Chapter 2 – An Unexpected Prisoner (part1)

Puffing her cheeks and displaying her discontent, Kay called out to Naga with a loud voice and tried to draw his attention and have him turn his horse’s neck.

“Ah, wait a moment, Naga-san!”
“What? Is there something bothering you?”
“That’s not what I mean. We’ve gone through the trouble of coming here, so can’t we at least enjoy a little swimming?”
“We didn’t come here to play, but…”
“That’s why, I’m telling you it’s just for a change of mood before we start our duties.”
“Ah, isn’t it fine? Naga-san, let’s swim together.”

Ixine expressed her consent.

“Umm, when it comes to swimming, there’s no witch better at it than I am.”

Nonoel lifted her hand.

“No, I don’t get why you’re boasting about being the best swimmer among us, Nono.”
“Eh? So it was no good?”
“No no, it’s not about that. I think it’s good to have Nono teach Naga-san since you’re most proficient in that.”
“Good grief. It can’t be helped, I guess.”

While saying so, Naga dismounted his horse. Nevertheless, he didn’t dislike it so much that he would complain.
Naga decided to see Nonoel, Kay, and Ixine off half-way from the Schweiz River where those 3 had been posted to keep watch. At the same time, he also decided to carry out some horse-riding practice.

Rather than him practicing by himself, teaching Ixine horse-riding was much more meaningful.
Descending from the great cliff towards the plain, Naga galloped on his horse while aiming upstream.
Kay was saddled on the back of Naga’s horse, whereas Nonoel sat behind Ixine.
Nonoel, who was extremely frightened, clung to Ixine’s lower back. On the other hand Kay was, somewhat happily, glued to Naga’s back.

Running at full speed, Naga created some space between his and Ixine’s horse.
Continuing on like that, he called out to Kay, who was seated behind him.
“Oi, Kay.”
“Whaat, Naga-san?”

“You, weren’t you fine riding behind Ixine the other day? Why did you decide to cling to me today? You’re not going to say that my riding skills are better than Ixine’s, right?”
“Of course not. But that’s not the reason. Somehow, it feels nostalgic, you see.”
“Ha? What? Riding on a horse?”
“Wrong, wrong. It’s not that. A man’s back, is what I mean.”

Kay snapped and struck Naga’s back with her right hand.

“I don’t get it. Speaking of which, stop hitting me with all your strength. It hurts.”

Today, Naga didn’t put his armor on. Since he was wearing a kimono with tight sleeves, which he had received from Harrigan and the rest, it felt quite painful for him when he was hit forcefully on his back.

“Ahaha, sorry sorry.”

Kay withdrew her hand while laughing.

“Saying that a man’s back feels nostalgic…..Could it be that you’re talking about your father?”

Naga tried to ask this.

“Umm, well guess you could say so.”
“It’s been on my mind since before, but where and what are each of your fathers doing?”
“We don’t have a father.”

“W, What? It’s impossible for such an absurd thing to exist. Or could it be, that in case of the witches, children are born from just a mother?”
“Honestly, there’s no way for that.”

Ahaha – Kay laughed.

“That’s not it. Umm, perhaps it’s better to say we don’t have any fathers or brothers?”
“What’s the meaning…. of that?”
“Because explaining the story would take too long, I’ll tell you about it again on another occasion. You see, the witches basically know nothing about their fathers. They’re not informed about them. That’s why, it’s the same as saying they don’t exist.”

Naga didn’t understand the meaning behind Kay’s words, however, he understood her words were quite significant for the witches.

(Somehow, it’s become hard to ask them casually.)
Not being aware of Naga’s hesitant face, Kay continued her story.

“Therefore, nobody from the witches know their fathers, and so they have no memories about them. But you see, I’ve got some memories about my father.”
“Would that be….his back?”
“Yes. Despite them being faint memories, should you say I remember them? It seems like he used to carry me on his back and walk with me. I’ve not the slightest idea about where or when he disappeared, but with just your large, warm back in front of my eyes, I can recall those times.”
“Because of that, it suddenly felt nostalgic when I saw Naga-san’s back. Hehe.”

