Chapter 84 – Departure, Now Time for Nazioni

Chapter 84 – Departure, Now Time for Nazioni.

Soon after the conversation ended, Katharina returned back home.
A silence continued for a while between Eiji and Tanya.
By the time the aftertaste left behind by Katharina’s presence began to disappear, Eiji opened his mouth.
His sight was directed at the doorway.

– Well, it seems Katharina has returned back, right?
– Yes. I think it’s okay now, Eiji-san.

Nodding to each other, they both checked if it was safe to hold a new conversation.
It wasn’t the sort of talk that was good to be overheard by others.

Eiji asked Tanya a question so as to confirm and reshape the doubt dwelling inside of him.

– So what’s your opinion?
– Do you think she was seriously saying that?
– In other words, you mean to say she was told to do so by Franko?
– Yes.

I see. This has become quite a nuisance.

Eiji thought it would be nice, were it to be Katharina’s own view.
Katharina, who adhered to her own beliefs, would wish for her own happiness even if it was a little.
If she could express total lies, no doubt many of her worries would be relieved.

To begin with, Eiji had thought that the possibility for that was low, but nevertheless…. assuming the content of Katharina’s talk was genuine, it would mean that yet another vexing truth became apparent.

– I’ve come to understand something thanks to this time’s conversation.
– What?
– Franko most likely, knows about me making weapons.
– …..For real? Just how——
– No, you see. I’ve been keeping his words inside my mind when he parted with me.

{Suddenly, it makes me want to question if there’s something I should feel guilty about in my job.}[1]

Is what Franko said.

Those were probably not words uttered by a dejected loser who was unable to achieve his goal.
Recalling that moment, Eiji felt a chill running through his spine.

– There’s a chance he mostly believed that way, I think.
– Still, he didn’t try to be forceful in pursuing what he wanted, right?
– Perhaps, he thought it would be better not to create any deplorable event, were they to admit me into the clan afterwards, you see. And then, the one who was providing Franko with information would most likely be—–

What resurfaced inside Eiji and Tanya’s heads was the face of the same person.
They both nodded in agreement at the same time.

– It’s Katharina-san, isn’t it? Eiji-san, you too would completely agree on that, right?
– Yes. To begin with, even if I am to object, I’ve no authority over Katharina. What’s more, were I to butt in right after hearing some of her story, I probably wouldn’t have been able to see it through.
– Eiji-san has become quite skillful in negotiations, haven’t you?
– It’s thanks to you. Still, I was nervous about whether or not I’d enrage Tanya-san.
– I too thought it felt off.

That’s because, the way you spoke was very different from how you usually speak? – Tanya said.
Being told that, Eiji could only make a wry smile.
Judging from Tanya-san’s perspective, I wonder what she thinks of me. – he thought.
Originally, Eiji didn’t have much self-confidence in himself.
However, as soon as they both became wife and husband, Eiji believed he should build a fair amount of self-confidence up in himself.

– Still, what’s the motive behind their plan this time?
– That’s right…. What I can think of is that the plan’s role is to suppress any possible mutiny coming from this village, and taking in Eiji-san as a member of their clan is the first step. The first step of making you willing to cooperate. Looking at it in terms of foreign affairs, they probably fear that trading with Siena will become more attractive and preferable to other places than with their city, were we to grow in strength. Their plan is a countermeasure to prevent any Siena-related trade that could lead to mutiny. If we consider the plan’s effect in the long term, there’s a lot they could gain from that, indeed. I hate to admit it, but I think they’ve come up with a good idea.[2]

Numerous causes stirred together came out smoothly from Tanya’s mouth.
Eiji was in admiration at how she could boldly sort that much information within a brief amount of time.
Even he wouldn’t be able to arrive at such an idea.
Perhaps, Eiji would, at most, be able to give one or two examples?

As expected, was Tanya’s ability to reason the result of her being groomed as a potential candidate for becoming the tribal chief?
What’s more, the number of itemized benefits was surprisingly high.
Still, there was a single problem left.

– For me, the problem lies in Eiji-san being the partner of the engagement, you see.
– Tanya-san, you know, I’m honestly sorry about what I did back there.
– I wonder if that’s how you feel. Speaking of which, you didn’t seem to be completely against, did you?

Shaking his head desperately from side to side, Eiji denied her statement.
Certainly, he pictured the three of them living together.
Nevertheless, Eiji couldn’t think of a future where both Tanya and Katharina would smile.
It was a future in which any of these 2, or rather both them, could only become unhappy, were Eiji to deal with them poorly.
Tanya, who saw his hopeless appearance, began to snicker at him.

For Eiji, it was a shameful experience, to the extent of him emitting steam from his head.
Seriously, don’t tease me if you understand. – he thought.
Eiji wanted to change the topic of their conversation, but he wondered if it should be fine to do.
Thinking doubtfully about something, he asked:

– Can you think of any reason as to why Katharina-san became a spy?
– Maybe, it has to do with her not going back or something that’s family-related.
– And something more concrete?
– Hm…. For instance, she could’ve accepted somebody’s custody due to her having to take care of someone else because the war left them crippled, and found herself unable to pay a satisfactory amount of taxes because of this.
– Are you saying it’s the very reason why Katharina was put into the group that came to this place?
– I’m not sure about that, but the most suspicious thing is…
– Somehow, it appears they are taking advantage of her weakness. It doesn’t feel like a pleasant story, does it?
– Although Katharina-san is on the side of wrong-doers for us, she’s also in the victimized position, right?

