in making springs – thought Eiji.

– Is this the end of your report?
– Yes. After that, I made some charcoal.
– Well then, I’ll pass you the information which I know. You know that yesterday, there was that person called Franko?
– Yes…. My father was worried about how his next compulsory service would turn out, so I know.
– Is that so? It happened that I exchanged with him the conversation last evening, which concluded with me having to pay him with 500 arrowheads and 10 natas.
– Till now there was no need for such things?
– It’s because I’ve recently arrived in this village. As expected, a newcomer like me, who is unable to pay, probably can’t ask for much regarding taxes. Guess that would be the case.

Pietro nodded while awaiting Eiji’s next words.
Was it because he was suddenly told about taxes? His pupils flickered.

– Let’s have you make fasteners and arrowheads. They don’t require much of strength.
– M……Me?!
– That’s right. Despite saying so, it’s not much, however, you’ll surely get used to making them.
– Yes!

While clenching his fist, Pietro was overflowing with great joy.
After a moment, while noticing himself his rude behavior, Pietro hurriedly adjusted his appearance. Pietro’s posture felt pleasant, despite him trying with all his might to hide his joy.

Seeing him, Eiji remembered about his own dear moments.
He recalled himself being filled with enormous joy when he was allowed to make his first item.
Nevertheless, he had to give himself a warning.
Especially about Pietro, whose progress was too fast since the beginning of his lessons.
Eiji wanted him to learn the basics; however, the time was limited.
So as to teach him the skills, which doesn’t lack dexterity requirements, Eiji had to pay attention.

– Still, an item is determined by whom it’s made by. Depending on one’s own made object, it can expose people to the danger. If you neglect even a single fastener, there may be cases where a pillar collapses and kills people. While holding the right to make things, you’re also bound to bear the responsibility at the same time. That’s why, don’t forget about that from now on.
– Yes!

Eiji had always struck iron while keeping this in mind.
He made items, so as to please certain people.
Even though he was told to make weapons, he refused, because it run opposite to his will.

Eiji wondered whether his own master had given him the same piece of advice as he was doing now.
He tried to recall the face of his father, whom he could only remember through his hazy memories
However, this could change with today.
While thinking so, Eiji waited anxiously for the day to become noon.


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