Wearing an embarrassed grin on her face, Kay once again put her strength into her arms around Naga’s waist and glued her face to his back.

“Honestly, I’m not at the age to have a big daughter like you.”

Kay, who loosed her face from Naga’s back, again hit it with her right hand.

“Even though I was able to immerse myself in some nostalgic feelings, don’t say things like that. Aren’t you a kill-joy?”
“That’s why, I’m telling you not to hit me. Listen to me!”
“Ah, this, somehow feels like whipping a horse. Yes, doesn’t it give a sound similar to fw-chi?”

Since Kei, was carried away and wouldn’t stop hitting him, Naga became annoyed.

“S, Seriously, this girl. Hey, stop it!”

While messing around with each other, they finally reached their destination and Naga halted the horse.

“Hey, we are here, so get down.”

Kay made a displeased face, however, she wouldn’t complain any further and lightly descended from the horse.
Soon after, Ixine and Nonoel arrived on their horse.

Both banks of the river, where Naga and the rest had made a dam, turned into a rocky area. It was convenient for hiding one’s presence, and enemy soldiers would most likely not reach this far. Even if they were to do so, it would be easy to spot them as Nonoel and Kay would camp there and watch over the river.

“Ixine, hasn’t you horse-riding skill improved quite significantly?”
“I did it! I was praised by Naga-san!”

Sitting on her horse, Ixine clenched her right hand in victory.

Ixine, who was fired up, had on a leather-made and slender tube skirt similar to those found among equestrian tribes. On her feet, she wore a pair of shin high boots. Her outfit was unlike those commonly used by the witches, but nevertheless such an appearance was relatively fitting to Ixine’s tall stature.

“Well then, I’ll be heading back. Take good care of yourself while standing guard. Especially you, Kay. Don’t make any rash decisions, got it?”
“Ehh, you’re saying some cruel things there. I’m not the type of person who would act recklessly, you know?”
“Yes, I know. I was just kidding.”

“Well, having some refreshment and taking a breather are important as well, right?”
“True true. It’s important, important.”

Being in high spirits, Kay dashed down toward the dry river bank. After that, Ixine and Nonoel followed.
Naga, too, sped his horse to a nearby rock using the reins and ran after the three witches.
As soon as he got down to the river bed with rocks scattered around, the three of the were already doing warm-up exercises.
Since Nonoel wore thin clothes on the assumption that her garments would get soaked, there was no particular need for her to change or take them off.
Unlike her, Ixine wore the tube skirt for horse-riding, so she had to take her clothes off in order to be able to swim. Her top as well was covered by a coat, which also needed to be taken off.
Once she took off her top and bottom, only a small breast wrap and a loincloth were left on her body. However, despite that risqué appearance of hers, Ixine still moved her body with composure. Tattoo-like, complex patterns that appeared on her whole body caught Naga’s attention.
And then, if one was to describe Kay,

She was doing gymnastics while being totally naked, with no loincloth or breast cover.

“Oi, Kay!”
“What? Naga-san too, isn’t it better for you to properly warm-up before entering the water?”

Kay responded while bending her body left and right.


“That’s not what I mean. I’m asking: why are you naked?!”

Ceasing to move, she looked down on her body.

“A….Ah…oops, I forgot that we are together with Naga-san.”

Saying ‘oops’ lightly, Kay scratched her head without feeling shy or embarrassed.

“You’re not supposed to forget that! Speaking of which, at least put on your loincloth.”
“Ah no, that’s because I’ve always been taking off my clothes when playing in water with my friends. Recently, I’ve been told by Ais to value myself more, but…”

Kay said so while turning around, picking up her loincloth, and putting it on while squirming.

(That’s an amazing view, indeed. Are you really fine with changing yourself there, Kay? Speaking of which, should I really be watching, but….well, since I was neither told to go away nor avert my eyes, let’s consider this as OK.)

“Wai, Kay, you’re way too bold!”

Rather, it was Ixine and Nonoel who became red-faced.
Both of them moved in front of Kay and stood with their arms spread as if trying to hinder Naga’s gaze.
Finally, understanding it was no good by their reaction, Naga shifted his gaze away.