Can nothing be done about that?
Even if Eiji considered himself as being naive, as long it wasn’t something that required great troubles, he wanted to save Katharina too.
However, saying so, Eiji also wanted them to pass on the matter of bigamy.

– Still, it’s necessary for me to take up their offer, isn’t it?

At his question, Tanya kept silent.
For a moment, she made a bitter expression as if being in agony, and had a face that looked like she was forced to swallow something hardly. After that, Tanya nodded down.

– I guess it can’t be helped but to accept it.
– Is it about one’s honor?
– Yes. When the ruling side proposes a marriage, there’s no way for the proposed party to be forgiven were they to refuse. Otherwise, the proposing party will lose face.
– That’s right…..In other words, as long he can preserve his honor….
– Eiji-san?

At that moment, Eiji was caught up in his own thoughts.
Not even Katharina’s voice would reach him right now.
Eiji felt as if an answer that would bring a turnabout for everything was about to come.
Marriage….. Appeasement….. Clan…… Adopted child.

-……Tanya-san! How about this?!
– W, What?

At Eiji’s sudden scream, Tanya became astonished.
Nonetheless, he had no time to worry about that.
Eiji wanted for her to listen to his opinion straight away.

– You see, that is to say, I will ――――.
– Eh? Isn’t that a bit unreasonable?
– However, it should also have lots of advantages. And most importantly, Nazioni will be able to save face.
– Indeed, that may be true, but….
– Even if we were to be declined, there’s nothing to lose. Don’t you think it’s worth it to give it a try?
– T, That’s right…. Certainly, if he overlooks that fact, the story shouldn’t be half as bad. Understood. I’ll be waiting for good news from you.
– After all, it’s for the sake of protecting our family now, correct? If Tanya-san gives me her support, I’ll be inspired with fresh courage.

Putting a grin on his face, Eiji showed off his biceps.
Fret not. It will go well without any doubt. – is what he wanted to convey.
Tanya blinked her eyes in amazement.
It will be fine, don’t worry. – He embraced Tanya while saying that to himself.

The next day, by the time Eiji arrived at Bona’s residence, the preparations were already complete.
A mountain-like amount of wheat was piled up on a rickshaw[3].
Besides them, there were other sort of things put on stand-like carriers collected in form of taxes, such as fur and wool. Either way, there were lots of items.
Eiji’s made tools and different soaps were stored inside one of the carriers.
A part of those carts would be pulled by cattle, but nonetheless, they would be later pulled by people.
In front of Siena’s inhabitants, who gathered to pay taxes, there was Franko with his horse.

– So you have arrived?
– Seems like I’ve made you wait, right? I apologize for that.
– No, I don’t mind. To begin with, this departure was unforeseen for you, and you probably had to prepare too.

Just like Franko said, even if it was a sudden one-week absence, one had to do their preparations hurriedly.
There were also other preparations that had to be done, such as preparing water and a food supply, or a change of clothes.
It also appeared that Eiji and the rest would have to sleep outside.

– Howdy, Master. Come and sit next to me.
– On the bullock cart? In the first place, why is Dante-san sitting?
– I’m, well, that’s because I’m the son of a ruler, you see. Therefore, I’m receiving special treatment.
– Then, what’s the reason for me to sit?
– Rather than assisting with tax collection, I was told by my father to help you. Since I’m just following his orders, it’s not like I’ll care if you don’t want to comply.
– Hm….

Eiji, who agreed to Dante’s talk, boarded the bullock cart.
Judging from the point of view of other villagers, it wasn’t a privilege that was praiseworthy or pleasant in feeling, however, even if Eiji was to decline the offer, it could leave a bad impression on Nazioni’s court afterwards.
Eiji thought about taking the initiative and about how he should move during their breaks.
With Katharina’s appearance nowhere to be seen, she was ostensibly and honestly planning to remain in the village.
Assuming she decided not to return back to her home and see her father after a whole year, it looked like there was quite a reason behind that.

It would be nice if I could at least help a bit in solving her problem during this trip. – Eiji thought.

– Well, we will be leaving shortly, but, do you have anything you left behind?

While saying so, Franko continued to prudently check the carts containing the items paid in taxes.

– Then, we’re departing!

At his voice, the troupe began to slowly advance.


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Translator and reference notes:

[1]: I previously made a mistake in ch. 82 regarding Franko’s inspection. Eiji was present at the time Franko left those words when parting, but I jumped into the wrong conclusion, and instead, decided to go with my own version. (Partially, due to the author not specifying that part). Will fix this later in the previous chapter.

[2]: Not 100% sure about this part.

[3]: The japanese term “jinrikisha” means “a human powered vehicle”, but I’m not sure how it links with the rest.


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