Chapter 16 – Outside of the Village

Chapter 16 – Outside of the Village

Eiji’s manufactured goods covered most of the village.
He wouldn’t have thought that he would be making tools, and there were lots of iron goods in his vicinity.

The iron nails, which are among the topic, used to be produced only by factorial industries, nevertheless, they were now handmade.
Amid the iron goods, there were 3 which had been highly welcomed in the village.
First – farming tools, second – cooking tools, like pots and kitchen knife, and lastly – sewing tools.
Because domestic industry is common in this period, sewing for each individual is considered to be a wife’s job.
What’s more, the materials used in sewing mostly consist of furs, whereas, cotton is only reserved for rich households.
The firm iron nail, which is able to pierce through heavy and hard furs, received an ardent welcoming from the villagers.

Using the same nail, Eiji made round trips with high-grade hemisphere-shaped cloths.
The nicely cut hemispheric pieces of cloths kept being sewn together and decorated with an embroidery.
After making two of these cloths, he extended from them, vertically, two cords and joined both of them using a hook.
That was a bra.
Having obstinately repeated size measuring, Eiji created the surface of the cloths, perfectly matching Tanya’s chest. In addition to that, he garnished it with a flower embroidery.

– Tanya-san, can I have a moment?
– Again size measuring? Just how many times do you plan to measure?
– Eh, no, I just want to make it so that it perfectly suits you.
– (sigh), You probably just want to touch them, while using that as a pretext.

You just understand it, do you – he thought, while glaring at her red faced.
While giving out the smile full of energy, Eiji stood behind Tanya’s back, and placed the bra on her chest.
Because there were no measuring tools, he had to set a benchmark by himself and make small adjustments.
Eiji, who was a perfectionist with worker traits, repeated the measurement many times.

– Heh? Didn’t your chest grow again…?
– That’s because there’s someone who can’t content himself with touching.
– That’s because it’s you Tanya-san.
– Naturally! If you dare to do that with any other women, I definitely won’t forgive you, right?

Her voice filled with jealousy was pleasant for Eiji’s ears.
While being distracted with talk, Eiji used this opportunity to knead her chest. Certainly, her volume increased.
The slippery skin sucked into his hands. The ample meat changed its shape as if it was matching Eiji’s hands. Once Tanya sensed his them reaching the top of her puffs, she pinched the back of his hands.
However many times they felt each others skin, Eiji liked that unbreakable stiffness in her behavior.

– Please stop doing that in the morning.
– But, during night you’re fine with that, ain’t you?
– I don’t know…The size measuring is probably over, so let them go.

Hanging her head in shame, certainly, Tanya didn’t want their eyes to meet.
Her ears turned red and were burning hot. Tanya’s white nape stood out from her loosely untied hair, where a kiss mark could be seen on it. Was it due to Eiji sucking on it thoroughly last night?
That’s bad – he thought, as he felt the urge to push her down.
However, he learned a lesson from his previous experience; otherwise, it would turn into quite the troublesome thing later.
Once he made Tanya really upset, while being look with scorching eyes, her mood wouldn’t improve for a whole day.
Her cold look could make one feels heartbroken.
So as to avoid any conflict, Eiji took back his hands as requested. Tanya gave out a deep sigh.
As she distanced herself, she faced toward the shelves, and took out something.

– What’s that?
– It’s a fur tunic. Recently, it’s become cool, so won’t you feel cold?
– Thank you. I’ll value it. Well, here’s your return gift.

After Eiji quickly adjusted the hook, he handed it to Tanya.

– Oh my, wasn’t this supposed to be unfinished?
– I only had to adjust the hook, so it was about to be done.
– Does that mean the previous size measurement was unnecessary?
– No, it was vital. Because it was the last adjustment, it was really vital.

Eiji wore the tunic, passing his arms through the sleeves.
Was it because it was tanned with deer fur? He could immediately sense warmth wrapping around him.
And also, was it because she sewed it carefully? It didn’t feel tight on Eiji’s top shoulders when he was moving.

Tanya watched over his posture gladly.

– Tanya-san, you too, please wear that brassiere.
– Then please turn around.
– Eh…It’s bad for me to watch?
– Naturally.

Eiji couldn’t help but to turn his back. As he did so, the sound of clothes rubbing could be heard.
No matter how many times he saw her body, he couldn’t be content.

– It’s done.
– Yes, as expected, it looks pretty.

Without having the chance to peek, Tanya finished changing.
Her big chest, which was supported, drew beautiful round spheres more than anything.
Her limbs were sunburnt, but the skin hidden under her clothes was white.
The red dyed brassiere was perfectly suited to her healthy limbs packed with chest mass, which looked as if they were about to burst.
Having a pretty wife was indeed a blessing.
Standing in front of the keenly watching Eiji, Tanya moved down her clothes previously pulled up.

– Yes, that’s enough.
-Too fast! Where’s the extra time?
– Please do your best while working.
– Ah, wait a moment. Don’t push me out like this.
– I think a hardworking man would be dreamy.
– Even if you say so… I can’t help but to start working.