Kay finished putting on her loincloth and chest cover, turned around and asked them both.

“Hm? What are you two doing?”

Ixine and Nonoel collapsed to their knees.

“Even though we were protecting you from Naga-san’s eyes.”
“Is that so? Thanks.”
“Kay, you’re too defenseless..”

At Nonoel pointing out, Naga too, couldn’t help but to nod.

“Right. Shouldn’t you have some shame as well?”
“No you see, til now, there’s been nobody besides girls, so we have no custom of paying attention to that.”
“I wonder if I should consider you as being exceptional. Well, still if you insist that you want me to watch at all costs I won’t refuse to do so, but…”
“No no, as one would expect, I wouldn’t go that far.”
“In that case, you better pay more attention.”
“I’ll be careful from now on.”
“Indeed, you’re one easy-going fellow.”

Naga was astonished; Ixine and Nonoel started to laugh.

“Kay is that sort of a girl.”
“Isn’t she? Despite Kay-chan not minding other people’s sight like this, she also has good qualities.”
“Eh? I don’t feel like I’m being praised.”

As Kay spoke up with a slightly hysterical voice, Ixine waved her hands in denial.

“No, we weren’t particularly praising you.”

Naga was infected by the sound of their laughter and smiled broadly.

(Being so relaxed, overfamiliar, and positive toward other witches, indeed, Kay is an interesting fellow.)

Not being aware of Naga’s thoughts, Kay spoke up.

“Well then, let’s swim!”

After they enjoyed themselves in the water for a short time, the four of them came ashore and dressed themselves.

“Well, now that we have refreshed ourselves, shall we take up our posts? Even if I say so, it’s actually Nono who’s in charge of guarding.”
“I know, right?”
“We are relying on you, Nonoel.”
“Yesss, I’ll do my best.”
“Kay and Ixine too, do your best, okay?”
“Leave it to us.”
“You can count on me.”
“If anything happens, Ixine will run back on her horse.”

Like this, Nonoel, Kay, and Ixine took up the duty of watching for movements from the Kasandora Kingdom’s army near the Schweiz River.


The army in question would turn out to be Raibach’s company.
His company, which set up camp on the left side of the riverbank, was divided into 4 groups, so as to guard the river.
Gathering 2 platoons and 5 more people from the company headquarters, Raibach formed groups consisting of 25 people each, as units for tactical mobilization.

Assuming the witches came to this side of the river, there was no telling if they would only cross where the path was. Consequently, Raibach’s troops had to watch over a certain area. Still, there was also a limit to how well 100 soldiers could accomplish this task. With that, Raibach divided his company into 4 units, each placed at a set distance from one another and spread out along the river.
However, in all honesty, he really didn’t want to split his forces.

(Originally, it should’ve been 4-5 companies lined up along the river….No, even with that amount it wouldn’t be enough. Still, to think that that youngster would only send my company for this dangerous post.)

Whenever Raibach tried to recall the prim looking face of General Guiscard, he couldn’t help himself from getting angry.
Even if they were told to temporarily observe the enemy, a unit that consisted of only 25 people could do very little. Providing they face a clan of the witches that had as many as 20 people, they would have practically the same numbers. 25 soldiers would stand no chance against 20 witches. Not to mention, they would probably be unable to even stall the witches until their allies arrived. As soon as they were attacked, they would just run away.
However, were they to move together as a company, they would only be able to watch over a single place. If that was the case, the enemy could choose a location freely and cross the river at any time.

(That youngster. Saying things like ‘hinder them at all costs’. If so, send us more soldiers! Well, even without hindering the witches, we should at least be able to report once we see them coming, but….)

Regardless of that, Raibach’s company, which was the only one appointed for guarding this wide area, was put in quite a dangerous situation.

(Indeed, recently I’ve been encountering nothing but bad omens since the time we attacked the witches’ fort. As I thought, nothing good comes from being involved with them. Rather, should I retire from the army? After all, I no longer have a family to support. I wonder if I could somehow….afford living by myself. No, I still can’t be certain about that, I guess.)

Even if Raibach, who has been serving devotedly in the army since his youth, was to try his luck in some other jobs, he possessed no special skills whatsoever. If there was something he could take pride in, it would be his swordsmanship. Other things he could boast about were his military commanding ability and his eye trained for tactics, which he gained through experience, still…

(Guess those skills won’t come in handy if I change my occupation. Were I to make the best use of my swordsmanship, wouldn’t I be only able to serve as a guard for a caravan of merchants? Nevertheless, considering my age right now, it would still probably be quite harsh.)

Contemplating on his own future, Raibach could only let out a sigh.

“Captain. Captain Raibach.”

At his subordinate’s voice, Raibach came back to his senses.

“What? Did something happen?”
“No, it’s not that. I came here to inform you about the newly arrived army provisions.
“Again? Just how many days has it been since we came here?”

The adjutant replied seriously as Raibach spat out his question.

“We’ve been staying here for about 6-7 days, I think.”

(That bastard, Guiscard. In the end, he just wants us to stay here! Speaking of which, if you have time to send us that much food, at least provide us with reinforcements!)

“Have you already confirmed its contents?”
“Yes, it’s done. I’d like to ask for your signature.”

Taking the receipt and feather pen presented by the adjutant, Raibach quickly signed.

“Thank you very much for your efforts.”

Once he handed over the receipt, Raibach called out to the same man who was about to retreat.

“Oi, Sirius”

The adjutant stopped and turned around.

“I’m going to take around 10 people with me and patrol the river(?).”

Since there was some distance between their units, it was decided that each of them would assign some people to walk along and patrol the riverbank. Raibach was the one who suggested this.

“Captain, you plan to go personally?”

“Yeah, for a change of pace.”
“Will it be alright? If something were to happen to you…”

It wasn’t unreasonable for the adjutant to worry about his superior.
Unlike in modern times, an army in this world had no distinct class system. If something were to happen to a commanding officer, there was a distinct possibility that it would cease to function. And if someone like the general in command, or a royal family member, was to be killed, it was possible for the entire army to desert.
One could say that the same applied for single units.
In the case that this occurred, there was also a vice-commanding officer in charge of every unit, however, the death of one’s commanding officer would cause quite a shock to the soldiers.
Still, Raibach replied with a buoyant look.

“We have a good insight into the surroundings, so it should be fine. Generally, this task is dangerous in itself. No matter where we go, the danger will still be the same.”
“That….might be true, but…”
“Don’t fret. I’m just doing it on a whim.”

(Saying that he wants to carry a patrol because of a whim, isn’t it a bit reckless of him to do so as a commanding officer?)

As an adjutant, it was only natural for him to think so. Nonetheless, it didn’t appear to be a matter big enough for him to strongly object.

Despite it being a hazardous duty, right now, no signs indicated that the witches would appear.

(I guess, the general’s caution about the possibility of the witches striking was a needless worry.)

The adjutant thought so.
Because the witches have been isolating themselves inside the black forest for several dozens of years, it wasn’t irrational.

“Understood. Then, please bring the 1st platoon along with you.”
“I’ll leave the camp in your care.”

Like that, Raibach led a single platoon and went for a patrol along the riverside.


Nonoel travelled through the river while submerged.
With water magic being her main strength, she could breath by gathering air inside the water. At the same time, it was possible for her to expand the gathered air and wrap it around her skin, allowing Nonoel to maintain a steady body temperature.
Thanks to that, she could easily stay active for more than half an hour inside the water. And if it was just the submerging alone, even for a whole hour.

Since Nonoel was also able to refract the light from the water’s surface whenever she was diving, she could easily conceal her presence.
Capitalizing on that ability, she searched for any sign of Kasandora’s army from beneath the river’s surface.
Nonoel had already grasped that there were 4 units from Kasandora’s army dispatched along the river, with each of them having around 20 soldiers.
She was currently near the place where the path was intersected by the river, where there were footprints still visible. Nevertheless, the area didn’t appear to be heavily guarded.