In the end, Eiji, being forced out, left to do his job.


As always, Eiji swung using his metal hammer.
Sometimes he would help with field work, the other time- making soap using the disposed ash; however, what mostly made his heart at peace was processing iron.

While carrying out his smithing work, he would often interrupt Pietro, and teach him his art.
If one were to let their apprentice do the simple task, then letting them do a harder task, such as striking with hammer, would also count.
Cutting the crimson-burning metal sheet thinly, and turning it into the shape for the further striking proceeding, then placing it on the iron anvil.
Once the round pillar was made, Eiji turned over its tip and tapered it to a point. After shaving it further, a nail fastener was made.

Eiji repeated this procedure ten times.
Because the item which he was making was small, there was no need to use the water-powered hammer.
It seemed that thanks to numerous repetitions of his work, Eiji became able to grasp the most suitable amount of carbon which should be allotted.
And the iron with a much higher viscosity than before was made.

– Master, we have a guest.
-U-understood. Once I finish this job, I’ll see him right away, so please make him wait a little bit longer.
– Got that. Sir, please sit here and wait until master comes.

Pietro prepared a smoothly curved chair made of iron.
Its role was to display values which would make guests understanding of iron-made items’ quality.
What’s more there was no way for Eiji to let a guest enter inside the workshop.
Even though Eiji’s passed his skills to his disciple without any stint, it was only natural for him to treasure his manufacturing methods by never taking them off the premises.

Presuming that it was the right time to stop, Eiji moved toward the door opening, only to meet a man wearing fur clothes from top to bottom, sitting on a chair.
The man appeared to be in his prime, and had mild eyes.
Since Eiji couldn’t recognize him, he was probably someone from a neighboring village.
Recently, it became routine for Eiji to receive guests with trading intentions from neighboring villages.
Eiji didn’t know when the rumor of iron spread, but his first order was a hatchet.
At first, Eiji refused to do so, but as expected, he couldn’t continue to keep everything to himself.

It was also essential to maintain interactions between different villages. Because of that, even though it was only a slight amount, Eiji began to trade with his goods.
He didn’t make farming tools, as they required lots of consumption; nevertheless, he could receive making kitchen knives, pots, knives, and hatchets as an order.
It wasn’t due to high prices that few of his tools were bought, but usually, Eiji would receive 2-3 orders each time.
Since iron tools were resistant and sharp, these alone were worth the money.

– Welcome. Sorry for making you wait.
– It’s incredibly hot, isn’t it?
– Everyone who comes here for the first time thinks so too.
– Nice to meet you, I’m the tribal chief of Tal village, Girolamo.
– Oh, to think that I’d meet the tribal chief in person.

Tal Village was located below the riverside, and it takes a whole day to reach it from where Eiji lived.

The population of this village was a little more than 100. It’s production centered around earthenware, many of which were used as tableware in Eiji’s household.
There were no other industries beside this one, nor blacksmiths.
Therefore, it was like a blessing for Girolamo to have one nearby.
Of course he could always supply his lacks by making a request to a peddler, or trading with other villages; however, the further the distance, the higher the cost.

Metal goods were high-grade goods.

– Well then, I’d like to have some farming tools made…
– I intend to sell them, once I manage to improve their resistance properties.
– So, in other words, you won’t sell me half-done tools, is that right?
– That would only make my labor harder if I were to repair them, so pardon me.

Eiji wanted to answer this request, if only he could.
Nevertheless, his tools weren’t resistant enough for use in hard conditions.
As long as the good doesn’t display its right value, one shouldn’t consider them for sale – such was Eiji’s view.

As he bowed down his head feeling sorry, Girolamo waved his hand side to side.

– No, in that case, it’s fine. Still, can I have you make me a metal hammer, fasteners, a hatchet, and arrowheads?
– I can prepare a metal hammer, fasteners and arrowheads for you, but I need you to choose a hatchet.
– Choose?

Girolamo made a face which seemed to indicate he didn’t understand.

– Despite saying hatchet, They can vary depending on whether they are used for lumbering or log cutting, as well as whether they’re single-edged or double-edged.
– Oh, I see. If it’s for lumberjack to use, I wonder if the double-edged will be fine.
– So be it. Certainly, I think it’s best to pick the right tool for the job, and in case of a lumberjack, attaching the hilt would be the right thing. When do you need it?
– I plan to lodge here for today and depart tomorrow.
– In that case, I’ll probably make it in time if I start now. Please come here tomorrow morning.

The negotiations talk ended.
As soon as Girolamo returned back, Eiji proceeded quickly to its making.
Double-edged tools, just like single-edged, do not require making a curve.
Eiji had to focus on making it straight, so that the blade would plunge into wood, and the wooden handle wouldn’t slip out, in order to make goods which would yield a result surpassing their buyers’ expectations.

The better evaluation they receive, the more customers will come.
Like this, the iron manufactured goods became recognized being from this village, little by little, even though this wasn’t Eiji’s primary intention.

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