(Guess it’s like this. It’s not like they have to walk near the path)

Despite there being some hills in the surroundings, the area was basically a plain with no wetlands or big forests.
It would be different in the case of a big unit, however, if one was to consider just a few people walking around, they could go anywhere and not just guard a fixed area.
Even so, there was a mountainous area ahead of the river. Since it was far more comfortable to walk on the path instead of covering the distance by crossing the mountains, Kasandora’s troops would usually walk this path and cross the river here.

After going downstream for a moment and confirming there was no particular change in the Kasandora Army’s troops, Nonoel prepared to swim back upstream, so as to return to where Kay and Ixine were hiding.

Being capable of controlling the water, she had no difficulty in swimming against the flow of the river.
Nonoel continued to move upstream while sometimes taking a peek above to observe her surroundings.
In the middle of doing so, she discovered a troop of only 10 people, who were walking on the river bank.

(Is it the usual patrol group?…..No, it’s not them?)

Among the troops that walked on top of the embankment upstream, Nonoel recognized one person wearing a different outfit from the rest.

(He’s wearing a more refined helmet and armor than the others. Could he be… a commanding officer?)

Back then, Nonoel did a meritorious deed by taking down a battalion commander as a result of her noticing the difference in the soldiers’ outfits. Therefore, it was just a natural course of action for her to recall that time.

(Why did a commanding officer go through the trouble of patrolling?)

Nonoel thought doubtfully.

(Is it a sign of them being about to launch some sort…. of new tactic? Or maybe, they are searching for a plausible location to cross so they can counterattack? The danger doesn’t seem to be imminent, but wouldn’t it be better if I made sure just in case?)

Thinking to check out the intentions of the newly discovered unit, she drew near the riverbank.
As soon as she approached a point where she was barely able to hide herself, Nonoel positioned her face right below the water surface while looking up at the shallows.
It was a posture where you would question whether or not her nose would stick out from the water’s surface.
Under normal circumstances, it would be easy to tell if something was hiding inside the water, even from a more distant place. However, as long as Nonoel was in control of light refraction, unless someone peered into the water right above her, there was no chance they would see her. On the other hand, she was able to observe the surroundings to a certain degree.
Ceasing her movements, Nonoel began to spy on the troop.


“There’s been nothing unusual taking place, right?”

The 1st platoon leader addressed Raibach.

“Well, I guess so. It would be nice if we can finish our duty just like this without any problems, but you see…”
“When do you think it will be over?”

A shade of concern appeared on the leader’s face.
Considering that it was possible for the witches to attack, his anxiety wasn’t unreasonable. Even Raibach felt uneasy. But, there was no way for him to display that in front of his subordinates.

“Well, it’s hard for me to tell as it depends on General Guiscard’s mood.”

Raibach answered in a casual manner.

“That’s because the witches might come, right?”

The platoon leader asked once more.

“That too, remains unclear to me. Til now, the witches have been staying inside the black forest. It’s difficult to imagine them leaving it today, tomorrow, or any time soon, but well….”
“Still” – Lowering his tone, the platoon leader said.

“Based on the fact that our troops suffered a big loss the other day, won’t the witches consider that….as an opportunity?”

Shrugging his shoulders, Raibach began to walk.

“I still don’t understand the witches’ reasoning.”
“Captain, where are you going?”
“I’ll wash my face a bit so as to keep myself awake.”

The platoon leader was taken aback, however,

(Despite being assigned to such a dangerous task, our captain is indeed a daredevil. As one would expect, he hasn’t worked his way up to become a captain for nothing. His battle experience is rich, and he’s also dealt with the witches. I think we might be able to return alive as long we have this person by our side.)

Being filled with admiration, the man thought that Raibach seemed reliable.

“Should I have someone accompany you?”
“I’ll be back quickly. More importantly, stay on guard and watch over the other side of the river properly. If you spot something, inform everyone with a loud voice and run back as fast as you can.”
“Got it.”

Putting a wry smile on his face, the platoon leader saluted.


(Is somebody approaching?)

Nonoel lifted up her face close the water surface, which was hard to tell whether it was sticking it out or not.
Certainly, there was someone drawing close. What’s more, that person was coming towards her direction.

(Could it be that he sensed my presence? No, I don’t think that’s possible, still…)

It would be better if that person were to go straight along the embankment of the river stream, but instead, he walked diagonally across a sand bar.
Nonoel saw that and was a bit confused.

Despite thinking it shouldn’t be possible for her to be exposed, she had heard from Harrigan that there were rare instances in which experienced swordsmen would be able to grasp the witches’ hidden presence.

Could it be that this man…. – she thought.

Nevertheless, Nonoel was overthinking.

Considering it calmly, there was a high chance that this event was just coincidental. But Nonoel, who was still young and inexperienced in battle, panicked a bit, and as a result, assumed too much.

(If I move right now, it will place me in danger instead. Should I let this person pass?)

Even if the enemy was able to sense something doubtful for a moment, Nonoel didn’t think he would be able to confirm her position. Because of that, rather than running away, she deemed it was better to hold her breath silently in that place. Despite that, the person continued to approach the shallows in which she’d hidden herself.

(T, That person is walking as if he knows I’m here.)

While thinking so, Nonoel became a little restless.

(W, What should I do? Should I carry out a preemptive attack?….No, by doing so, I’ll reveal myself to other soldiers behind this person. If they learn about us spying on this place, it might affect our plan of capturing their fort. As expected, it’s better to let him pass…no, perhaps it’s better to flee?)

What should I do? – Nonoel couldn’t make up her mind.

At the same time, the man descended down to the riverbank.

“Good grief, isn’t today quite peaceful? It would be nice if such days could always continue like this.”
The soldier, who approached, looked around and said so with an easy-going attitude. Once he did so, he crouched down on the spot and extended both his hands toward the water’s surface.

His intention was to wash his face by scooping some water, but Nonoel felt confused and reacted reflexively.

(Was my location exposed?!)

Nonoel, who tried to counter attack, unconsciously loosened her control of the light refraction.
The sudden appearance of a person below the water surprised Raibach. Not to mention, it was a girl who wore thin clothes with lots of skin exposure.

“No, it isn’t a human, but, a witch!?”

Opening his eyes widely, Raibach stood up as if being flicked.

(He saw meee!)

Nonoel’s body reacted before she could think.


The moment he thought that the river surface became choppy, the water rose up. And then, stretched out just like tentacles, the water coiled around Raibach’s arms, body, and feet.


“Whhhhhhhat is thisssssssssss!?”

(This is bad. I don’t know what it is, but it feels incredibly bad!)

Having a frantic expression, Raibach tried to tear off the water tentacles, but unfortunately, he was unable to move. It was as though he was seized by steel, rather than water.

“What’s the matter, Captain?!”

Sensing something wrong, the platoon leader and his men tried to descend to the river bank. Raibach noticed that, turned his head and shouted.

“Don’t come, it’s a witch!”

With the word ‘witch’, they immediately stopped moving.

“What are you doing?! Quickly, run awa…”

Raibach’s body was suddenly pulled inside the water.


The next instance.


Leaving a small sound behind, Raibach vanished.

Naturally, his body was inside the water. Since Nonoel controlled light refraction with her magic, it looked as if Raibach disappeared. Or so they thought.

(W, was Captain kidnapped by the witches?)


The other soldiers ran up the embankment without a second glance and escaped at full speed.

Raibach, who was pulled inside the water, was struggling desperately. However, it was as if his body was restrained by huge invisible hands. He couldn’t move.

*Blub blub bluuuu-*

Raibach’s breath continued to turn into bubbles and float up.

(This is bad, I’m running out of breath…..Damn, really, nothing good comes from being involved with…Gahaa)

With a part of his consciousness fading away, Raibach awaited his death.


“What should we do, Kay-chan, Shi-chan?”
“No, I myself wonder about that.”

Looking down at the unconscious enemy soldier dragged ashore, Ixine and Kay bent their heads. The complex, tattoo-like patterns drawn on Ixine looked as though they were squirming on her skin.

Finally, Kay lifted up her head and said swiftly.

“Since its bothersome, shouldn’t we just kill him?”

Nonoel as well, nodded in agreement.

“Guess you’re right. 2-3 minutes should be enough for him to die if we leave him to soak. How about that?”

Smack – Kay faced toward Nonoel and hit her in a chopping manner.

“I was joking, Nono. Don’t take it that seriously.”
“Ah, is that, so?”

Nonoel tried to ask Ixine for an opinion by looking in her direction.

“Because we caught him, shall we take him back with us for the time being? In the first place, why did you capture this person? Nonoel, was there some sort of a motive?”

“Ah, no, that’s… see, I did it on the spur the moment and had no time to think ahead.”

Beginning from that time, Nonoel explained the whole story in general
“Really? So he isn’t just a soldier but a commanding officer of that troop? Now that you mention it, he’s certainly wearing a high-class armor, unlike those regular soldiers.”

Saying that, Kay nodded.

“If that’s the case” – Ixine raised her right hand.

“I wonder if he doesn’t know about that.”
“Yes? About what?”
“I’m talking about Fort Ein.”
“Wouldn’t Naga-san want to know about that? He said that if there’s detailed information about the fort, capturing it would be much easier.”

“Right? Speaking of which, it means that we’ve caught a fine prisoner, right? Does it mean I’ve once again made a glorious achievement?”
“You’re really singing your own praises, aren’t you, Nono? Well, there’s no doubt that it’s a great achievement, but getting your head gently stroked by Naga-san is indeed nice.”

Ehehe – Nonoel smiled timidly once Kei said so in a half joking manner.

“What? So you really want to be stroked by Naga-san? If that’s the case, you should have your chest stroked as well.”
“….That would be a bit troublesome. wouldn’t you say it’s still too early for…..”
“So the problem is age? Are you saying it’s fine when you become more mature?”

As Kay retorted, Ixine continued to speak.

“Are you saying you won’t be satisfied with just being caressed? Could it be that you want to be groped as well?”
“Uhmm, how should we bring this person with us?”
“Don’t try to dodge my question!” x2

(Nono….I wonder if you were surprisingly this bold. No, rather than that.)

Kay turned her attention to the problem in front of their eyes.

“It appears to be quite difficult to carry him on one’s back, so…. by the way, when it comes to things like this, perhaps I could be of help, so….no. On second thought, let’s make him walk.”

As soon as Kay said so, Nonoel once again looked in Ixine’s direction.

“Will it do if we place him on the horse?”
“No, you see, I’d rather not have a human guy ride behind me.”
“….Guess you’re right.”
“Well then Nono, let’s wake him up.”
“I think it will be fastest for Kay to hit him two or three times on the cheek.”
“Eh? Are you fine with that?”
“Since he has lost his consciousness from drowning, giving him a shock should be the right thing to do.”
“Ah, that’s right. Well, fine.”

Kay said a small chant.
“Harden, harden. Become an unrivalled hardness. Oh Thee, become a body, become an embodiment of hardness.”

Her right hand which turned silver in color, was hardened.

“Pay attention so as not to overdo it. If you hit him too seriously, you will probably crush his cheekbones.”
“Got it. I’ll hit him gently, like brushing him, so don’t fret.”
“What type of a hitting method is that?!”

Ixine retorted.

“No, I get what you want to say, but…”

Kay’s strengthened body was solid to the extent of repelling sharp swords. If she hit him in that state, the man would most likely not avoid bone fractures.

Ah, that’s right. – Kay said after lowering her raised hand.

“Nono, it will troublesome if this man wakes up and becomes violent.”
“Yes. I’ll restrain him.”

Once Nonoel chanted in a grumbling manner, she inserted her right hand into the river and ladled out some water.

Soon after the scooped water covered the man, turning into fine strings and wrapping around his wrists and ankles.

“This will do.”
“Then, shall we start?”

Raising her right hand once more, Kay grabbed the enemy soldier by his collar and lifted his upper body.

“Okay, wake up, wake upppp.”

Slap slap slap – she delivered repeated slaps to his cheeks.


Nonoel and Ixine looked at the man.

“Seems like he’s regaining consciousness.”
“He doesn’t have any broken cheekbones, right?”

Using her strengthened right hand, Kay tried to caress his cheeks.

“Hm, should be fine.”


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